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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Angels, Aliens, And Bigfoot
What Is The “Unknown Primate” In The DNA Study?
By TCC Member Dorraine Fisher
DNA Questions
             It now seems pretty clear there are some major discrepancies in Dr. Ketchums DNA information.  It suggests that some union took place no more than 15,000 years ago between humans and some “unknown primate” to produce the creature we know as sasquatch or bigfoot.  But we’ve clarified that production of fertile offspring between two different species isn’t possible. So what is this “unknown primate.” Given the information we have, the unknown primate would have had to have been some type of human.
             Some argue that this can’t be true because we humans have Neanderthal in our DNA makeup. And if that’s the case, then, at some point, interbreeding must have taken place between humans and neanderthals (supposed non-human). But due to similarities in DNA structure, the debate rages on with paleoanthropologists about whether Neanderthals should be reclassified as a type of homo sapiens (humans). The belief among many is that Neanderthals ARE human. Perhaps even enough to have interbred with our ancestors and produced successful, fertile offspring. 
            Dr. Ketchum claimed to have compared the DNA of her unknown hominid to the DNA of both Neanderthals and Denisovans and that the DNA of her hominid is different. But such a comparison would require nuclear DNA from both of them, which is, from what I’m being told, unavailable. Nuclear DNA is much harder to preserve. Extracting it from a fossil is not likely. And extracting enough of it for replication such as this would be nearly impossible.
            So can we be absolutely sure of what this “unknown primate” is not?  Can the “unknown primate” be determined at all?
            Earlier this year, a skull that had been found in northwest Mexico in Copper Canyon was determined to have a DNA structure that matched no other on earth. It was called the Star Child.  Humans share at least a small percentage of their DNA structure with every creature on earth, but the Star Child shares none. The Star Child’s DNA was determined to be “not of this world.” 
            But how does this weigh in to the debate? There’s a possibility it has nothing to do with anything. But Dr. Ketchum leaving this gigantic hole in the story leaves us all to speculate. With all this talk about aliens, and angels swirling around this subject, and no real confirmation of what the DNA does or doesn’t reveal outside of the human factor, what could be going on here?
            If you’re one of those people, like me, that might allow your imagination to wander a bit, and if you believe there are great mysteries out there that may never be proven or disproven by science, there could be many possibilities.
            Angel or alien “DNA,” as has been suggested, could be something like a DNA extracted from a creature like the Star Child, not of this world, or not entirely of this world. In order for this supposed hybridization to take place to create a sasquatch, all that has to have happened was a human interbreeding with another being that was close enough to human to get the job done and produce fertile offspring to carry on the line. 
            It could have been a Neanderthal, or Denisovan, since they are considered human enough to interbreed and since that can’t be disproven as far as we know.  Or it could be some other unknown primate, possibly extinct now, or some lost tribe of humans. OR it could be a being completely unknown to us, or “not of this world” much like the Star Child. Some other forces could have come into play here that can’t be readily understood without more study; things that are not yet known by science. In that context, the whole alien and angel possibility starts to become more viable. And until we have concrete facts on the table to explain exactly what a sasquatch is, nothing can really be discounted.
            Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum released a statement saying the release of this information was premature but precipitated by other leaked information. And he appealed to all of us to wait and see what the final results will reveal.  So maybe Dr. Ketchum felt she had no choice in the matter, and maybe this will be cleared up in due time. We can only hope.
            We’re also hoping the upcoming results from the Sykes DNA Project will be revealed soon and will clarify this and close the debate once and for all.  But, given what we’ve all been through in waiting for this study to come to fruition, we’re only cautiously optimistic. *******DF

[Special Thanks to Dale Drinnon]

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  1. Thanks for visiting my comments here.i hope that you will continue with this kind information.

  2. I must take issue with your contention that the Starchild skull samples contained no DNA in common with earthlings. That is not what Lloyd Pye and his geneticist claimed. Based on the extant samples run a few months back the Copper Canyon skull was said to have 800-1,000 differences from human mtDNA compared to a chimp's 1,500 differences. In other words its mitochondrial DNA is closer to ours than a chimpanzee's.


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