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Skin Color VS. Hair Color

While researching for this series of posts on white and light colored bigfoot and sasquatch, I found the lack of good data collection very interesting.

There are many older reports out there that are lacking in some of the basic facts. I won't go too deep into that. However, there are many reports out there where not even the color of the figure is given.  Even on close up encounters, not much is said of facial features, hair on the head and face, color of eyes or skin.

Which makes this post a little harder. Discussing the color of the skin.

Digital Artwork

White Speeding UFOs Seen in Florida

I got the following report of a possible UFO sighting a few weeks ago. This sighting took place in Florida which is home to numerous sighting reports.

Here is the witness report.

Jumping To Conclusions

We all suffer from the tendency to jump to conclusions.

This is real. That is fake. Hoaxer. Ghillie suit. Mask. Gorilla suit. Makeup artist. Fake. Fake! FAKE !

Aren't we all the little experts.

Do we rely on Patty too much?

If you are involved in the bigfoot phenomena, you would be hard-pressed not to know who "Patty" is. Or Roger Patterson. Or Bob Gimlin. Those three names, that film footage is considered by many to be the rock on which we base our research.

Or should we?

There is no denying that the Patterson Film is remarkable footage. And that the images of Patty are awe-inspiring.  But are we letting those items color our views of research being done in the field today?

In my opinion : YES.

Before you stop reading, or start cussing at me, hear me out. 

Thank you.

Image courtesy of National Weather Service

Supernatural Encounter After Storm?

I got the following report in a couple of weeks ago. The report was submitted anomalously with no contact information or even the person's name. You may be wondering why even share it but there are some elements in the report that are interesting and that have been reported in the past.

The event, best I can pin down, happened after what is known as a microburst event. A microburst is a localized column of sinking air, downdraft, within a thunderstorm. These events can cause extensive damage and  pose a threat to life and property.

Here is the report

Coast to Coast Am Featuring Michael Cook

In case you missed last night's Coast to Coast Am show, it featured colleague and friend Michael Cook.

Michael W. Cook is the founder of Cook Cryptid Research and has dedicated much of his life to cryptozoology and his pursuit of answers through scientific means. Described as one of the most open-minded researchers out there, Cook has a resume that is full of experiences and collaboration with some of the most well-known researchers on earth. He will discuss his 20 years of researching Bigfoot and how a face-to-face encounter with a Bigfoot on a riverbank in Southeast Kentucky when he was 16 changed his life forever. - (Taken from the Coast to Coast website)

Only they they forgot to add was that Mike is part of the TCC members network.

You can listen to the show by Clicking Here! - (I think you have to have a subscription)

Bigfoot Activity Near Wildlife Refuge?

I got the following report submitted a few days ago. The activity is located within and around the Clark's River National Wildlife Refuge. The Refuge is 8,040-acre bottomland hardwood forest in western Kentucky.

The activity described is consistent with the consensus of bigfoot behavior.

Here is the report

Bigfoot Track Found

It is ginseng season and I normally get out a lot during this time. While out I get into areas I normally don't go. Any time I'm in the mountains I'm always looking for bigfoot evidence of any kind.

On this particular day, I was in an area that I knew had some bigfoot activity in the past. In this area I had found numerous stick formations and a handful of tracks. The area was logged a couple of years ago and I just didn't know if the bigfoot was still in the area. I got my answer.


Water Turns Blood Red - Source Revealed!

I took a trip out to hunt for ginseng and look for bigfoot evidence. It was a pretty hard day with a lot of uphill climbing. I enjoyed it.

During my travels, I came across a stream that was running red. It was an interesting sight. I thought I would post some pictures on my social media and see if it got any interest. I knew the source that caused the water to turn red and wanted to see people's reactions.

Below is one of the photos I posted and a video of what actually caused the water to turn red.

Marble Mountain Footage

My last  post listed 10 videos/photos that someone considered the best evidence, the most convincing of sasquatch sightings. Today I'm taking a closer look at the number two listing : Jim Mills' video, or the Marble Mountain Footage.

This video has the reputation of being the longest known video of a sasquatch. Some of the background of this video is a little muddy, but I have tried to piece together as much of the history and the "players" as possible. First of all, this was filmed in July of 2000 and was reported to the BFRO a year later, August 1, 2001, by a friend of the person who filmed it. And they managed to tell only part of the story in the initial report. But investigators from the BFRO managed to track down Jim Mills and get a more complete and accurate telling of the events. The video was eventually shared to YouTube on July 6, 2011. These different dates have caused some confusion among researchers. 

10 Most Convincing Bigfoot Sightings

While browsing through the internet, I came across a title : "10 Most Convincing Bigfoot Sightings". Being curious, I took a look.

The website "Outside Exposure" at www.outsideonline.com, called this a compilation of the "most famous - perhaps most convincing -- bigfoot photos ever captured". So, let me share the list with you and you can decide for yourselves. The videos are all available on line and you can either search them out for yourself, or go to the website that I saw and use their links to view them.

Here is the list:

Possible Bigfoot Seen Near Viper Kentucky

I got a submitted report a few days ago and while there is not a lot of details the area is a great place for a large bipedal creature such as bigfoot.

Viper is a small unincorporated community in Perry County, Kentucky. It is very mountainous with numerous tree species. It is not very far from me and the area is very much like my areas here in Harlan and Bell county.

Here is the report


Choosing who you trust to do your research with can be an arduous task, but when it came to picking my current partner Ken was a shoo-in. He’d little or no experience in Bigfooting, would listen to my stories for hours (Without asking questions), and, and it’s a big and, he had a Jeep. Of course there’s more to Ken than meets the eye and certainly more than I’m letting on, but we’d known each other since Sunday School, always circulated in the same crowds, and tended to agree with each other on most accounts, and he was chosen to be my alternate Caregiver to my wife – by my wife -- in all our outdoor adventures.

My service to the US Army had brought me one unwanted gift… a Combat Related injury –Sarin (GB) Gas exposure that had left me as a 100% Disabled American Veteran after 25 years Honorable Service. The exposure had left me with neurological damage -- cognitive deficit – and taken my sense of inhibition away. Ken was always there to guide me back away from the edge of the cliff, or climbing out over the sunken deserted well, or poking the Bald-faced Hornet nest.

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