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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

 The History of the Ouija Board (Part 3) - The Rules

The internet graciously gives us a set of cautionary rules [guidelines] for using the Ouija Board. Confusion will set in when you try to determine just how many there are and which ones you should follow.

So I looked through all the versions and have compacted them all into just a few.

1. The Ouija Board is not a joke.  Be respectful. Don't insult or make fun of the spirits.  Don't ask silly questions.

2. Never ask questions of a negative nature or negative energies. These include like when someone is going to die, or if someone is going to get sick.

3. Spirits can lie. Don't believe everything you are told.

4. Never use the board alone. You need at least two people to create enough energy to draw in spirits.

5. Choose locations wisely. The place should be dark and free from background noise. Use a candle to see the board.  Don't use it in your home. If you encounter negative energies those will remain in your home. Don't use it in a cemetery.

6. Choose a leader to be in charge of asking questions and the session. If not the leader, keep silent. Someone should be selected to keep notes and to write down all the letters the planchette points to. Or you can film the session.

7. Don't leave the planchette sitting on the board if taking a break. It is considered bad luck and leaves the "door" open to the spirit world. Leave someone with their hand on the planchette. It will keep the door open to the energy you are connected with. When finished with the session, always say goodbye to sever the connection.

8. End the session immediately if any of the following happens: The spirit starts a countdown or starts reciting the alphabet, if the planchette starts making a figure 8 or the infinity symbol, or if the spirit tells you it is Zozo.  After placing the planchette on "goodbye" [and then removing it, I am assuming: see rule 7], leave the location to ensure severing the connection between the group and the spirit.

9. Never burn an Ouija Board. It will trap the attached spirits in this world. Store the board and the planchette in separate locations.

Now, did most of that sound like bad movies or shockumentaries to you? Yeah, me too. Research I'm not going to do, but I am pretty darn sure that each of these cautions has been featured in at least one badly done Ouija Board haunted movie. 

One item I did do research on. Zozo. Just who or what is "Zozo" and where did it all start?

Initial research sounds very convincing. Now commonly called the "Ouija Board Demon", it is alleged to be a fallen angel banished by God from heaven. It is also alleged to be the demon who possessed Roland Doe -- the case that the book The Exorcist was based on. In the book, the demon is called Pazuzu.
Then one can find a historical record. In Le Dictionnaire Infernal, there is a reference to a young girl in 1816 in Teilly who claimed to be possessed by three demons -- Mimi, Crapoulet, and Zozo. Further research shows that she was a habitual liar and pretended to be possessed.  

There are many cases of those who claim to have had experiences with Zozo. The best-known one concerns Darrell Evans. In 2009 in a post to True Ghost Tales, he warned about the dangers of using the Ouija Board, claiming he was being harassed by Zozo.

Allegedly, Zozo made Evans's girlfriend stop liking him; it made his one-year-old daughter be left alone in the bathtub; it caused him to give his band a really wrong name; it swore at him in Latin or Hebrew; poisoned his relationships with "cool" women; and it possessed him.

This was all so traumatic for him, that he managed to write a book and sell the movie rights. Unfortunately, it seems that maybe he should read his book since the details seem to change with every telling.

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This Post By TCC Team Member Nancy Marietta. Nancy has had a lifelong interest in the paranormal and cryptids. Nancy is also a published author and her book, The Price of war, has been met with great reviews.

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