Saturday, July 6, 2013

Bigfoot Sighting - Lake Eucha, OK

Lake Eucha, OK
Lake Eucha, OK
Name: Justin
State: OK
County: Delaware
Date of Sighting: Fall of 09'
Time of Day: 10 PM
Nearest Town: Jay
Length of Sighting: 30 seconds, heard for 1 minute running away.
How many Witnesses: 1
Any Photos/Videos: No, but I wish, people look at me like I am nuts if I tell them.
Describe sighting in detail:

I was sitting on the hood of my car, I heard some splashing in the Stream next to me. It was a full moon lit night. I seen Him, He was at minimum 8 ft tall, Grayish white (old?) He looked up at the moon and sniffed loudly, could hear him at 150ft or so.
He sniffed for about 10-15 seconds looking around and spotted me. The Creature starred at me about 15-20 seconds, then made a snort, grunt like noise and took off into the woods.......This was at the Gigging flats at Lake Eucha, OK

-End Report

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