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Saturday, December 18, 2021

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Bigfoot and UFOs in Pennsylvania - Part 1

One of the most puzzling and also annoying encounters in the bigfoot world involves the UFO/Bigfoot sightings in Pennsylvania.  Some of those from the "Woo" Faction embrace the incidents as part of their proof;  while the Flesh and Blooders, unable to salvage much from the experiences, tend to dismiss them.

Hundreds of people reported encounters from around 1968, with 1973 bringing an increase in reports. One of the things that make the Flesh and Blooders grind their teeth were the descriptions of the  creatures, which included pointed ears high at the top of the head, with the head being wide and flat on top. Long, pointed fangs were reported. Arms were said to hang below the knees and they had large brightly glowing eyes. 

Investigators of these reports were certain the creatures were linked to the UFOs being sighted at this same time. However, their conclusions also added that the creatures walked like men, looked like apes and lived like bears, but were not capable of flying a UFO.

Some of the more outstanding experiences include :

On July 31, 1966 at Presque Isle, a tall anthropoidal figure was seen. It left large footprints behind in the sand. Shortly before this creature was sighted, a UFO was seen to land nearby.

1973 found Stan Gordon, Director of the Westomoreland City UFO Study Group, telling of their findings on the reports from the summer of 1972. Creatures were sighted that were said to look like gorillas and baboons -- 5 ft tall, hair-covered, broader in body than a human. They were also said to make a sound "like a man in pain screaming at the top of his lungs". A major UFO flap was also reported during April and May.

A young woman called and reported her father had seen two large glowing eyes looking in his window, which was 8 ft ABOVE the ground. He also noticed an overpowering stench like rotten cucumbers. The man's 14 year old son and his friends, while in the woods, saw a gorilla like creature walking on two legs. When Stan Gordon investigated this, he found a three-toed footprint in soft ash. He photographed and cast the print which measured 13 inces long and 8 inches wide with fat toes. It bore little resemblance to the Fouke, Arkansas prints.

Then there was a man in Beaver County near Greensburg who reported seeing an 8 ft tall gorilla-like creature with glowing red eyes peering in his window. Police were called; they found an 18in long track.

Once these experiences were publicized, the police and newspapers were flooded with "hundreds of phone calls" from other witnesses who had been afraid to talk about it.

On August 14, two men reported a huge gorilla-like creature with an odor of something long dead. August 21 a woman near Derry woke up to find a "hideous" face looking in through an open window, 9 ft off the ground. The creature's rotten meat odor took days to fade away.

From June 1972 to February 18, 1973, Stan Gordon's UFO group documented 118 sightings with 245 witnesses, covering Westmoreland, Alleghany, Indiana, Fayette, Washington, Beaver and Somerset counties. About 30 were in the daytime, 24 at dusk, 30 during the hours from 10-11 pm. 49 were sighted in wooded areas, 19 near trailers, 18 near houses, and only 10 on roads.  A large number of reports were discarded as being "suspect".

Most witnesses described a strong smell, fanglike teeth, and golf ball size eyes that glowed either bright red, green or white. Most were in the 7-8 ft range, with a few said to be around 5 ft. They usually had dark colored hair, although a few were said to be a dirty white, with matted hair. The creature appeared to be curious about humans, showing no fear, even standing in front of a car and staring in at the driver.

During this time, the group also reported nearly 600 UFO sightings. Explanations were found for many of them, but an unusually large number rema
ined that seemed to involve "intelligently controlled craft displaying flight characteristics far beyond our present technology".

There were also over a dozen reports where UFOs were seen at low level minutes before or after a creature was sighted in the same area. Other reports of UFOs spotted had a creature sighting reported within a  few days.

In early September, a man called to report that three women driving through a wooded area had seen a large, metallic rectangular object on the ground. When they stopped to look, a door opened in the side of the craft. A ramp came out and down; three ape-like, hair-covered 7 ft. tall creatures ran down the ramp and into the woods.

Next time: Part two - The best known of the Pennsylvania  Bigfoot/UFO events


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This Post By TCC Team Member Nancy Marietta. Nancy has had a lifelong interest in the paranormal and cryptids. Nancy is also a published author and her book, The Price of war, has been met with great reviews.

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