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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bigfoot report in southeastern Kentucky
Another bigfoot report from KY 
I know this is a old report but this sighting has never been told until now. Sadly the original witnesses have pasted away but told of the bigfoot sighting to a family friend.

I was able to talk to that family friend, Opal Hobbs, and get the details of the sighting.
The original witnesses were Larry Grubbs and his wife.

Here is what Opal told me.

It was about 1967 and Larry had went out one night to feed his dogs, once outside he smelled a foul odor, when all at once he sees a big, hairy creature that walked like a man but was about 9 foot tall. He told Opal the creature stepped over a wood fence, that fence was about 6 ft tall. Larry also told Opal that the creature "growled or made a loud sound and swiped its arm like for him to get away."

Larry had also told that he had a couple of dogs that had gone missing. The bigfoot was seen by Larry and his wife.

Opal told me "it came over the mountain behind my house but I didn't live here then." Opal went on to say "I had forgot till I read this (Referring to the Baxter BF Report) he (Larry) never seen it again but my dad used to talk about one he saw up in these mountains around the same time."

As ask Opal if there was anything odd still going on in the area and she told me that they have heard some loud screams that sounded like a woman.

We are hoping to get a recording of these sounds in the future. I should also note that in this general area there has been several sightings/encounters, including one of my own, and others dating back to the 40's.

Where: Hulen, KY (Bell County)
When: 1967
Witnesses: 2 (Both now deceased)
Creature: 9 foot tall

Bigfoot report in southeastern Kentucky
(An attempt at a recreation of the event)

I know this is a very old sighting but it is still worth documenting and helps establish the sighting history of this area.
Special thanks to Opal Hobbs for relaying the sighting to me.


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