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Saturday, December 3, 2011

[Update via Robert Lindsay Blog]

Dr. Melba Ketchum’s Bigfoot DNA paper. We have some new information on this paper from two different sources. Both sources are close to the Ketchum camp.
The first rumor is that the paper will be published on December 31, 2011.
The second rumor is the paper was initially rejected by one journal but has now been accepted by a second journal, and it looks like the second journal will publish. Source is reportedly none other than Ketchum herself.
Ketchum has been positively giddy on her Facebook page lately, which is nice to see, so maybe something is up. Sources say they think that Ketchum has been jumping through hoops to address the concerns of reviewers.

Justin Smeja interested in a deal with Tom Biscardi. Biscardi has offered to buy Smeja’s Bigfoot steak from the Sierra Kills for $50,000. Smeja has expressed an interest in the deal.
Money would go into an escrow first and sit there. It could only be released back to Biscardi by Smeja. Biscardi would take the steak and attempt to prove that it was really from a Bigfoot. Once he proved that, he would allow release of the money to Smeja. It’s literally impossible for Smeja to get ripped off this way in a sense.

Let’s put it this way: What if Biscardi decides to rip off Smeja? This is the scenario that a lot of folks are bringing up. But that could never happen. If Biscardi tried to do that, the money would simply remain in the escrow account. Whether it would be transferred to Smeja at one point is not clear. But Smeja has to give the go ahead to release the money back to Biscardi.
What it boils down to is that Biscardi never sees his $50K again one way or the other if he tries anything snakey. There’s literally no way for Biscardi to take the steak and not give up the $50K to either the escrow people or to Smeja. Biscardi loses the money either way, and presumably at some point, the escrow turns the cash over to Smeja.
People are warning Smeja not to do business with Biscardi as his name is mud due to accusations of hoaxing and it will ruin Smeja’s reputation. We do not agree that Biscardi is a hoaxer. Also, Biscardi has been aligned with so many people in this game at one point or another that almost everyone is tainted by him. Second, what reputation? Smeja’s name is pretty much mud anyway. He told me he wakes up every morning to find new crap written about him on the Net, so in that sense, he and I are in the same boat.
I don’t see why selling the steak trashes Smeja’s reputation. That’s just ridiculous. Anyway, in a sense, Smeja will have a load off his mind as the steak will be gone from his possession and his life. He will have washed his hands of the bloody pound of flesh.
Obviously, Biscardi wants to grab the steak and run around on TV yelling that he has a chunk of Bigfoot. In contrast to the Georgia Boys case, this time Biscardi may really be onto something. If Biscardi really is running around to the media with a chunk of Bigfoot, I don’t see how that harms the field. Bigfootery is pretty much a big joke as it is.

Wally Hersom funds the Matt Moneymaker’s BFRO. This is the latest scuttlebutt. Would not surprise me one bit. He seems to have his mitts in everything, yet he stays above the fray very well, sort of like Erickson.

Adrian Erickson presentation at Harrison Springs, British Colombia. Erickson appeared here on October 31 at a tribute to John Green. At that tribute, Erickson told Green that 2011 would be “the year of the Sasquatch.” It’s a very interesting statement, as there is barely a month left of the year.
I had previously thought that Erickson was very frustrated with the scene. As I told you earlier about the shutting down of Erickson’s website, that does not mean that Erickson is out of the Bigfoot game, anything but. But surely he wishes a much lower profile these days.
One reason the site went down due to Erickson’s frustration with what he sees as the lack of the support from the scene for his project. He is adamant on this issue and is quite angry. He also thinks that a lot of the Bigfooters seem to have it in for him in some sense. Obviously, this field is full of all sorts of conspiring of the worst sort, but I can’t verify Erickson’s persecutory complex. I’d love to disabuse him of that notion, but I assure you that that’s not possible.
The other reason the site went down was due to Erickson’s internal politics, about which we cannot divulge anything more.
Erickson is also not happy that we write anything at all about him on this site, I can assure of that. This in spite of the fact that we have been utterly supportive of the project from Day One and always strode to present Erickson in a good light. No good deed goes unpunished.
The truth is that Erickson has wanted an information embargo on this entire project from Day One. But that’s not going to fly in this curious world. In particular, journalists don’t abide by requests for information embargoes on this or that subject, thank God. That’s why we are the Fourth Estate, theoretically independent. When journalists only write what their subjects want them to write, the whole enterprise starts to wither on the vine and its very purpose become sour and barely edible. Information wants to be free!
At any rate, with this appearance at Harrison Springs, it seems Erickson is back onto a brighter path.
The tribute to John Green is interesting because Erickson offered to fly Green down to the Crittenden, Kentucky site to see the Bigfoots there, but Green was too ill with prostate cancer to make it down. In recent photos, he does not look good, but somehow he’s still alive. John Green is one of the greats of the field who still has a clean name after decades.

Why we don’t list the locations of habituation sites. When word got out about the Crittenden, Kentucky habituation site, Biscardi and crew found out the location and showed up at the site with a loud and garish crew. They made a big splash at the exact address of the site where Erickson’s crew were holed up and apparently had to be almost physically tossed off the site.
It was a big, loud, unpleasant scene in the middle of the day. While they were there, the Biscardi crew tried to take photos of the site and “look for the Bigfoots.” A bit of these monkeyshines went on before they were tossed.
The Bigfoots were either awake at the time or woke up when the scene unfolded (they tend to sleep during the day). Sources say that the Bigfoots were so upset by the interruption of the Bigfoot hunters that things went very quiet at the site for some time afterwards. After some time, the Bigfoots started to show up again.
As you can see, habitation sites need to be protected from the Bigfoot hunters and the general public. There will never be a habitation site where people can pay money to watch the Bigfoots unless it’s in a zoo. The Bigfoots just will not stick around if a bunch of strange people show up at a habituation site. They will simply take off and go somewhere else.

Problems with Smeja’s trips to the Sierra Kills site. At some unknown time after the Sierra Kills on October 10, 2010, Smeja took one or more teams to the site of the Kills. On one trip, he took a team to a place “southeast of Susanville.” The source said that the location of the site did not look anything like Smeja’s description of it, and he felt that Smeja was lying about the location.
On that or another trip, Smeja pulled a piece of hairy meat out of a ziploc bag and held it aloft, telling folks it was a piece of the Bigfoot steak. It had black and grey hair with a reddish tinge. The source said that he and others present were insistent that the meat could only have been a piece of coyote.
I have not received any comments from Smeja about these accusations yet. I will report them when I get his version.

Sierraville minimart. On our trip to the Kills site, Richard Stubstad and I went to a minimart in the tiny town of Sierraville, nothing more than a wide spot in the road. We asked around about Bigfoot. This store is about 15 miles from the Kills site. Interestingly, Smeja told me that he and the driver pulled into that very store and bought cigarettes on their ride home. They were so freaked out on the ride home that the whole way home, neither one said a word.

Robert Smeja’s site on Facebook. Robert Smeja is the father of Justin Smeja. He has a site on Facebook. I have not looked at it yet, but sources have. Reportedly, if you check it out, you can glean quite a bit of information about the social, religious and political culture Smeja was raised in which helped to shape Smeja’s own views in these areas. There are reportedly photos of the Smeja boys posing with animals they killed on hunts at a very early age, possibly as young as age 8. The elder Smeja also seems to be highly religious (evangelical Protestant).

Victor Oropeza, Arizona Bigfoot researcher. Another of the motley crew of “Bigfoot researchers,” folks who run around in the woods all the time with lots of fancy and expensive equipment trying to document evidence of the hairy subhumans. Oropeza showed up on the site for a bit, tossed some of his vast knowledge about here and there, and quickly threw a great big temper tantrum, threw down his toys and ran out of the room, never to come back. As he ran out, he said he was never going to play with us again. Just to make sure, we banned him.
We do not have a positive opinion of Mr. Oropeza.
He has a reputation for seeing Bigfoots all over the woods, lurking here, there and everywhere, posing as trees, shadows, light, squirrels or this or that. He needs to change his name to Victor Blobsquatch.
He has released a 4 minute video of a lump of darkness in the middle of a thicket. I haven’t the faintest idea what it is, but it remains motionless for a good 4 minutes. A lot of people are saying it’s a squirrel. Shadows don’t move much either.

Dixie Mountain Game Refuge diversion. When Stubstad and I took our trip to the Sierra Kills site, we headed for the Dixie Mountain Game Refuge near Frenchman Lake. We pinned this site down due to initial confusion about the site. The original source was Canadian, and Smeja told him the Kills took place in a “national forest.”
In Canada, not only do they talk funny, but for some dumb reason, they call their game refuges “national forests.” So the message that got conveyed to me was a game refuge near the Nevada-California border. The “game refuge” mix up was also a reason why Smeja was originally accused of poaching, an accusation which we believe is not true.
On that trip, Stubstad and I did not see any Bigfoots, but we saw enough rednecks to fill a cattle pasture. One of the main ways to tell a redneck from a Bigfoot is rednecks are often wearing cowboy hats, and Bigfoots never do.

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