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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Ouija Board -- Tales To Scare You

I know, I know. It's about time I got to the "good stuff" about Ouija Boards.  So, finally, here are some stories out there that people have told. And of course they're true. They're on the internet, right?? 

1. Teenager was being a typical teenager. Teased his girlfriend until she brought the board out for the group. Her condition was, she was going to have nothing to do with it. The teen asked a question and received no answer so he challenged it with "If anything is in here and not talking, you're a coward!" [which rule was that again??] The board was put away and forgotten. Cue to one week later. The teen is at home, sleeping upstairs, wakes up to a stormy night. He didn't think the thunder and lightning and rainfall would be enough to wake him, so he listened for a bit. Hearing nothing, he decided to go back to sleep. As he closed his eyes, he heard it coming from downstairs : "Get the boy".  He opened his eyes and it's quiet. As he starts to relax again again the raspy voice comes much louder : "GET THE BOY". The downstairs door slammed shut. According to the teen, no one slept downstairs and as no doors or windows were open, there should not have been any drafts. 

2. The person telling the story heard it from their cousin, a participant in the event. The cousin, his father, his brother, and his best friend were using a Ouija board in the basement. They had decided to remove a large porcelain doll from the room and in the room next to them, face down on a pile of towels. The thing just was creeping them out. After a bit, the cousin took a break; the board was just giving them nonsense. [Rule]. The dad, brother and friend continued to ask questions of the board which then kept indicating what appeared to be random numbers. The cousin returned and his brother said the board still wasn't working and they were going to put it away. However, when he showed the cousin the numbers given to the last question they had asked, the cousin said to them that those numbers were his social security number. So they continued to ask questions. They were then told that the cousin would die in the air force. They challenged the board to tell them who was talking and prove who they were. [Rules, rules - out the window!] The board spelled out "Doll." They opened the door to the other room and there was the doll standing up right in front of the door, staring at them. They all freaked out and ran from the house. The friend burned the Ouija board [again, the rules!] and was said to have gone "nuts" for a few months. The cousin did join the air force and is said to be stationed on a base in Europe at the time the story was shared to the internet.


3. This story is about a 13 yr old girl called Cindy. After school she would sneak into her sister's room and use her Ouija board. She felt that she had contacted one of her friends who had died in a car accident a few years ago, Jake. Everyday after school she rushed upstairs to talk to Jake. After a few days, Jake began to change. He talked about "dark" things and became "aggressive". Cindy began to be afraid this wasn't really Jake she was communicating with. After another week, "Jake" told Cindy that he was really a demon and that he was evil. He added that if Cindy told anyone, he would kill her. Her sisters came home to find her crying in the corner. It is said she spent some time in a treatment facility before Cindy was able to recover from the trauma of dealing with Jake.

4. A group of friends were hanging out and decided to bring out the "Witch Board". They dimmed the lights and began the session. Feeling unsure about how the session was going, the question was asked : "Can you give us a sign you're here?" They waited a few seconds for a light to flicker, or for a noise. There was just silence. Suddenly a strange cold swept through the room. It was accompanied by a horrible odor, sulfur like, very rank. This lasted about 15 seconds, enough to scare the hell out of them. They quickly said goodbye, shared a closing prayer, and put the Ouija Board away. Seems it was a request they would sooner have not had answered.

5. Some friends used to play around with Ouija boards a lot as teenagers. They felt it was harmless fun. One night, they found themselves speaking with a young male called Niall. He told them that his father had murdered him. They talked with him for a bit and then got bored, so they "left" the board. A little bit later, they started again. They thought they had contacted an elderly lady but soon found out that they were still talking with Niall. When asked what he wanted, the pointer spelled out "Satisfy my requests" and then began to spell out "Answers" over and over again. Freaking out, they just abandoned everything : the board, the house, the street. 

6.  Abby, a twenty-something young woman, played a bit with her Ouija Board in the darkness. When finished, she got ready for bed. Suddenly her computer screen began to act weird. The screen went from black to blue. In other words, despite her having turned off her computer screen quite awhile ago, it had just turned itself back on by itself. Abby, by now a little unnerved, decided to unplug the system. As she headed back for bed, the computer turned back on. That very same night, she buried the Ouija Board in her backyard.

7. 32 year old Justin from New Jersey, played with a Ouija Board with many of his friends. One day, while playing with it, he noticed the planchette moving strangely. It made an X surrounding all four corners of the board. Then it made a circle.  Later on, on a different day, and with a different friend, the planchette again made these same strange movements. Justin decided that this action must be a hex. Later that same night, while sleeping, he was woken by a hand forcefully trying to grab his arm. Only problem was, everyone else was sound asleep.
Soooooo -- true tales? Or stories to spook us? Urban legend? Borrowed from movies and books and TV shows?  Hard to say for sure.

Again, if any of you have any spooky tales of your own Ouija Board experiences, please share them with us.

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