Friday, December 2, 2011

Tim Fasano new Videos

Tim Fasano (AKA- fasanotampa) The Skunk Ape Hunter from Florida has posted up some videos today on youtube...they are fake and he posted another video up saying they were fake. This is done to show how easy it is to fake a video and show that other researcher are just trying to make money. Well the good news is that I knew the videos was fake before he stated they were, so that makes me feel good that I know how to spot a fake right off.

This brings me to question sounds like he is just having a sour grapes type of moment and attacking other researchers. I think this is mostly aimed at Timbergiant bigfoot. He claims that Timbergiant's videos are fakes. Tim Fasano's recent youtube videos have made some of his followers mad as you can see on his video where he admitted the fakes.

Do we really Need people who are suppose to be serious researcher posting fake video? Aren't there enough fakes out there already?
We have always respected Tim, so this is not an effort to rip on him, just wanted others to know about the faked videos so maybe we will not have to keep reviewing them over and over. 

Here is some links to the videos in case you want to watch them.   

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  1. Why doesn't this guy just give up ? Isn't he (along with Tom Biscardi) doing their own DNA study to see which one of them is Rick Dyer's daddy?


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