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Thursday, January 10, 2019

The Age Of Aquarius And Why Astrology Is More Significant Than We Think

By Dorraine Fisher

Yes, it’s true. We’re slipping into the fabled Age of Aquarius. Astrologers believe it probably started back in 2012 when many people thought the world was ending. But was it just the end of a cosmic cycle?

I’m one of those, like many, that have considered astrology to be an amusing source of entertainment over the years. Something not to be taken too seriously. But the more I study it and watch what goes on in the world and with the people in it, I realize there might be something more to it.

Scientists will tell you that our astrological position in the cosmos has nothing to do with our personality or any of our birthrights. And in the past, that stance seemed perfectly logical to me. But that was before I really started listening to astrologers and started to think about it in a different way.
It’s very possible that the world is constantly changing and humans are constantly evolving at least partly due to our constant movement through the cosmos. The world never stops spinning, the sun comes up every day and goes down every night. And all this affects our lives profoundly. We’re constantly affected by our atmosphere, the seasons,  the level of light we receive from the sun, the weather, the moon cycles, all of it. It affects our moods, our outlook on life, our level of anxiety or lack thereof, how we feel physically, our plans for our day and our year, and our overall existence in general. So, I have to ask, why do we really think that our position in the cosmos has nothing to do with who or what we are?

As our planet earth makes its circle through the cosmos, we’re exposed to sometimes extreme changes in energy. And the nature of those energies depends greatly on our position and what planets and stars and cosmic storms and waves we’re exposed to at every circle and rotation. The nature of those energies affects our planet and it affects us, physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Because we are energy too, we can’t help but be affected. But what does this mean?

It means that our position in the cosmos can indeed greatly affect how we feel and what we ultimately become. So, what does it all have to do with the Age of Aquarius?

Just like people have personal astrological signs from the the astrological alignment at the time of their birth, our planet also experiences an astrological cycle and encompasses the attributes of an astrological sign  Every two thousand years or so, the earth slips into a radically different position in the cosmos and this position also has a zodiac sign just like we do.

So, if we were in the Age of Capricorn, the overall energy of the planet would be an energy of fearlessness, loyalty to comrades, hard work, and family devotion. But on the negative side, humankind in this age could exhibit unforgiving coldness, pessimism, and overall hopelessness.

But this is not the Age of Capricorn. This is the Age of Aquarius. But in order to understand what that means, we have to understand what age we just left. And that was the Age of Pisces. And the Age of Pisces had a very dark side.

On the positive side, the Age of Pisces carried the energy of artistic pursuits, imagination, and romance. But on the negative side, it carried the energy of clinginess, gullibility, and self-destruction. In the Age of Pisces, the human race was stuck in a cycle of shadows. Many things were hidden from us. And as a collective, we blindly believed everything we were told because we trusted our authority figures to be honest with us. And we inadvertently orchestrated our own self-destruction. Or we almost did.  Things are changing.

Our cycle in the cosmos has ushered in a new age. The Age of Aquarius represents enlightenment, independent thought, out-of-the-box thinking, fairness, and open communications. And you can see it all around you every day. People seem to be awakening to everything that’s been wrong with their world for so long and they’re not just buying into everything they’re being told by the “authorities” they’ve so long trusted. This is being called the Great Awakening.

But some would say my positive attitude is misguided because the world seems to be going crazy. Things are the worst they’ve ever been. There’s no hope for the human race. We’ve lost our way. People can’t agree on anything right now. Everything’s a mess that can’t ever be cleaned up. But I would ask you to observe the Aquarian energy and think about this differently.

Every spiritual guru and enlightened individual knows that with every great change, there’s a transition period. During this period, chaos seems to have control. And the problem seems to get worse instead of better. And things start to seem really hopeless. But like that old adage, “It’s always darkest before the dawn,” there’s a reason it happens the way it does. All the vitriol and the worst aspects of everything have to play out on a grand stage. This is a purging process. Emotions have to fly like wildfire during this time. It allows everyone to decompress and really see the flaw in the big picture and the ridiculousness of what has been. It allows humans to vent rage and insecurity because they can see the change coming. And they’ll cling to the old ways, no matter how bad they’ve been, because those old ways were familiar and they felt safe, even though a part of us knows how destructive they were. And we’re entering into uncharted territory.

Once everyone realizes the world has not ended from all these massive shifts, they’ll finally relax and learn to find peace. But we aren’t there yet. We’re still in the chaotic stages. And the best thing to do is to not get too involved in the chaos, but just watch it instead. Watch it and see it for what it is.  Everything’s happening exactly the way it needs to. And when we’ve entered into the full dawning of Aquarius, the dust will settle and we’ll all realize what’s happened and that we’re all still here, a little wiser from the experience.


This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Bigfoot Research Journal

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