Monday, July 2, 2012

Possible Ohio Bigfoot sighting

Ohio back road
Here is the reported sighting from 2000, this is how it was told to me by Eric.
"hello... my name is Eric.
In 2000 I was working for a grain handling company. We would travel around to different farms and service there grain dryers and build grain bins. It was early fall and two co workers and myself were on are way back from a seminar in northern Ohio.
We were on a back country road and it was around eleven, eleven thirty at night. I was in the back seat on the passenger side. As we were driving I was starring out the window looking up ahead past the front of the car. In the distance I saw something in the ditch up ahead, and as we were getting closer I started to realize that this thing was big, real big.
At this point the lights on the car had that section of the road and the ditch lit up. This thing had reddish brown hair/fur and was crouched down. Now when I say crouched it was in a squatting position with its for-arms resting on its knees.
As we drove past I didn’t see its face very well but I do know for a fact this thing did not have a snout, like any animal I have ever seen or hunted.
As I turned back around from watching it go past the driver was actually rubber necked looking back at me.
The only thing he said was I DON’T KNOW... I never talked about it until now. I do believe in bigfoot’s UFO’s and hauntings. When you have a conference with military pilots four star generals and public air line pilots stating in seeing the same things. When you have ancient wall drawing's of a creatures dating back over a thousand years, and when you have things that are being heard and seen by numerous people in houses, hotels, old factories etc.. I don’t need to see it myself before I believe it."
Thanks to Eric for sharing his sighting with us. It appears to be a very much possible sighting of this elusive creature.
If anyone else has seen a possible bigfoot in Northern Ohio please contact us with you report.

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