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Jumping Alien Video Solved!
By Dorraine Fisher

Just as we suspected, yesterday’s jumping alien footage was another filmmaker playing games with the cryptid community. This footage was found on Youtube by our very own team member, Greg Champy, where the filmmaker illustrates his work on the film.

So, it wasn’t a deliberate hoax, but more like a reminder to always be critical about any footage that looks this “interesting.”

Check it out. 

A few days ago I was introduced to a Youtube channel of someone creating CGI Bigfoot. They are not creating these for a hoax, but for fun and to hone their skills. They are also using their talent to enhance and re-create other videos.

CGI means computer-generated imagery or special visual effects created using computer software. We see this type of thing in almost every film we watch nowadays. The technology is getting better and better and it is getting harder to tell when something is CGI or real.

There are only a few videos on this guy's channel but I think some of them are very good work. It is the type of thing you might see in a promo for a Bigfoot TV show or something used in a documentary film.

Lets take a look at one of the videos

Don't shoot!
Hollywood animation bigwig talking to Justin Smeja – cinema version of Sierra Kills may be in the works.
My new source in Texas tells me he found a Twitter account belonging to someone who he would not name, but he said it was “the guy who did the animation for the Lord of the Rings films.”
The source then began emailing the animation guy and ended up having long email conversations with him, during the course of which the source learned a lot. According to these conversations, the animation guy contacted Smeja and told him he believed Justin’s story. “You just can’t make this stuff up,” he said. The man then told Smeja that he would like to bring his Sierra Kills story to life via animation. At some point, the man was shown drawings of the adult and baby Bigfoots killed at the Sierra Kills.
No one knows what this all adds up to, but the man said he intends to bring Smeja’s story to life in some way. Whether this will be a full movie or a part of a documentary, no one knows.
[Via Robert Lindsay Blog ]

TCC -  hmmm..maybe Justin can make a few dollars off of his story and That is cool with me. I would probably watch it if ever gets made.

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