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Oh Wait - There Are More Theories!

Although the Bigfoot-Giganto Theory is the most debated and seems to be the most popular, there are other theories out there to which believers subscribe.

Another theory is the Paranthropus Theory which is similar to the Bigfoot-Giganto Theory.  It states the bigfoot is a descendant of Paranthropus which is a genus of bipedal apes. These apes are said to have evolved in Africa from the Australopithecines. The Australopithecines are the same ancestors that humans are believed to have come from. This theory ties human's past closer to bigfoot's and takes in the bipedal aspect and the similar foot development.

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Gigantopithecus Part 2

Most of us in the Community are familiar with the Bigfoot-Giganto Theory. It is based on the belief that bigfoot are surviving relatives of the genus Gigantopithecus and that this creature crossed the Bering Land Bridge into North America and evolved into the modern day bigfoot.

So let's break it down by listing pro and con. 

Three 1960's "Quickies" From Minnesota

Just for the fun of it: Three short encounters from Minnesota from the 1960s. These appeared as "fillers" in various publications and there are few details known.

In fall of 1968 in La Crescent, a man thought he heard one of his friends approaching the duck blind in which he waited. He stood up to caution the guy to be quieter. Instead of his friend, he found himself looking at the middle of a huge,black, hairy chest. He dropped his shotgun, which set off a shot and the tall hairy creature ran off screaming.


Gigantopithecus Part 1

This massive creature existed 9 million years ago to as recent as 100,000 years ago. Teeth and jawbones have been found primarily in China, India and Vietnam. Fossil records indicate it was the largest known primate that ever lived. 9.8 ft tall, 1190 to 1320 lbs. Some disagree asserting that Gigantopithecus was smaller - around 5.7 ft and 400-600 lbs. These size differences can perhaps be explained by looking at the different species.


Woman Frightened By Bigfoot

I got the following report a few days ago and wanted to share it. I'm sure there an many more details about this area that the family could tell us. It also reminded me of a show I did a few years ago on My Crypto World entitled Bigfoot and outhouses

Here is the report

Open Minds Update

I saw a couple of things on FB and in groups I belong to this week. One was a very encouraging post from a friend about a Bigfoot meeting held recently. Several area search groups and teams attended this meeting. And they talked about cooperation with each other and about being open-minded to others'  theories and research methods. It was acknowledged that these are small steps of course. The biggest obstacle: Trust.

Trust. That doesn't come easy at any time. And especially in this day. We've all become Fox Mulder. We trust no one. Not even our own mothers. And probably rightfully so. We see people's research and evidence being "borrowed" all over the world. Even down to a "nobody's" encounter. Their story is taken and with a few little changes, or even sometimes no changes, it is shared again and again as the thief's own encounter. Photographs are grabbed and videos photoshopped to reflect the made up or borrowed story.

The Yeti

Taking a little vacation from North America today. We're traveling to the Himalayas. Come with me as we talk "Yeti".
Most everyone knows of Eric Shipton who in 1951 returned from his expedition with photographs of an alleged Yeti footprint. The track was 12 in. long and 5 in. wide. There was a big rounded toe slightly to one side; the second toe was separate and the lateral toes were smaller and grouped together. And it wasn't just one track. They followed a trail of these tracks for more than a mile.

They had also found similar tracks several other times.  The sherpas described the Yetis or Wild Men as half-man and half-beast, around 5 1/2 feet tall, with a tall pointed head. It's body was covered with hair but it had a hairless face. They said it was not a bear or monkey and said this with confidence as they were familiar with both of those animals.

Bigfoot Reunion by Sebastien ecosse

Open Minded? Or Stubbornly Closed?

I ended a previous post with a suggestion for people to be open-minded. But as I look at the groups I hold membership in, I can find closed minds blowing up the posts.

Why is it that we rise up on our hind legs and demand that non-believers throw their opinions and beliefs to one side and OPEN THEIR MINDS to what we feel is the truth.

And then turn around with CLOSED MINDS and punch each other to the ground over our differences of theories.

SHAME on us. SHAME on those who are closed-minded. And SHAME on those of us who allow it.

Mrs. Callie Lund's Bigfoot Story

In 1969, John Green received a letter from Mrs. Callie Lund of Rochester, Washington. And here's the story she had to tell.

It was a snowy and wet spring in 1933. The terrain was comprised of ranches along the river, farming the bottom land, but with houses and buildings on the logged out hillsides. These were referred to as "stump ranches". By 1933, some of the hillsides were now covered in second growth timber.

At this time Mrs. Lund was attending high school in Oakville and on the weekend she was talking about, she had just returned home from a dance in Oakville. She had gone with several other young girls. When returning home from an evening out, she always walked around the house to the back door. That night, just as she started to open the back door, she heard a very loud noise up on the hill behind the house. She was familiar with the sounds of the wildlife on the hill, the coyotes and cougars. This was a sound she had never heard before. 

Quotes To Ponder

Sometimes the only thing you can do for the day is to look at some things people have said and ponder them.

"Penetrating so many secrets, we cease to believe in the unknowable. But there it sits nevertheless, calmly licking its chops." -- H. L. Mencken

"Hunters in Africa have written that they have never heard of anybody coming upon a dead elephant, either." -- Alan Lansburg

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Native Americans And Bigfoot - Random Thoughts

It is believed that among the Native Americans, the existence of sasquatch is taken for granted along with his strong psychic abilities.

He always knows when people are looking for him and he decides who gets to see him, to interact with him. He has psychic powers which allow him to avoid capture or being hunted. They view sasquatch as a member of the family -- a close relative, "the great elder brother".

Sasquatch also has a place in the real world; that he is a natural flesh and blood creature, as much a part of nature as deer or bear, just more rare and elusive. He is not meant to be "known" in the way white man "knows" things. To encounter one is fortunate. Do not chase it; let it be.

Mrs. Louise Baxter and The Bigfoot

Skamania, Washington has had it's share of Sasquatch experiences. Mrs. Louise Baxter reported two within a year.

In November, 1969, around 10 pm, Mrs. Baxter was driving down the highway when a "very very big" grey shaggy biped walked across the road in front of her car. This was on the Lewis and Clark highway near North Bonneville.

An Older Report From Canada

In the 1960s a letter was sent out from one man who witnessed something strange. He and two other amateur prospectors were near Ribbon Creek Rd., east of Banff, Alberta, Canada, eating their lunch. Looking up they were startled to see a "gorilla" sitting on its haunches, watching them eat. Both parties stayed frozen, watching each other, for about 5 minutes, then the "gorilla" stood up.

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"..you’ll be amazed when I tell you that I’m sure that they exist." - Dr. Jane Goodall during interview with NPR and asked about Bigfoot.

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