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Monday, October 25, 2021

Unknown Vocals Investigation

This has been the worst year I've had in 24 years of active field work. Sickness, weather, lockdowns and so on have hindered most plans I had this year. It's been very frustrating.

I call my father every day at 9am without fail. He is more than just my father. He has many roles in the story of my life.  Father, big brother and best friend so after moving out of town to an area that is basically a well paved road through the forest I was and still am very happy for him because he's now in his element, completely surrounded by nature.

During one of our morning calls last year he had mentioned that he and his lovely wife had both heard a variety of vocals that neither could explain. We had talked about many of the other possibilities but my father and I have a lot in common, not the least of which is spending our lives in and out of the woods from a very early age.

In other words when he hears something in the woods that he can't identify I tend to take it a little more seriously than some. 

Last week I called Dad as usual and one of the first things he said was that he had heard another vocal and this time it was a single "whoop" followed by dead silence.

We made plans immediately for Becca and I to go up for a visit and for Dad and I to take a trip in to the woods in the direction that the vocals came from.

I didn't have much hope of finding much of anything because, in an area like this, vocals can travel for miles on a still night, so trying to pinpoint the spot is pretty much impossible but this time we were at least able to narrow down the area .

We headed out toward the river to look for signs, structures and tracks but for the first half hour or so there was not much to see or hear. Once we got a little closer to the river I noticed a small bipedal track near a bunch of deer tracks.

We looked it over thinking it may have been left by a juvenile. Taking the weather and ground conditions in to consideration I felt that there should be at least some toe detail visible but there wasn't so it was most likely a small human print.

We spent some time at the river talking about the 16.5 inch tracks that we found together back in 2011/ 2012 in another province.

At this point we decided to walk a little further back.

Dad noticed a few things that wind and mother nature had done but were well worth taking a look at. 

Our final find was a little more interesting but by no means conclusive. This particular structure looked as though it may be of intelligent design and a single tree behind it was torn up at a height of 13 or so feet. A couple of poles that were in this looked from a distance like they may have been cut but after inspecting them closer , they hadn't but rather broken off clean. This was inconclusive at best but was still fun to speculate on. The tree being clawed that high up was interesting though. 

Shortly after this we decided to head back to the house for supper and call it a day.
As I stated earlier trying to pin point where a vocal came from in this or any other area as thick and vast as this one was a shot in the dark at best. It was also the best time I've had in the woods this year.

As always I called Dad the next morning and we were both in hurting shape from our adventure physically but mentally we were both noticeably chipper and refreshed.

I had almost forgotten how much better a day in the woods can make you feel and I think that's something that we all need to remember.  It's not always the findings but the time spent with good company. The pursuit,  the study, and the time spent with Dad was priceless.

P.S. If you need a good laugh here's a bit of info that will either make you laugh or just shake your head.

I had the video cam with me and did some great filming of the structure, river, print and the area in general or so I thought. It turns out that the footage I got was the ground and the inside pocket of my hoodie.  I thought I was filming when I wasn't and vice-versa. Turns out I may be a little rusty.  

Thanks for reading and your continued support of The Crypto Crew. We do appreciate it.



  This post by Leo Frank, Leo enjoys the outdoors and researching Bigfoot. Leo has over 23 years experience researching and investigating Sasquatch across different regions of North America. He is also the author of the very popular book Sasquatch Family Ties.

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