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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Possible Dogman Seen in Harlan County

I got the following report in a few days ago of a possible dogman sighting in the Totz community of Harlan county. After gathering a little more information and looking at the area on google maps the report is ready to share. 

I should also say that this is an area I'm generally familiar with and travel near or through on occasions.

Here is the report and my email exchange with the witness.

 -Start Report-

Teresa (last name on file) writes:

"Last night, I'm driving home from Harlan towards Cumberland on 421 I saw the dog man. It was not quite dark and I noticed something strange on the left hand side of the road where the brush and woods are,  just past the entrance to the Rail House restaurant.  It was way bigger than any dog. 

However, It had a snout like a dog but was longer than a normal dog and its head was bigger. When I got home I told my daughter about it because I'm not from this area. And I had never seen anything like that. 

She told me about the dog man in Harlan county and I knew then it was exactly what it was. I'm a pretty well traveled, well educated woman. And I have never seen anything like that in my entire life of a 52 years.  It did scare me a little bit because my original feeling was that it was a werewolf and I really don't believe in werewolves LOL. 

Anyway I started researching to see if I could find anybody else that has seen something like that and that's when I came across your post. Thanks for listening Teresa


TM:  Can you tell me what color the figure was and how tall you think it might have been? What was it doing? where did it go?

Teresa: "It was standing on the edge of the brushline. Probably about 4 and a half feet tall, on 4 legs, grey and black, but longer body. Its head was moving a little, kind of looking around. More grey than anything. Very creepy. It didn't "go" anywhere, I did, lol."

-End Report-

Now, I'm not exactly sure just what this was but it sure sounds much too large to have just been a coyote or normal dog. We do get a few dogman reports from this area and we surely have enough wilderness for them to survive. This sighting would have taken place on Sept. 7th, 2021 as my first email from Teresa was on the 8th.

If anyone in the Totz area has seen this oversized canine creature then please let us know. In the sighting report the witness mentions finding a report on our website about dogman. I know we have a few but only one or two from Harlan county, the best I can remember. The one that comes to mind is the one from 2018. You can read that report by Clicking Here. There is also one from 2019 that comes from Estill County, KY and you may read it by Clicking here.

Dogman is an interesting subject and while we don't get many reports from this general area it has reportedly been seen in 38 of 50 US states. While some think the Dogman is some type of cousin to Bigfoot, their behavior seems to be somewhat different. Dogman reports normally detail aggressive behavior and in some cases even attacks. But with Bigfoot reports, it is normally non aggressive. But there are some reports of aggressive behavior but overall the Dogman report are much more consistent with aggression. 

Another thing I would like to explain is that the witness reports the highway as 421 and this is accurate as you leave Harlan. The road becomes highway 119 once you leave Harlan and travel towards Cumberland. I just wanted to be as clear as possible on this and didn't want anyone to try and discredit the witness because of it. And remember she is not from the area and often times road names and numbers can change without us really acknowledging it. I also wanted to provide and road view of the general area. This is right at the turn off to the restaurant and I would assume the sighting was just ahead up to the curve.

A big thanks to Teresa for sharing her report with us. I'm sure it was frightening for you. Again if anyone else has seen this creature, feel free to contact us.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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