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Monday, December 5, 2011

What you must believe if you don’t believe in the Sierra Kills story. The Sierra Kills story says that two Bigfoots were shot and killed in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains on October 8, 2010. It is known that afterwards, the man who shot the Bigfoots sent in a slice of hairy, human-looking thigh (the Bigfoot steak) to Ketchum’s DNA project. It is known that the thigh initially tested positive on MtDNA as “100% human.” Later rumors said that the thigh had tested as Bigfoot on nuclear DNA via eight separate labs.
A very large number of people, Bigfoot believers and skeptics both, think that the story is utterly ridiculous. Let us leave aside the rumors about nuclear DNA for a moment. It’s well known that Ketchum herself told observers that the thigh tested 100% human on MtDNA.

 Now, if you don’t believe in the Sierra Kills, you must believe certain other things:
1. Ketchum lied when she said she received the Bigfoot steak from the Kills. She pretended to panic on the phone and try to pawn the steak off to others for safekeeping due to her fears of a Federal raid.
2. Ketchum lied when she said the steak tested 100% human on MtDNA. Therefore, the steak is really a slice of, say, bear thigh.
3. Justin Smeja, the shooter, somehow carved a hairy thigh off of a dead human. He either murdered a very hairy person and then carved a slice off of his thigh, or he raided a morgue or somehow acquired an incredibly hairy cadaver, carved a slice off the thigh, and sent it in. In both cases, he would be obviously committing a crime.
I do not believe that Ketchum would lie about receiving the steak from the Sierra Kills. In fact, I do not know anyone who thinks she is lying about this.
There are those who think she is lying about the steak testing human. Instead, they think that the steak is a slice of bear thigh. I do not believe that Ketchum is lying about this. She’s capable of conspiring, but not like this. Nevertheless, this is the most likely alternate scenario.
The last scenario is obviously the most unlikely of all. There is no way that Smeja killed someone to get a corpse to mutilate. Nor do I believe that he raided a morgue to slice off a slice of very hairy thigh off of a cadaver. For one thing, there are almost no humans who have thighs that hairy.
I am writing this to point out the sort of mental gymnastics you must perform if you don’t believe in the Sierra Kills story. Sure, countless folks think it’s ridiculous. But if you think it never happened, what is your explanation for the known events that did in fact occur?

Tom Biscardi motivations on the Sierra Kills Bigfoot steak. It’s been suggested that Biscardi’s motivations on trying to buy the Bigfoot steak is to upstage Ketchum’s DNA project and steal the light from her by releasing findings before she can. Well, that’s probably an accurate assessment. After all, Biscardi is another one of the hypercompetitive maniacs who is out to beat everyone else come Hell or high water.
In addition, Ketchum does not like Biscardi at all and has made some nasty public comments about him. I think it’s clear by now that Biscardi doesn’t like Ketchum very much either. When I was on his radio show last week, it was clear that Biscardi had a low opinion of Ketchum.
Do we care if Biscardi upstages Ketchum? Not particularly, as we have no dog in this race. And we don’t think that whatever he does with the steak with upstage the DNA project anyway.
The problems is that these Type A maniacs are always projecting their hypercompetitive “destroy the competition and win at all costs” envy and jealousy trips onto me, a Type Z personality (Type B to the extreme). I don’t have to win. I don’t have to beat anyone. I don’t care who wins. Mickey Mouse can win. I don’t even care if I come in second to last, or even last. These types just can’t understand that everyone else isn’t a heart attack waiting to happen like they are. Some of us truly don’t care!

[Via Robert Lindsay Blog]

TCH - Once again Robert Lindsay provides some interesting ideas about the whole bigfoot kill story.
Maybe someday it will all come out and we will know the full story. It should be very  interesting once everything is out like DNA report, Erickson Project videos,Sierra kills book and whatever Biscardi can cook up.

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