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Thursday, September 16, 2021

Children Watching Bigfoot Of Lincolnville, S.C.

First came the awful smell. Then they could see the red eyes watching them from the woods.

It all seemed to start on June 24, making the summer of 1970 one to be remembered. Lincolnville was a small town, heavily wooded, near the Ashley River and Lake Moultrie. With not much around town to entertain the children, they would meet up at the witness's house and usually play hide and seek. As the six children played, they would first become aware of an awful odor, as if something was dead. As they would slow their play and look around, they would see the red eyes watching them from the woods along the rear of the property, behind the chain link fence that ran around the one to two acres of land.

The witness was not certain how tall this watcher was, just that it was taller than any human she knew. The first time the watcher appeared, the children were so frightened they all ran into the house where the grandmother and cousin were told of the watcher. They did not believe the children's story.

Throughout the summer the children would often see those red eyes in the woods, just standing there, watching them play. They would always smell the rotten odor before seeing the eyes.

Another item of note was the dogs that were found in the neighborhood with crushed skulls. The authorities never did find an answer to what had happened to them.

One night, the witness and her best friend decided they were going to camp out in the mobile home that stood on the backside of the property. During the night something began walking around the trailer, hitting it, and trying to get in. The two could see its shadow every time it came around the trailer. This continued until daylight. As soon as the intruder seemed to have left, the two "hit the door running" for the house.

Another night, the family was woken by a loud thud on the side of the house. Her twin brother came out of his bedroom screaming because it was at his window. Everyone went outside. They could hear it running from the house. They listened as the slow, heavy footsteps reached the fence, and went over it, and into the woods. They didn't see it, but they could hear it.

The experiences and watching became so bad, the children stopped playing outside.

In the fall, probably in October, the witness had a sighting of what the red eyes were. The family has been leaving a light on the well to keep the pump from freezing. The young girl was told to go out in the early morning and turn off the light. As she was doing so, she became aware of a figure in the early morning sunshine. It "looked like an ape standing on the other side of the fence watching me."

It was tall; a grayish-brown color. The conical-shaped head had a sloping forehead, a protruding brow line with hooded eyes. The powerfully built figure was just standing there watching her,  "just kind of rocking side to side."

The girl backed away towards the house, never taking her eyes off the figure until she got to the door. When she turned around after going inside, the creature was gone.

A young girl who lived up the street said she saw a creature with a lot of hair looking in her window one night.

The watcher remained in the area for around six months. The strange activity and the red eyes in the woods stopped. The creature had apparently moved on.

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"I'll spark the thought; what you do with it is up to you."

BFRO report 13673

This Post By TCC Team Member Nancy Marietta. Nancy has had a lifelong interest in the paranormal and cryptids. Nancy is also a published author and her book, The Price of war, has been met with great reviews.



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