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The Diego and DeVore Show - Will Hart - Ancient Alien Ancestors

Our friends over at the Diego and DeVore Show recently had an interesting show about Aliens/UFOs. Will Hart is the special guest. For those who don't know, Mr. Hart is the author of the book Ancient Alien Ancestors: Advanced Technologies That Terraformed Our World. 
Will Hart is a writer and photojournalist who has been investigating UFOs and history’s mysteries since 1968. He has appeared on the TV show Ancient Aliens and his work has appeared in Atlantis Rising, New Dawn, UFO, Nexus, Wild West, Sierra Heritage, and Nature Photography. The author of The Genesis Race, he lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

"Investigating how the extraterrestrial agency behind the origin of civilization is still working behind the scenes today. Explore evidence for life on Earth and the landscape of Earth itself was engineered by extraterrestrials."

So and interesting show, here it is.

Ghost Travelers Podcast - Leo Frank Interview

Team member Leo Frank was recently on Ghost Travelers Podcast. For those who may not know, Leo  investigates Bigfoot in Nova Scotia Canada.On the podcast they talk to Leo about how he got into cryptozoology and also talk about his very first encounter with Bigfoot.

Here is the show 

Elliot Lake Ape Men

In August of this year (2018) a post was shared by Kimberly Mills Parker called : The Elliot Lake Ape-Men. In the article the author relates stories from her grandpa.

The story can get confusing, so will list the "cast" and identification here.

The "he" in the story is her grandpa. He is one of the sons in the story.
The father is the author's Great grandfather and the father of her "grandpa".
Two brothers in the encounter are her great uncles  [perhaps the George and Gord mentioned later by the author.]
Sister listed would be the author's great aunt and her grandpa's sister. 

Possible UFO Sighting in Harlan County

A few days ago a friend contacted me via Facebook and wanted to report what he and his wife saw in the sky over Harlan County. Over the years there has been numerous reports of unknown objects in this general area.

What follows is this detailed description, along with a follow up question.

The Dyatlov Pass Incident: Even More Theories and Conjecture - Part 6

And now the rest of the "best" of the theories and conjectures. Some of the previous ones discussed and some of these may have overlapping interpretations of the facts.  Keeping all that in mind, let's finish.

9 ) The Infrasound Theory

First off, to understand how this theory works we should first define it.  Infrasound, or low-frequency sound, is sound with frequencies below the lower limit of human audibility. [below "normal" human hearing].  The ear is the primary organ for sensing infrasound but at higher intensities, it is possible to feel infrasound vibrations in various parts of the body.

99% of the time there is no effect on humans when we encounter infrasound. If one is subjected to intensive prolonged episodes, we begin to feel it more physically. Feelings of unease, nervousness, fatigue; hallucinating; being sick to the stomach; digestive problems; vertigo and imbalance. Longer term encounters can result in loss of sleep, shortness of breath, and feelings of extreme dread.

The Dyatlov Pass Incident: More Theories and Conjecture - Part 5

And theories multiply as to what happened to the 9 hikers on that day in 1959.

6 ) Avalanche

The avalanche theory is one of the more popular ones. It is less conspiracy induced and allows Mother Nature to play a key role. But, in fact, Kholat Syakhl is not a very tall mountain and is not very steep. And the diaries of the hikers talk of a fairly thin snow cover.

Those facts cannot dismiss all of the danger that could occur, of course. It is possible for a part of the upper layer of snow to shift, rolling over the landscape. Such an event could have happened and the snow could have rolled over the campsite in the form of a huge slab of snow. This would have damaged the tent and could cause panic among people trapped under several feet of snow. This type of event would explain why the tent was cut from the inside. And it would explain a retreat down the hill without stopping to gather everything up. 


Hairless Big Cat Sighting Update!

A couple of day ago I made a post about a cougar report that included another brief reference to hairless big cat sightings, well today I can bring you some more information about the sightings. If you missed the original post you can find it by clicking here.

This update was sent to us from the person, Jo, who submitted the cougar sighting to us. So a big thanks to Jo for doing a follow up on this possible new cryptid.

Here is the additional information

The Dyatlov Pass Incident: Theories and Conjecture - Part 4

So, just what happened to the 9 hikers on that mountain? There are many theories out there. Some based on facts, others that take one statement and run with it. Let's take a closer look at some of them.

1 ) There were KGB agents in the hiking party.

Picture is for reference only

Cougar Sighting From Kentucky and A New Cryptid Cat?

A few days ago I posted a report entitled "Witness describes seeing black panther" and ask for other reports. Well, I recently got and email about a cougar sighting in an unlikely place but that is not all. 

Included in the email is a description of a possible new cryptid large cat. What follows is the email of the report about the cougar, along with some questions, and information about the new possible cryptid.

Colorized by TheCryptoCrew.com

The Dyatlov Pass Incident - Part 3

It was not until March 5th, that more of the hikers were discovered.

Rustem Slobodin's body was found 525 yards from the cedar tree. The body was lying face down, head towards the tent, and was covered with about 20 inches of snow. Slobodin was dressed in a long sleeved undershirt, a sweater, a shirt, two pairs of pants, four pairs of socks, and a felt boot on his right foot. In the chest area, under the sweater were two shoe insoles and he had 310 rubles and his passport in the shirt pocket. His watch had stopped at 8:45 am. In other clothing pockets were found a small penknife, a pencil, a pen, a comb in a plastic sleeve, a box of matches still containing 48 matches, and one cotton sock.

The Dyatlov Pass Incident - Part 2

Officials were reluctant to sound an alarm when Dyatlov's group was overdue. They had received information that there had been a heavy snowstorm in the area in which the party was headed and assumed that the hikers had made a camp in a safe area to ride out the storm. The parents of Dubinina and Kolevatov were told by the head of the UPI sport club [Lev Semyonovich Gordo] that Dyatlov had sent a telegram explaining the delay as they felt the group was probably already on their way back. Due to these delays, the relatives of the hikers eventually organized their own search party. The head of the military department of the University [UPI] took charge of the rescue party. Many students volunteered to go with Colonel Georgiy Semyonovich Ortyukov.  Several parties entered the region on February 21st. Two of the groups were headed by Vizhay Blinov and Sogrin as their hiking groups had just returned from the region and knew the conditions. Another group of hikers led by Vladislav Karelin was nearby and joined the search effort. Planes from Ivdel Airport searched from the air.

The next day even more joined the search, including prison guards [Captain A.A. Chernyshov] and policemen [Lieutenant Potapov].  Another 3 groups of students formed under the leadership of Oleg Grebennik, Moises Akselrod and Boris Slobtsov. Local Mansi hunters volunteered to help and search for the students. Moscow sent people including E.P. Maslenikov, Baskin, Bardin and Shuleshko. 
The group's tomb at the Mikhailovskoe Cemetery

The Dyatlov Pass Incident - Part 1

The Russian government has decided to open a new investigation into the deaths of the nine who perished in 1959.

There are so many rumors and theories out there that even more confusion muddies the ground. Let's take a look at the things that are more certain.

Plans began to be finalized for the trip in late January, 1959. There was a total of 10 students and former students from the Ural Polytechnic Institute. Eight men and two women were going; they were led by Igor Dyatlov. (The pass was named for him after the tragedy.) The goal of the group was to ski across country for 14 days with the mountain Otorten as their destination. All members of the team were experienced in long ski trips and mountain expeditions. At this time of the season, the route they were going was classified as a probable "Category III", which was the most difficult. 

Could It Be A Bigfoot Grave?

There has long been questions about why bigfoot bones have not been found. But if we actually look into it, we see that there has been numerous bones and skeletons found over the years. Where they of a Bigfoot...we really may not know for sure, but some might have been. Some remains just seemed to disappear or go unaccounted for and we never hear anymore about them.

One of the reasons why we may not find bigfoot bones often is that they bury their dead. I talk about this at great lengths in my book Understanding Bigfoot: Helpful information and answers to common questions. There are several very creditable researchers I spoke with on the subject. There are other factors in play as well, which are also discussed in the book.

Sometimes, I find odd grave like mounds in the mountains, but I rarely every talk or post about it. But today I wanted to share just a little about it.

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