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Monday, June 17, 2024

Mysteries Unlimited Presents CrimePrint

In case anyone was not aware, we soft-launched a new podcast series called CrimePrint. It is a podcast where we focus on crime-related stories and events. Things like strange disappearances and heinous crimes are the main topics of the show.

I will be narrating some episodes but we also have team members Leo Frank and Rebecca Macfarlane hosting shows.
Check out the first two episodes

Thursday, June 6, 2024

"Blurry Forest" by Anna Brunk
What Makes a Hoax?

"A hoax is a deliberately fabricated falsehood made to masquerade as truth." - Wikipedia
"A humorous or malicious deception." - Bing hh

"Something intended to deceive; deliberate trickery intended to gain an advantage; the use of tricks to deceive someone (usually to extract money from them)." - Free Dictionary.

"A label freely thrown around the Bigfoot Community to discredit those who post theories, 'evidence', discoveries, suggestions, etc. that do not correspond with the 'Inner circle' views or that come from any 'Outsider'." - Nancy Marietta

Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Almas | A Body and Other Evidence | Part 5

In 1980, a Mongolian government employee came across a dead body while working in Bulgan.
At first, he thought it was a human body. But when he got a closer look, he knew differently.

"I approached and saw the hairy corpse of a robust humanlike creature dried and half-buried by sand. I had never seen such a humanlike being before covered by camel-color brownish-yellow short hairs and I recoiled, although, in my native land in Sinkiang, I had seen many dead men killed in battle . . .  The dead thing was not a bear or ape and at the same time, it was not a man like Mongol or Kazakh or Chinese and Russian. The hairs on its head were longer than on its body. The skin was darkened and shriveled like the hide of a dead camel".

Friday, May 31, 2024

Almas | Part 4

There is much interest in the alleged Almas, Almasty, and Almasti on the other side of the world. Let's take a further look at some of what has been found in Mongolia.

In the late 1800s, N. M. Przhevalsky received information on "man-beasts" during his trips to Central Asia. He never investigated any of those reports.

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Mysteries Unlimited Presents Undisclosed Location

Join TCC Research team as they investigate a remote location deep in the mountains of Kentucky that is said to be the home of paranormal activity. Reports of deaths, a mysterious old graveyard, sightings of a lady in a white dress, and other reports are attached to the property. 
Featuring: Tony Felosi, Darla Saylor Jackson, Jeffnifer Fugate, Bonnie Schwab, Thomas Marcum, and JB. 

Here is the video

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Almas | Part 3

Hans Schiltburger (mentioned briefly in part one) was a Bavarian nobleman who is known for the oldest written reference to Asian wild men (so far). His book was written in the 1430s.

Hans was unfortunate enough to be captured during a battle by Mongols of the Golden Horde. A merchant named Egidi bought him from the soldiers as a slave.  He traveled extensively throughout the conquered lands of the Golden Horde for several years until he eventually returned to Europe. There he was sold to a Christian who then set him free, enabling Hans to return to his home. It was there he wrote his memoirs including his experiences with the 'wild men'.

Friday, May 24, 2024

Almas | Part 2

Sightings of the Almas have remained much the same through the years. Consistent. And much more accepted than the concept of bigfoot in North America.

There is not much said of hearing these creatures speak. They tend to keep to themselves in remote areas, glimpsed as they go about their lives by people while they are moving their cattle from pasture to pasture area. The time of day encountered is generally dawn or dusk. They are said to be similar in height to modern humans. They are considered shy. And are "able to use tools". (1)

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Mongolian Wildman - Almas

Another trip outside North America. We venture to Mongolia, the land of the almas, or almasti (Almasty).

Armchair is the best vehicle for our trip as the inaccessibility of a great deal of the country makes it difficult. There are not many roads, locals are suspicious of foreigners, there is mistrust of those searching for the Almas, and although the government likes tourism, they are not necessarily fond of those who want to hunt the 'Wildman'.

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Modern Pterodactyl Sightings

In recent years, there have been numerous reports of sightings of creatures that resemble pterodactyls, the prehistoric flying reptiles that are believed to have gone extinct millions of years ago. These sightings span across various locations worldwide, from the tropical islands of Hawaii to the urban landscapes of North Carolina. While these accounts are intriguing, it makes me wonder if these sightings are misidentification of some known animal. 

Saturday, May 11, 2024

Devil Monkeys: A Cryptid Phenomenon

The world of cryptozoology is filled with fascinating and often fearsome creatures, and among them is a cryptid known as the "Devil Monkey". This elusive creature has been reported in various parts of the United States, sparking intrigue and fear among those who claim to have encountered it.

Just what is this mysterious creature and what is it capable of remains unknown, but we do have some information about it.

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Werewolves in Ohio?

There are many cryptid creatures reported in the state of Ohio. Best known is sasquatch, called bigfoot more commonly, along with a few local names like Grassman. There is also Bessie the Lake Erie Monster, ABC's ('Alien' Big Cats), Thunderbirds, The Loveland Frog or Lizard, Lizard People, the Melonheads, and Mothman. There are also stories of Werewolves and Dogman.

While there may be a chance that the reports of Dogman may be the same or related to the reports of werewolves or a wolfman, this post concentrates on reports of people claiming to see Werewolves.

Friday, April 26, 2024

Washington State - The Puyallup Screamer

In 1973, there were several sightings of a mysterious creature in a gravel pit near Puyallup, Washington. This elusive being became known as the Puyallup Screamer due to its spine-chilling vocalizations.
Marlin Ayers, a witness to these events, recorded the Sasquatch sounds emanating from the woods. Amidst the eerie howls, you can also hear birdsong and a distant train whistle in the background. The Puyallup Screamer's vocalizations left the neighborhood residents both fascinated and terrified.
The recording has been heavily scrutinized over the years.

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

UFO Footage from Mexico - Update

I took a little time and upscaled the UFO footage in the hope of getting more details. I also do a short zoom-in on the object. 

We can see there are some flashing lights on this object. The object appears to be moving away from the camera.  
Check out the video
The Crypto Crew - Submit Sighting - TCC Team
Interactive Sightings Map

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