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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Significance Of The Bigfoot “Non-Sighting”
Shane Shamblin Talks About His Harrowing Encounter
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

            In the search for Bigfoot, we’re all obsessed with the physical evidence; the blood, hair, footprints, and getting the perfect picture. But does that all erase the significance of what could be called the “non-sighting?” The incident where we know we’ve come across something very real, but didn’t actually see it? It depends on what kind of “non-sighting” you have. When you have an encounter like the one Shane Shamblin experienced in Indiana, even without actually seeing much, he knew this was not a normal day.
            It happened one foggy night when Shane and his brother and a friend were fishing in an abandoned strip mine pit near Linton, Indiana known as Gamble Lake. They had floated out onto the lake not far from their original access point when they began to hear splashing sounds in the water.
            “We first thought a territorial beaver was a little upset with us,” Shane explained.  “There were very large splashes near the boat. Mind you, we are in the dark, and it's about 1 AM in the morning. The water is very deep there, so the splashes had a huge "ka-thunk" sound when they would happen.”
            Fearing the “beaver’s” activity might puncture the raft, the three men decided to float toward the bank and fish from their instead. But they soon came to discover that the huge splashes were now coming toward the same spot.
            “We were laughing and joking about how this beaver wanted to "eat" us,” Shane said.  “Anyhow, I decided to turn on a light. I had a rechargeable 1,000,000 candlepower spotlight, so I turned it on and set it on it's stand. I have to admit now, it was easier to see without the light. Anyhow, there were a couple of more big splashes, and then one caught my eye. Out of my peripheral vision, I seen a white flash falling from the sky and into the water just about 10 feet out from us. I didn't say anything at first, because I thought it may be my eyes playing tricks on me. Then it happened again, and this time I told my Brother and Mike to watch for it too. That's when we realized, after all three of us seeing it at the same time, they were basketball-sized limestone rocks falling into the water, from the sky. At this point, we are all baffled and confused.”
            That’s when Shane’s friend Mike yelled either jokingly or nervously, “We’re being attacked!” Shane picked up the spotlight and shined it over on the other bank only to see an enormous shadow.
            “I shined the light over there against the cliff wall on the other side. Whatever we hit with the light casts a shadow on the cliff face (mostly rocky and small trees on it). The shadow (only the shadow) was huge, about 20 feet tall, and it was swaying back and forth, like a bear does when it's confused. Because of the bright light and the fog clashing together....we did not see what was actually casting the shadow. All three of us were still trying to figure out what the hell it could be, and then we heard trees snapping and popping as the shadow moved away from the light and moved up a very, very steep incline.”
            In Indiana, there aren’t many animals large and strong enough to break trees. So the men soon left the area and planned to return the next day. And Shane explained what they were thinking.
            “We were pretty shaken up,” he said. “So we left until daylight. We went fishing on Airline lake, and returned in the daytime to see if we could see rocks in the water for proof that we hadn't gone mad. The banks of the strip pits are very cliff-faced. In other words, there is only a drop-off. No incline, and it was covered with moss.”
            Looking back on the experience, Shane thinks he knows what it was that was throwing rocks at them that day.
            “Cows don't launch rocks. And a man can't throw a rock that size 50 yards either. All of us have grown up in the woods. I hear flack about it all the time when I talk about it.  But I never believed (but always wanted to) until that night.  It still freaks me out.”
            Sometimes a bigfoot encounter doesn’t involve an actual sighting, but you can’t explain what happened by any other means other than to decide to believe.
            “I try to discount bigfoot all that I can,  “ Shane laughed. “For sanity's sake. But the one thing that draws me back every time are the stories told by the Native Americans years and years ago.”
            Yes, something casts a twenty-foot high shadow and throws boulders from a cliff face? Hmmm! What could it be? *******DF

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  1. happened to me in texas, threw 4 large rocks a great distance into the water near me, further than my flash light can shine, and I got the hell out, obviously either man or beast, but yeah it wasn't a man haha


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