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Re-creation based on witness description

After my report of the UFO sighting at Fishpond lake in Jenkins Kentucky, I got several emails from people who had seen similar objects in the sky, in this same area, over the years.

This also got me to looking for other reports from this area. Today I want to share some of the emails I got from other witnesses and share a report I stumbled across.

I will start with a couple of the emails.

I was talking with a friend recently, I'll just call him Jim, and he shared his UFO sighting with me. He also gave me permission to share his report and video with everyone.

This happened in Jenkins, Kentucky. The video was filmed at Fishpond lake in Payne gap while Jim was bass fishing. This object was over the mysterious Pine Mountain range. Pine Mountain is a ridge in the Appalachian Mountains running through Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee. It extends about 125 miles from near Jellico, Tennessee, to a location near Elkhorn City, Kentucky. Birch Knob, the highest point, is 3,273 feet above sea level and is located on the Kentucky-Virginia border. It has been a barrier to transportation as the Cumberland River at Pineville, Kentucky is one of only two streams passing through the entire ridge. Pine Mountain is also home to numerous UFO sightings, murders, and reports of strange creatures.

Jim had this to say about the object he seen, " It’s no jet or airplane, I know differences in jets and airplanes." In the video you see a bright object that is moving very slowly. Then the object picks up speed, flashes a few times and totally disappears.

Lets take a look at the video and then get more comments from Jim.
Here is the video.
During my Bigfoot presentation. Photo by Lisa Peters
This past Saturday we had the first every Pine Mountain Paracon. This event was hosted at the beautiful Pine Mountain State Resort Park. If you have never been to Pine Mountain, you own it to yourself to make the trip. It is such a beautiful area, with loads of hike trails, things to see and even a zipline. And the food is terrific.

The Paracon featured several presentations on various topics combined with some local musical talent in between presenters. What made this event stand out was that not only was it a free event, it was an all day event. The doors opened at 11am and we finished off downtown at the Bell Theater for a live ghost hunt. The Paracon lasted until 10 pm. I can tell you my legs and feet were wore out.
Not actual bones, just used for reference

This is a guest post by Tim Cornett. Tim is a amateur Kentucky historian and author.
Tim has worked as a reporter, publisher, editor and photographer.
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Several years ago Dr. James S. Golden, Jr. of Pineville told an interesting story of the discovery of skeletons on the mountain just outside of Pineville.
According to Golden, a local hunter stopped to rest just before dawn. Sitting down on what he thought was a pile of brush and branches at the bottom of a tree, the hunter discovered he was seated on a pile of what looked to be human bones.

These bones were taken to Golden, who was able to assemble four almost complete skeletons - complete except for the skulls. Golden said that the skeletons appeared to be from a race of people who were “short and stocky. The femurs were twice the diameter of a modern man’s, and shorter.” He estimated that the people would have weighed between two and three hundred pounds, based on their skeletal structure.

Without the skulls there was no way of determining more about these people. Theorizing that the bones had come from some ancient burial site on Pine Mountain, Golden, the hunter, and others scoured the mountainside for more bones, and hopefully, the skulls.
Dr. Golden’s best theory was that the bones had washed out of their resting place during heavy rains over many years and lodged against the tree where they were found. He guessed that the skulls, being round, would have rolled on down the mountain side and possibly entered the Cumberland River just south of Pineville, where US 119 meets US 25E.

The skulls were never located and Golden, unable to glean any more information from the skeletons, sent them on to The Smithsonian Institution, where presumably they rest today. (Efforts by the author to locate these skeletons have been unsuccessful; Golden forwarded them to the museum, but calls to the Smithsonian have proved fruitless in finding their exact whereabouts.)

-- excerpt from Bell County, Kentucky: A Brief History by Tim Cornett

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