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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tent Video Bigfoot

Rick Dyer Talks About The Dead Bigfoot!

Dyer confirms several of the details told to us by an insider and calls for protection laws to protect bigfoot. He also talks about Minnow Films and the upcoming video and more.

Here is the almost 2-hour show done on blog talk radio

Updated info:
* Dyer calls for protection laws
* Confirms Minnow Films partnership
*Confirms Dead Bigfoot
*Confirms film release to film festival coming in 2013
* Admits leaks
* and More!

Link to the insider info story with amazing details - just CLICK HERE

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  1. it's all bullshit, they have nothing to lose,
    and even if shows the body, it's still bullshit,
    even if he had lab results, they will be from a bullshit lab, and bullshit results. No matter what,
    he will be a bullshitter. So enough with this bullshit.

    1. Looks like Tazer is in the room!

  2. I think crypo crew is in on this, they seem to be
    pushing this. And if they were not going to make a satatement, then why would they leak something to a bigfoot blog. HOAX !!!!
    they are tring to show how gullible the bigfoot
    community is to added in there documentary.

    1. Why because they report the news?

    2. I'm just following and running the story. I don't know how much of it is true but it would be a shame to not follow this story as it could be totally true. This was leaked to us because we don't Bash people like a lot of other blogs and sites. I try to treat people fair.
      I know Dyer is not liked by some people but there are some major people saying this is real.

    3. It would be terribly ironic if the boy who called wolf, went and killed the wolf. I hope not though.

  3. They have a body? a film coming out? wouldn't the film company want to make as much money as possible by doing a press conference, going to media, talking to local news, etc. instead they....go to a blog.

    1. But the film company havent released any footage yet so if they do have proof, then this will be released when film is finished. The balls in their court as RD has signed an NDA and can only talk about his own camper video.

  4. I support this guy.

  5. The film company will be releasing press releases. I guess there is a lot of legal stuff and other red tape stuff to tie up first. Maybe there are other obstacles getting in their way of publishing this story? How knows. I think all this story is true.

  6. if you want a leak, go to the festival at which they are purporting to premiere. as to the release method, they are following the norm. pre-release a tease, but nothing major until you have the film cut and ready to ship. as to the "placing" of the film in tribeca, i can assure you it is not that easy. it is a highly competitive festival and there are a select few documentary slots. the film is at least "good," even if it does not contain a bigfoot but merely the men who are fixated with them.

    it seems possible (likely) that the bbc was doing a character/psychology study of the men who seek crypto beasts and their obsession with them - a sad tale of men gone wrong with the chase - when an actual bigfoot showed up in san antonio. oops!

    i sincerely hope it is false. my wife and i had an encounter this summer, and i know they are out there. the idea of hunters, camera crews and amateur campers descending on the forest to chase the 9ft tall beast that americans spend our summers with sounds terrible and dangerous for all involved.

    1. I wonder whether they had decided to show the film at the festival prior to the apparant shooting. This would put into question whether the film will be released dependantly to the festival now? If this did all happen, then the film company are probably all tied in knots as to what to do next!


  8. didn't mean to suggest that this blog said the film was placed, or chose, to release at tribeca (which it might). i have been reading about it all over, and that was suggested elsewhere.

  9. It looks so human that if the government came they would never let him leave with the body. they would take and do all kinds of testing and at the very least put a gag order on him.
    Also, Isn't there supposedly homeless people living there ?
    none of them or anyone else would not be curious as to what all the commotion is all about ? no one would investigate a rifle shot outside of hunting season in a camping area ?

  10. This mentally disturbed hillbilly owns a gun!

    1. .. there's alot of them about (with guns)

    2. I hear banjo's. If you put Dyer, the cast of Finding Bigfoot, Biscardi, Fasano & I think there's another "expert" or two in a bowl & mixed them up, you would have a large bowl of fatass cocksuckers who are like lying, hoaxing inbred assholes who would suck a cock a bear couldn't hug. Fuck them all.

  11. Despite the fact I believe his story, he is still, without a doubt, the biggest dumbass, moronic piece of white trash that ever walked the earth. He has how many kids? And he's running around with high-powered rifles? Jesus Christ. And hearing him chortling away with his stupid cracker buddy, so smug in his slandering the whole Smeja thing while he himself has still not only not produced any type of evidence, but was also caught dead-bang in one of the biggest hoaxes ever, is absolutely hilarious. And everything Lindsay said about his story was accurate, Dyer just absolutely cannot deal with people more intelligent than he is (which is about 95% of the human race) stating that, clearly, he is a totally stereotypical narcissist, an incredibly dim (he admitted to being rain-damged as a child) one at that, which makes him all the more irritating. Whatever, despite his imbecility and risk to the general public, I'm pretty sure he managed to murder a Bigfoot as premeditated, for better or worse.

    1. yeah I don't like the bashing but the stuff Rick posted tonight will bring an end to Team Tazer and M. Merchant.

    2. There are two aspects to this story that make me believe its true
      a) the camper video
      b)the legit and serious British Film Company

      The creature in the camper video looks the real deal and the film company really are doing their documentary.

      If there is a hoax - where does it lie?

    3. I'm kinda thinking along the same lines as right hand of god. Actually, my opinion of Dyer is NOT based upon what others think or say about him. Just listening to him on his radio shows and videos, gives anyone who pays attention plenty of evidence that he's a self loving narcissist moron. I listened to about an hour of his rambling mumbling radio shows, because I wanted to give him an honest chance in my mind. If he behaved in a more professional and intelligent and thoughtful manner, he would tons of supporters and he would have gained the respect of a lot of people...like me. But he already screwed the pooch on that point. However, like right hand of god stated, even tho I can't stand dyer, I tend to believe that he probably did kill a bigfoot. While I can see someone goofing off and doing a hoax once, he would totally be insane to do it again. Someone would hunt him down and string him up I'm afraid. Plus...you don't hear minnow films saying anything. Nothing. That leads me to believe that dyer actually did kill the creature he says he did. My only problem with all this is that they didnt get meldrum involved. He would have been the perfect person to give the whole documentary a rock solid believabilty.

  12. The guy is a total bullshitter.. its funny he wants people to challenge him...Hello? Rick? Its impossible to win an argument with a pathological liar!

  13. It looks like Dyer may not have gotten $70K from Minnow Films to purchase a NEW Lincoln Navigator. A pic has been shown of him in front of the purported car, worth around $70K. However, this link will show THAT car is his OLDER 2003 Navigator!


    1. I don't know if it is true or not but it would be nice if other sites would at least link back to us or list us as a source if they are going to use our photos and quotes.

    2. The pic is indeed a new one and he says he made a *typo* (his mistake) on the 2003 for sale..it's a 2005. HMMM..he's a used car salesman? He made a big deal about paying CASH for the new navigator. I want to see PROOF it's 100% his. Why? It goes to his credibility in this story.

  14. http://www.kens5.com/news/Local-man--114742439.html

    by KENS 5 Staff
    Posted on January 27, 2011 at 2:46 PM

    A San Antonio man is now facing charges, accused of defrauding four buyers on the popular online auction site, eBay.

    Alleged victims in Houston, Austin, Arizona and Canada reported that 33-year-old Ricky Dyer took their money, but never delivered the items, or delivered them in very poor condition.

    A purchaser in Canada claims he paid for two Corvettes that he never received. Elwood Nickason says he sent the money through Western Union to a San Antonio bank account in the name of Reyna Ochoa.

    According to the affadavit, Dyer was working with a female accomplice who police say still has not been caught.

    Investigators say they believe the couple travels back and forth between Texas and Tampico, Mexico.

    Dyer was arrested and released on Wednesday after posting a $10,000 bond.



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