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Monday, December 5, 2011

Uploaded to you by MUF0N
Flying Saucer UFO Occupy Oakland. Chase Craft Captured Hovering Nov. 22, 2011. THIS Original video copyrighted. This is the original video. I hold the copyright to this material. I created this video. I own all rights to all content in this video.
I can be reached at bayartwork@gmail.com.
"Flying Saucer Over Oakland; Alien UFO, Korean BBQ. I was visiting an art exhibit that night in the Art Murmur district of Oakland, having just had Korean BBQ. The ship or whatever it was was the size of a small car, and zip past overhead. I ran down the gallery atrium and out the front door. The ship had frozen just over the restaurant across the street. It wavered and pulsed over the restaurant, as if absorbing something. I was startled."
TCH - Some say this is a blimp, I have no idea with some many fakes nowadays. If someone has the blimp or can take video of it in the day time...then that would clear it up ASAP.
Pretty interesting video and something is there in the sky...it don't seem very high in the sky ..so it could be a small advertising blimp, seems like it would be easy to film it in the day time and expose the hoax. 
Here is a little info from their youtube profile-

"MUF0N works in tandem with other investigators.
Editor Barry C Paul is an alien contact in direct communication with Celestrians, who are in turn in direct contact with many others, and know of even more."
"PRIVATE Investigations into extraterrestrial life and transdimensional beings and technology."
They may be contacted at BayArtwork@gmail.com   


NOT a UFO, just a vodka advertise blimp that was over the area that night. Here is a picture of it, and all characteristics match with the supposed UFO.

TCH -  So do you think this is what people were really seeing?

Have you had a close encounter or witnessed something unusual?
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Monday, December 05, 2011 No comments » by Thomas Marcum
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