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Westmoreland County, PA
I recently got this report of what could have been a possible Bigfoot in Westmoreland County, Pa. Over the years there has been numerous reports of Bigfoot in Pa.

Here is the report.

- Start Report - 

Name: Jessica
Email Address: On File
State: Pa
County: Westmoreland
Date of Sighting: Feb 2008?
Time of Day:
Nearest Town: Grapeville
Length of Sighting:
How many Witnesses:
Any Photos/Videos: Used to be
Describe sighting in detail:

We take our dog around the side to the back of the house to relieve himself.  One night I took him, a purebred German Shepard.  The backyard is very dark, no lights.  He stopped right at the edge of the light from the street, hackles went up from tip to tail.

He began a very low, deep growl and began backing up.  It scared me and caught me off guard.  I asked him what was wrong as he was pacing like a lion in a cage would do, his gaze fixed on one spot.  I began shaking, wondering if we were about to be attacked, by what?  I hadn't a clue.  My ears were filled with my own fear so I don't remember hearing anything but my dog growling.  I yelled, "I'm going to let him go and can't be held responsible for what he will do to you!"

Then my dog, proving me a liar, turned tail and ran to the front.  How I kept up, I still don't know.  He got to the front door and pawed and whined at it until we got inside.  I told my hubby, but got the usual "you're crazy woman".

It was forgotten about until two days later when we had a few inches of snowfall overnight.  I went to our dining room to look out over the backyard to the snow and noticed a very odd line of tracks.

They were long, three toed, with broad steps.  It appeared to be made by something with 2 legs the way they were laid out.  I know bunny tracks, I know cat and dog tracks.  These looked nothing like those. They were too big, toes too spaced out, too deep.  Even my hubby was stumped.  We did take cellphone pics, unfortunately those pics were lost with the phone.

 I'd forgotten about it for a year or more, until our local community college, WCCC had its first ufo/bigfoot conf.  There I met Stan Gordon and on his display table I was so excited I couldn't speak!
The exact same tracks we had witnessed!  I asked him where he got those, and truly sounded like a babbling idiot.  He perked up when I told him where we lived.  Then he proceeds to tell us about the great Bigfoot scare of the 70's in Grapeville!  I nearly fainted!

 I've never seen those type of tracks since.  The only other time our dog acted like that was in Grafton WV camping in my moms trailer.  He fixated, growled, paced and I couldn't get him to come til he turned tail and ran again.  I immediately ran inside and locked the door.  Whether it was a bear or bigfoot, I really didn't want to encounter either alone.  Just thought I'd share, thanks!

- End Report -

Thanks to Jessica for the cool story. It sure sounds like you might have got a visit from a Bigfoot. It's a shame the photos were lost.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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Close up from the tent video
I just wanted to give a little update about the whole Tent video/Dead bigfoot saga. There has been some new things that are being talked about and some things that Rick Dyer mentioned on his recent BTR radio show.

First I want to cover the youtube video where a man went to the possible site where Dyer killed the bigfoot. While there he interviewed a homeless man who confirmed that Dyer and a film crew was there for about a week. The young homeless man also confirms that he did hear gun shots but never seen any bigfoot body.

What was a little humorous was it appears that this was a video to expose a hoax but after talking to the homeless man it comes off as showing evidence it is all real. An insider had already told me the name of the young homeless man in the interview, which I did not post, but Dyer confirmed the young mans name as Jeff and that was also what I was told. I was also told more info about the area where this video was filmed but I have not posted it. I can report that according to my inside source that is not the actual kill site but it is fairly close. Here is the video with the interview.

Now on to some of the things that Dyer revealed during his recent radio show.
Dyer stated that there is already a 50 million dollar offer on the table for the bigfoot body. Dyer also stated that a famous and respected person from the bigfoot community has been contacted, he did not give a name but I assume this person is about them viewing the body. Dyer also confirmed, as we first reported, that Derek Randles is coming to view the dead bigfoot. It is not clear what the date for this viewing but we should assume it would be fairly soon.
During Dyer's show someone ask about the state of the body, if it was decomposing, and Dyer stated that the body was still in good shape and is being taken care of by some very smart people.
Also during Dyer's radio show he talked about Dr. Meldrum. Dyers stated that Dr. Meldrum has been contacted by some of his (Dyers) people. It was stated the Dr. Meldrum had a list of potential  conditions and that all the details are still being worked out.
There is a video in which some are claiming that Rick Dyer admits this is all a hoax but during the show Dyer said that the statement was taken out of context and was misconstrued.
Now what about the Film Shooting Bigfoot?
Dyer stated that he will be flying to London in a couple of weeks to view the film. This will be a kind of final view for those involved before the film is shown to the public is what I'm assuming.

So it would appear that the film is still on pace to be released in April, so at least it will not be that much longer to we will know the whole story. I think the video will be interesting regardless of how this all plays out.
Here is Rick Dyer's recent radio show 
Listen to internet radio with BIGFOOT TRACKER LLC on Blog Talk Radio


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Tent Video Bigfoot
Dyer confirms several of the details told to us by an insider and calls for protection laws to protect bigfoot. He also talks about Minnow Films and the upcoming video and more.

Here is the almost 2 hour show done on blog talk radio

Updated info:
* Dyer calls for protection laws
* Confirms Minnow films partnerhsip
*Confirms Dead Bigfoot
*Confirms film release to film festival coming in 2013
* Admits leaks
* and More!

Link to the insider info story with amazing details - just CLICK HERE

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This is possibly the rifle the Rick Dyer used to shoot the tent video bigfoot in the back of the head.
Reportedly Dyer came out of the tent sporting nothing but underwear and a rifle when he took the shot.   

is this the rifle Dyer used to kill the bigfoot?
It seems the the BBC film group, Minnow Films, is supporting the claims of the bigfoot being killed by Dyer. Reportedly the DNA testing will finish up on or before the 28th of May according to Dyer.

Rick just issued a new statement - "First of all I would like to think my supporters,followers and friends. This could not have been achieved without your support. We had no choice but to release this information. I don't regret what I have done. I will do everything in my power to make sure the Bigfoot Community does not profit from or benefit in any way from this discovery.
I have endured insults and defamation for over five years for something I've done when I did not believe in Bigfoot....To my followers and to the public this is for you."

Many are pointing back to Dyers 2008 dead bigfoot hoax and saying he is just doing it all over again but what if he really has a body? He has admitted that he did not believe in Bigfoot back in 08. Now after pulling the biggest bigfoot hoax of all time wouldn't it be something if Dyer really has a body? Of course I'm skeptical but time will tell if it's all true or not and the story could be too important to ignore over a hoax pulled 4 years ago.
Then there are many other questions about the killing of a creature like bigfoot, will there be any legal problems? Who all has seen the footage? would all involved be consider accomplishes to the killing? Will the Government step in? 

On top of all of this ,Rick's wife is having  their baby today and we wish them all the best with the new addition.   

Rick Dyer,Bigfoot Tracker.LLC
For months back in the summer Rick Dyer said he was going to kill a bigfoot. Many people were pretty upset over this and others just thought Rick was just blowing smoke.
Then the "Tent Video" came out that later turn out to be filmed by Dyer but not only him but a BBC film crew. As the story goes the Bigfoot seen in the tent video was shot by Dyer, the bigfoot reportedly was shot in the head, ending it's life quickly.

Late Thursday night Dyer confirmed that in fact a bigfoot body was in cold storage via his blog site. Not only that but that DNA samples have been tested and will continue to be tested by top a University with test resuming on January 15. At some point there is a plan to show the body to the public.

Rick and I had a private conversation a few weeks back and he basically told me about the bigfoot body but I have not told anyone until now and am only doing so because Rick has now made a public statement. While he did not tell me anything in great detail I was left with the impression he had a dead bigfoot and I was pretty convinced of it.

It is safe to assume that the upcoming film "Of Monsters and Men" will not only feature Dyer and the tent video but also the dead bigfoot body. I'm sure some people will call it all a hoax, while others will be outraged at the thought of anyone killing a bigfoot. Time will tell what really happened and how it all went down and if it is a hoax or not.  

The film "Of Monsters and Men" is currently in production by BBC film group Minnow Films.They have been working with Dyer for several months,maybe even years.

Tent Video


[Source:Bigfoot Evidence 101]

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Taken in Florida 2012
Rick Dyer, the man who calls himself "the best bigfoot tracker in the world" has released a couple of photos from about 60 taken of what he says is a young bigfoot. The pictures were taken in Florida this year.
Rick is most famous for his 2008 bigfoot on ice hoax,which was featured on CNN.

Here is another one of the photos reportedly taken in FL by Rick Dyer:

Reportedly taken in FL 2012

 Here is a video of another one of the pictures:

 Well.... what does everyone think about these photos?

Please remember this is not an endorsement of Rick or his photos....Just sharing the report with everyone.


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