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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Map of Baxter
Baxter, KY (Harlan County)
This sighting is pretty vague but it is in my general area so I wanted to log it on the site.

Where: Baxter, KY (Harlan County)
When: 9/28/2011
Witnesses: 1
Creature: Digging in garbage
O my lord I was in total shock when I seen the beast digging through my garbage.
Has anyone else seen him/her what ever it is?
Big as a man. Had hair all over it at first I thought it was that homeless black man but I was half sleep then I realized it was no man it was something else. I ran back in to get my pistol and came back out side to kill it, so I could have proof, but the s.o.b. was gone.

-End Report

Bigfoot seen in dumpster

While the report does not go into any great detail, it is still worth logging due to the fact that Harlan county has had several sighting of bigfoot over the years. This could just be another little part of the puzzle.

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  1. It is always sad and disturbing that the first things that the Amerincans do is run for a gun to shot it...amazing that you need guns to prove a fact vice a camera to record the event and let the creature go. No wonder the USA is a mess with all the school shootings and bombings.....

    "I ran back in to get my pistol and came back out side to kill it, so I could have proof, but the s.o.b. was gone." - Were you sorry that you missed it, or sorry that you had a chance of killing a creature that we know nothing about. is killing your first reaction....??? hope people think about this when they see this creature in the future....was you life in danger...no the gun must have been lonely and you havent murdered in a while....Im glad to live in a country that we dont live in fear and dont have a gun at our doorsteps..

  2. Pete you are obviously ignorant as to what science will accept as proof. Film nor video will do it . Look at the Patterson/Gimlin film . Dna will not be accepted. It will take a type body for it to be recognized. While we have not done as good a job of destroying our wilderness,or polluting out environment as you enlightened Europeans have. Recognition is vital to ensuring that there is enough left for them. I would hate to be able to compete with the huge numbers of extinct species that you Europeans have accomplished. BTW take a good look at Norway its gun laws and the death toll one man ran up. Petey my boy also note the medications he was on. Take a good look for what caused it not the tool used to accomplish it. As for bombs. Compare European total death tolls from bombs and ours . I think you may need to adjust your condescending mind set.

  3. Fuck u pete, u commy french bastard. Go ahead and admit your a piece of shit bastard son of degaulle


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