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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Recently my colleague, Dorraine Fisher, published a very interesting report about missing time. Missing time or The missing time phenomenon as it is also called, is a gap in your conscious memory; it means that despite being awake and conscious, you can’t remember a certain amount of time. The gap maybe be only a few minutes or in some cases it can be days. It most often happens while the person or persons are doing normal activities, like driving, and they realize it took longer than it should have to complete the trip or activity. In some cases of driving, the person may find themselves on the wrong road or driving a different direction or be in another town.

Another odditity about missing time is that the person may realize they have missing time but not remember what happened or what they were exactly doing. This often leads to confusion and in some cases it can even be traumatizing.

A few days ago, I was contacted by a witness, who wishes to remain anonymous, about a very recent missing time event. This event happened in my area of Kentucky and took place on March the 19th.

Here is what the witness told me:

"I'd just like to tell you, I live in Kingsport TN. My wife's family lives in Louisville, KY. We already made several trips from here to there in the last year of living here. This last time, last Sunday 4:30 ish, we were heading back from KY we got to the tunnel. I felt strange an my wife felt little strange around same time. As we're waiting for a gasoline tanker to drive thru the tunnel for an escort. But soon as we got to thru the tunnel it got stranger. Went past 58 with even thinking. We remember the Lincoln school (LMU) thing on our right. Next thing we know we're like past Arthur on hwy 63. We don't remember getting off hwy 25e. We both realized we were lost so we turned around to find 25e. When we should of looked for 58. I didn't use my GPS until we got lost in Arthur. I'm pretty good navigator and we both knew our way around to head back home....... But this tunnel thing is crazy! My wife isn't really into all this like me but she even said that was strange. According to the time we lost about 30 35 minutes."

The tunnel is The Cumberland Gap Tunnel and it goes under Cumberland Gap National Historical Park. I have personally taken in several UFO sightings from this area. Alien abduction is thought to be the most common cause of missing time.

But the story does not end there. As I was talking to the witness and trying to help them understand and document what is happening, I as a few questions.

Tom: Any unusual marks on your body that was not there before?

Witness: I have two marks on my left foot. 

The witness also provided me with pictures of the marks on the foot. The marks were just above the flat part of the foot, it appeared to be at the bend or ankle. It was two round circles, much like needle marks. The witness also told me: "That next day it felt like I got some kinda shot in the upper arm like a tetanus shot. But no marks"

We talked for a pretty good while. I instructed the witness to make sure to document everything, even dreams. Write down what you remember just before and just after the missing time. Keep a log of weird dreams, document unknown marking on your body. This is a good way to attempt to put the pieces together over time. The witness also disclosed to me that he had seen UFOs in the past but had never experienced missing time. I ask about any light in the sky with the missing time event, but the witness told me he did not see any.

During and after our conversation, I think this has many of the earmarks of an alien abduction. There are many details I have not disclosed here in this post. Often times people who experience missing time will use hypnosis in an effort to recall the missing time. Missing time memories are hazy at best, but sometimes hypnosis can help clear them up.

While there are many things we do not know or understand about missing time, there are a few things that we do know. We know that missing time happens to people across all ages groups, both young and old. We know the phenomenon happens all over the world. We know that some people only have a one time event while others have multiple missing time episodes.  

Another interesting fact about people who experience missing time is that the vast majority of them are in good health and are not suffering from any form of mental illness.

Another unusual aspect to missing time is that some people actually gain time. If driving, they may reach their destination hours before they should have or they complete task in a much short time period. 

Missing time, when it happens to people in pairs, like this report, is considered to be much more credible and harder to discredit.

In closing, I want to thank the witness for reaching out to me and telling me about this event. The more information we can get out and share the more chances that we can add another piece to the puzzle.  


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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