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Monday, July 2, 2012

Original photo of possible creatures. I only added the TCC tag.
  Here is the story behind the above photo.
Kim wrote:
"My friend and I were trying to get in some exercise and sight seeing between rain storms on June 26th, 2012. We stopped at the Mt. Lafayette viewing area and went on a couple of the trails. The last trail we tried was a bike trail and it dropped steeply. We did not go far as it was slippery in the rain and we did not want to risk the climb back up.

I saw three black "bodies" off to the left but couldn't make them out. I took three pictures of the area two of which came out too dark to distinguish anything. The third one is attached (above). At the time I couldn't tell what I was looking at, but knew something was moving a little. I got nervous that we may have stumbled across some black bears and we decided to leave before anything happened.

When I saw the picture on my computer, I nearly had a heart attack. I don't want anyone hunting whatever these are, but am curious about them (not that I am going back there anytime soon!)"
In a follow up Kim said:
"The group to the left looks like it could be a mother from the side with a baby on her lap facing her. Like I said I was so surprised by it all.It is fascinating to see what was watching us! But creepy too!"
TCC - Yes indeed Kim, there is just so much we don't know or understand about our world.
What follows is some photo enhancement,mostly cut outs and zooms, of the photo.
If you notice it kind of looks like a arm on the right side of photo 
 This could be a bigfoot. It kind of looks like an arm and maybe even the fingers on the right of the photo.
Here is a zoom on the possible hand.
Is this the hand and fingers?
 Here is a zoom of the dark figure on the right.
What appears to be a large dark figure.
Even though the photo is not definitive it sure could be a possibility. It was quick thinking of Kim to snap off a few pictures. Often times sighting like this are so fast and unexpected that the person is caught completely off guard and loses the chance to get a picture. 
Thanks goes to Kim for sharing the photo and the story and allowing TCC to pass it along to our readers.
I hope to maybe do a follow up with Kim about the story and will keep everyone posted.
©The Crytpo Crew


I have done some follow up work on this report. I was able to get the first 2 photos snapped by Kim and just as she said they were very dark. So in total Kim snapped 3 photos, 2 came out rather dark and the third is the one featured at the top of this post. I have also learned that Kim's camera was at full zoom when taking the 3 photos. This could be why the resolution is not the best it could have been.The photos were taken with an Olympus Digital camera.
I tried to enhance the 2 dark photos but could not get a lot out of them other than what seem to be dark figures.
I will post the originals and enhancements below.

1st photo take

2nd photo taken

Now Enhancements to photos 1 & 2

Enhancement to photo 1

Further enhancements to photo 1

Enhancement to photo 2
So with the 3rd photo at the top of this post that makes the 3 photos that Kim took. We could not get much out of the 2 dark photos but it does add to the case.

©The Crypto Crew

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  1. What does the follow up photo look like for comparison?

    1. Yeah the girls were a little spooked out...so they did not return for a follow up photo.

  2. Very interesting photo. Is there any higher resolution available?


    1. not that i'm aware of...it was saved as a jpeg...so that might be part of the resolution problem

    2. With the way she almost had a "heart attack" when she saw the photo on her computer, a higher rez photo would probably do the picture a lot more justice rather than the one on ur blog. Any chance of making contact again to a bigger image sent?

      Thanks for your work Tom.


  3. Stop the ponies meatwad

  4. Could the reddish coloring on rock in front of the bf sitting on it be blood and other fluids related to giving birth? She did mention possible third infant bf on mommas lap .

    1. hmmm..had not thought about that...who knows for sure...Thanks for the comment


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