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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tomorrow’s The End Of The World!
Are We Shaking Yet?
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
Is the End Here?

            Well, I may have to eat my words, but if I do, everyone will be too busy to see it. According to Mayan prophecy, the world ends tomorrow, December 21, 2012.  If you’re a believer in this prediction, and as the time is drawing nearer, are you more fearful, or less?  I’m still not worried, and I’ll gladly tell you why.
            At the beginning of this year, scientists said there would be more solar flare activity all this year which could cause all kinds of technical problems. And it has, but nothing of an apocalyptic magnitude. As you can see, it’s December, and no universal disasters have shown signs of beginning. It’s Thursday, the 20th and the earth’s platelets are shifting at about their normal rate. There are no signs of anything changing so dramatically as to bring on the end of the world. But you might tell me it won’t start until December 21, and you may be right. Maybe on Friday at precisely 12 AM the sky will become very dark, and the earth will open up and swallow us all whole. If it does, I’ll admit I’m wrong...if I’m still here, that is.
            But enough with the scientific arguments. If you believe the world’s going to end, there’s nothing I can say that will persuade you otherwise. Not even common sense.
            The Mayan calendar was designed in increments of 400 years each. The last increment which just so happens to end in 2012. How far do you suppose they could they have kept going with the calendar when they created it? Going on forever would mean the creator of the calendar could never be allowed to die. Or someone else would have to take over writing it, and another, and another, forever.  But Mayan civilization fell, and all their activities ceased. Including the design of their calendar. The calendar simply had to end somewhere.  It’s actually amazing in itself that they managed to keep it going all the way up to 2012 at all.
            And what time will this start exactly? While at 12 AM in my time zone, to the west of me and across the ocean, it will be 12 PM... on the night before...still the 20th of December.  So if this prophecy date is literally set in stone, then how does that work? Is it going to just explode all at once like that date was a lie, or is it going to progress by time zone methodically around the entire planet?
            Does this seem even a little ridiculous yet? I hope so.
            But I’m sad to say that suicide rates are up around the world and anxiety levels are high in young people who have not lived long enough to know how this goes. They’re just getting started with their lives. And it’s easy for them to think that it could all come crashing down any day. And their impressionable minds are wide open to all kinds of ideas, bad and good.
            But those of us who are older and have seen countless end-of-the-world predictions over the years, either yawn at the mention of it, or take it somewhat seriously, and then think “Oh well! If it does happen, there’s nothing I can do about it.”  We might stockpile a little extra food and water, as anyone should for emergencies, but we go on living our lives.
            Because we’ve watched it happen over and over again, year after year. One prediction after another that never came true. And there are plenty of things to worry about in our busy lives without worrying about the earth giving way under our feet.
            If it does happen, we’ll all be in the same boat. And the only thing we can really hope for is that it happens quickly and painlessly. But I’m still betting that the only thing that will be shaking much on earth on Friday are the hundreds of thousands of believers that truly think that is our last day on the planet.
            Me, I’m taking it one day at a time, fully expecting to get up Saturday morning and cook breakfast as usual. I’ve already bought my groceries and made weekend plans.  Maybe, just maybe that morning I’ll wipe a tiny bead of sweat off my brow and sigh with relief that I made it through yet another one. But I’ll be be doing that while I’m eating and staring out the window at yet another sunrise. *******DF

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