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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

I've got a little bit of a story to share with everyone today. Recently, I had to have some work done on our sewer system here at the house. During that time I had to removed most of my back yard patio. The patio was made of 12 inch square patio block. I had not put them back yet as after the sewer work was done, I had a lot of left over dirt I had to move first. It took me 3 days to move the dirt by hand with a wheel barrel, and spread the remainder out. Once I got that done, about 3 weeks or more ago, I've been busy and been putting off placing the patio blocks back.

Well, today with it being a nice cool October morning, I thought I would get out there and get them patio block back in place. It is this time of year that we sometimes build a small fire in the fire pit and enjoy the cool nights. So, I need to get them patio blocks back down and in place.
I was out there working away and had already placed several blocks down. It seemed like this was going to take me a little longer than I originally thought because I was having to do some leveling of the ground to make the blocks fit back nicely.

For those who may not know, we live in a very rural area. I'm surrounded by mountains that are around a 100 yards or less from the house. I have mountains in front of me, behind me and on both sides. It is very common for deer, bears and sometimes coyotes to be around the house or even in the yard.

Well, as I was out there working, I had just placed a block, and stood up straight to flex my back out and I heard this sound coming from the mountains. It was a scream. The scream sounded very similar to the one that Jame "Bobo" Fay does on the Finding Bigfoot Show. But this one did not go on as long as his does when he makes the call. This scream seemed to be coming from pretty high upon the mountain. I just stood there listening and continued to stand there after the scream stopped.  Right after the scream stopped, some of the camp dogs, not more than 3, started to howl. It was that slow mournful howl you sometimes here dogs make. There was one dog that was a long ways to the left of where the scream came from that was also howling. Another dog was closer to where the scream came from. But what is odd is that there is probably 20-25 dogs in this general area and only 2 or 3 of them started howling. Was the other dogs scared? I don't know.

The sound/scream was somewhat human sounding but I highly doubt that someone was up on the side of the mountain screaming so early in the morning. It was probably too loud for a human as well. Now to make this a little more interesting, I do know that there is a small cave on that side of the mountain. I have also found tracks,some tree breaks and had a visual sighting on that side of the mountain.

The dogs didn't howl very long. Once they stopped I stood there a couple minutes more and then started back on laying the patio block, all the while pondering on what I had just heard. Well, about 30-45 minutes pass and this scream comes blaring from near the top of the mountain again. It sounded to be identical to the first scream in volume and length. If anything it might have been slightly shorter in length. This time the dogs did not howl or bark. There was nothing but silence.

Once again I stood there waiting to see if the scream would happened again. While I waiting I was scanning the trees and ridgeline for any kind of movement. I did not see any movement and the scream did not happen again. I finished up the patio blocks and then cut some small trees out of my fence line. The scream did not happen again.

This scream has me very intrigued. I can not say for sure what or who was doing it but it sure didn't seem like it was coming from a human source.

I think I might make it a point to get outside the next few morning and give a listen. This morning I did not even have my cell phone with me, so there was not even a chance of getting a recording. Plus the scream was so random and unexpected it would be difficult to be ready in time to capture it. I would guess the only way would be to leave a recorder running either over night or get up early and start one recording.

I'm not saying this scream was made by a bigfoot but I can not rule it out either. There is a good chance that it was a bigfoot. In fact there has been 2 or 3 bigfoot sighting very close to my house and that area.

One sighting is from around 1967, found here, and what is interesting about it is that the person who relayed the story to me told about screams coming from the mountain. The screams were more recent than the 67 sighting and is the same area where I heard the screams today. Also to clarify about the 67 sighting, it was relayed to me by a friend of the original witness. The original witness passed away but had told about what he saw to his friend, the friend passed it on to me. There was also a more recent sighting in that area. One where a bigfoot crossed the road and when in the direction the screams came from that I heard this morning. You can read about that by clicking here.      

I have explored that side of the mountain quite a bit but that may be the place where I need to be this winter. In the summer and spring, that side of the mountain is eat up with rattle snakes and copperheads. We kill several around our house about every year. There is a couple of snake dens on that side of the mountain. So, if you go in there you really have to use caution.

I will keep and ear out and an eye open the next few mornings. If I catch something or hear this again I will do a follow up report.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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  1. Thomas, I love your videos and stories! It's like you talking to a friend. keep up the good work!


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