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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Are We Being Unfair To Flat-Earthers?
Taking A Closer Look At How We Perceive The “Truth”

By Dorraine Fisher

Did we as a society create the flat-earth theory? Maybe.

I can see it now. People reading this headline and instantly thinking that Dorraine Fisher and The Crypto Crew advocate for the Flat Earth Theory. But although we believe in the possibilities of many things as purveyors of cryptozoology and the paranormal, we are not purveyors of Flat-Earth Theory. But it’s a topic worth exploring, and I’ll tell you why. Flat Earth Theory is a catalyst for a conversation that needs to take place that really has nothing to do with the earth being flat. Or maybe it does. I guess you can decide. But this is just a world of ideas and we’re all caught up in the storm of them all.

I’ve been maintaining for years that the meaning of evidence has gone out the window in recent years. If truth does indeed exist, then it’s been skewed in the firestorm of millions of opinions being presented as “truth.” Even what I’m saying right now will be accepted or rejected based on a reader’s personal perceptions and core beliefs. But let’s examine the point I’m trying to make.

We humans have a bad habit of deciding what’s true based on resonance. If a story or theory resonates with us, we believe it to be true. But this isn’t really a good way to decide what’s true. Often what resonates with us does so because we like the sound of it. The information feels good or right to us on some level, so, therefore, it’s what we WANT to believe. But that doesn’t make it true. Unfortunately, sometimes what we don’t want to hear is what’s actually true and is what we really need to hear. If we only believe what feels good or justifies or confirms what we already believe, we may never see the actual truth. And we’ll never grow and evolve. And this is a widespread problem with humanity right now.

This is no more clear than it is in politics. Everyone makes a choice about their politics based on their personal beliefs about their world. And each group sees themselves as the good ones based on what they define “good” to actually be. And they perceive the other side as evil because they tell themselves they can “see” that the evidence points to it being evil because that side doesn’t appear to represent their definition of what good is. They have that perception based on what they believe the other side to be or what they’ve been told or taught that side represents. But what they believe about them is not necessarily the truth. They collect supposed evidence and interpret that evidence as proof that they are right about them. But none of it can be called objective truth. And political discourse persists for this very invalid reason and people remain separated even though we all basically have the same objectives in life: to have peace and be happy and prosperous.

And if you think evidence is the answer to this problem, think again. It doesn’t matter what anyone believes, whether it be Flat-earth theory or something else, they can always find plenty of evidence to “prove” what they believe is true. You only need to look around you for “evidence” of what I’m proposing. There does seem to be a push to mask or destroy the truth. But everyone who’s trying to make a case for something always has plenty of evidence to prove it’s true, while the real truth is being covered up every day.

 Ancient ruins that give keys to humanity’s true origins are being destroyed in the Middle East as I’m writing this. Ancient texts, statues, and other objects that tell our true story are just gone.  Not hidden or sold on the black market, but completely obliterated and scattered to the four winds, never to be fully examined and studied. Why? The library of Alexandria in Egypt was once a protected container of vast amounts of ancient knowledge, then burned to the ground along with a wealth of information that may never be known again. Why? Giant human skeletons have been unearthed around the world over the last two hundred years only to disappear mysteriously after they were handed over to entrusted authorities. Why? With the systematic destruction of the truth everywhere, what are we left to believe? We’ll believe in whatever we think there’s enough evidence to support...but based on our opinions and what we’re told by others. Again, it doesn’t prove it’s really the truth. Even something that’s obvious to us, may not be so obvious to someone with a completely different set of perceptions about the world. So, is that person completely wrong? Not necessarily.  It’s all about perspective. And it doesn’t hurt when someone can make a compelling case for something.

Conspiracy-theorist, David Icke, has been saying for years that the nations of the world are being run by reptilian beings. And a lot of people believe him. Enough people that he’s been able to support himself by talking about the subject worldwide.  Why? Because he makes a compelling case for it. He actually pulls up enough evidence to make you go “Hmmm.”

Now, those who would rather not believe that evil reptilians are running the world will scoff at the idea no matter what evidence is presented. And this is precisely the point of this article. The world may, in fact, be controlled by reptilians. I can’t truthfully say it isn’t. I don’t know and neither do you. There’s no way to know for sure. But Icke makes a pretty convincing case for it...if you’re brave or open-minded enough to entertain the possibility that not everything is as it seems on the surface.

Many people believe in Darwin’s Theory of Evolution when even Darwin himself said it would eventually be overturned by another theory. But many people, including prominent scientists, still believe it. Why? Because, like every other theory out there, they can, by their own perceptions, find plenty of evidence to support it. But Lloyd Pye, author of Everything You Know Is Wrong, demonstrated in great detail the reason why there is no way we could be descended from great apes. The biology of humans and apes have no tangible similarities.  By Darwin’s theory, there is evidence to support evolution in other animals to some degree, but there is still no real evidence to support evolution in humans. That elusive missing link just hasn’t been found.

Creationism or intelligent design is believed by many to be a belief of only those who aspire to religion. But there is a growing non-religious population exploring the idea of creationism due to curious information revealed in Sumerian texts that seem to point to a race of “gods” known as the Annunaki that tampered with the DNA of early hominids and crossed it with their own DNA in order to engineer the human race. Is this indeed a type of intelligent design? Twenty years ago, anyone would have been laughed out of the room for suggesting such a thing. But many now believe the evidence supports it. 

I used to aspire to the idea that the moon landings never happened and were a hoax. I believed this way because I could find plenty of evidence to support the idea. That is until I visited NASA a few years ago and observed the piles of evidence to support the idea that the moon expeditions did actually happen. It’s really just a matter of where you put your focus. If you focus on believing one thing, you’ll find evidence to support it? If you focus on not believing something, you can find many ways to justify that as well.

We all need to be ready to change our minds as new evidence surfaces. It helps us learn and grow. But with so much information available to us and also so much disinformation, is there anything really solid out there to hold on to? It’s looking like maybe not.

It all boils down to this: we all, as individuals, have to decide what we believe. It’s all we can do in this mixed-up world.  And we have to respect people who believe differently. Because they have their reasons for believing what they do no matter how invalid or crazy we think those reasons might be. We have OUR perspective. They have theirs. 

Again,  I’m not a flat earth believer, but as absurd as the theory sounds to many people, I never say never anymore because I’ve had to change my mind on so many things over the years. Even some things I once thought were totally crazy.  We can all have a good laugh over the idea of flat earth and those who aspire to it. But is it any wonder in this day and age that such a theory can get started and gain so much steam worldwide in a climate of so much available information and so much supposed evidence to support every theory we can conceivably come up with? There are so many seemingly crazy ideas out there that people once laughed at that were eventually proven to be true. Can we or should we really blame anyone for anything they believe under those circumstances? I really don’t think so.


This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Bigfoot Research Journal

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