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Today, I wanted to continue looking at old historical cases concerning Bigfoot and variations of the creature. Many times these older cases are passed over or totally forgotten. Some of these cases have what appears to be good evidence and many still have unanswered questions.

I think it is important for us to look at these old cases. It gives us more of an understanding of where we are today and how we might improve on our research. Plus knowing the history about any subject is very helpful in understand the subject and being able to answer questions about it.

Now, let get into some information about this particular picture.

We have all seen the video of what appears to be someone getting rescued a split second before being hit by a truck. Many have said this video is actually real and that the hero is really an angel.That it is proof of teleportation.  According to them the angel used super powers to save the person's life and teleported them out of harms way.

The video was supposedly captured in CCTV in China and many speculated it was everything from an alien to an angel to a time traveler. But there is something much more earthly to the mysterious video. But before we get into that lets watch the video again and then tell you more about it.
New Species
Sun Moth - Credit: Oleg Pekarsky
According to statics biologists have cataloged and named about 1.2 million species, but most think this is just a drop in the bucket to what is left undiscovered. Some estimates put the undiscovered or yet to be discovered at about 7 million creatures. So it appears there will be plenty of work for researchers in the years to come.

One can only ponder about our elusive friend Bigfoot and wonder what it's really going to take for this amazing creature to finally get recognized and cataloged. For those of  us who know for a fact that bigfoot is real, no other proof is really needed, but for the general public and the scientific world to accept bigfoot,  more proof has to be presented.

Move over Rick Dyer, there's a new Freezer in Town!

Li Kai sparked an internet frenzy when he posted a series of pictures of the interred dead creature.
But he was unmasked as a master hoaxer when police picked apart his extraordinary story.
Li, from Binzhou in the Shangdong province, wrote a lengthy account on Sino Weibo – China’s equivalent of Facebook – about his extra-terrestrial finding.
He told how he stumbled across the ‘electrocuted’ martian in late March after he followed a string of UFOs along China’s Yellow River.
He claimed he spotted five aliens – and one even crashed to the ground and hit a high voltage rabbit trap - which Li had put in place.
Li said he collected the corpse and drove home and preserved the body in his freezer.

[Source:The Sun]

It's a little funny how the guy made it have a vagina and put it in plain view. Do aliens have vagina's?
Then you have to really look at the "alien", it don't even look real and people fell for it? At least the 2008 dead bigfoot story looked pretty good but this looks like a group of first graders made it.

Oh well, fun in China.


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The recent terrifying spate of 'cannibal attacks' seems to have spread to China, as a drunk bus driver was caught on camera gnawing at a woman's face in a horrific random attack.
The unfortunate woman will apparently require plastic surgery to repair the damage done by her crazed attacker.
According to local news reports, the driver, named Dong, had been drinking heavily during lunch with his friends before the outburst on Tuesday.
He then ran on to the road in the city of Wenzhou, in south-east China, and stood in front of the car being driven by a woman named Du, stopping her from moving.

Attack: A man named Dong was seen gnawing on the face of a woman (left) but was later arrested (right)
Dong climbed on the car's hood and started beating the vehicle while the panicked woman screamed for help.
When she left the car and tried to escape, the bus driver leaped on top of her and wrestled her to the ground. It was then that Dong started biting Du's face, leaving her covered in blood and weeping as passers-by tried to pull the attacker off his victim.
Witnesses said that the bus driver had gone 'crazy' and was successfully resisting attempts to subdue him.

Du  will require plastic surgery after the attack on a crowded Chinese street
When police arrived, they managed to take Dong into custody, bringing the appalling rampage to an end.
Du was taken to hospital, where doctors said she would need surgery to repair her nose and lips.
The incident comes in the wake of a number of similar attacks committed here in the U.S.

At first the attacks in the U.S. were blamed on the drug known as "Bath Salts" but after an autopsy was conducted on the attacker Rudy Eugene none was found in his system.The attack in Florida with Eugene seemed to set off a string of attacks over the last couple of months. This has led to many calling these events  "the zombie Apocalypse". There has been around 15 of these attack reported via different news sources.The three most recent attacks are this one in china, the one from Texas where the man ate part of his dog and one from New York where a woman tried to bite a policeman's face.  Some are even saying it is a virus and that homeland security knew about the potential of it spreading back in 2007.
We will try to keep an eye on this story.


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