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Monday, January 7, 2019

Symbiosis. Does Bigfoot Use Other Animals For Its Survival?

A Controversial Viewpoint

By Dorraine Fisher

It may seem like a weird question, but I had to ask. In light of my recent bigfoot encounter and research findings, and as an amateur wildlife photographer, I kept making correlations between bigfoot encounters and the sightings of other wildlife.

For me, there were two different animals that made their appearances revolving around my investigations. The crows seemed to appear and were highly vocal about my being there. To nature enthusiasts, crows are known as an alarm system for other animals. They sound warnings when a predator is near or when something in the area has changed. No matter how you feel about them, crows play a vital role in the ecosystem. And the second animal was the coyotes. I rarely see them out in the open in broad daylight, but when I’m seriously pursuing some bigfoot findings, the coyotes seem to appear out of nowhere. And they often stand and stare at me, almost as if they have something to tell me. Or perhaps, they are watching me or trying to distract me from something? But the sheer number of times I make this particular correlation has to make me wonder if there’s more to it. Because as a bigfooter and paranormal believer, I know there’s always more to it.
According to quantum physics, we’re all connected. There’s really no such thing as matter like we were taught in school. We’re all energy, everything is energy. You, me, rocks, plants, animals, everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies. So there is no place that you stop and another person starts. There’s no place where you stop and nature starts.  We all fuse with everything and everyone on the planet. Separation, we’re told, is an illusion.

For this reason, though we may want to deny it, we all depend on others for our survival on this planet. And all the members of the animal kingdom are no different. Even animals like predators that seem to be independent still depend on other animals in order to survive. Not just the ones they eat, but every living thing out there. Nature is far more complex than we can often imagine.

As someone who spends a fair amount of time outside in the woods, I have witnessed this often. I’ve seen groups of deer start moving the other way when they hear the crows squawking in the trees above. Only to find later that a coyote was present in the brush and had been watching them. I’ve seen many birds use bluejays for an alarm system to let them know when hawks and owls are lurking in the trees above them. My grandfather used to tell me that he’d witnessed younger, more inexperienced predators observing more experienced ones in order to learn from them. Animals seem to feed off the superpowers of their counterparts. They are completely in tune to their world, which includes watching other animals for cues and warnings. It’s a matter of survival.

But what about bigfoot? The formidable hairy giants of the forest who appear to need nothing and no one. Do they depend on other animals in the same way? Though I’ve talked to many bigfoot researchers who tell me similar stories, I recently ask Robin Haynes McCray, a bigfoot habituator, meaning she has a group of sasquatches on her property and has regular contact and, she claims, communication with them. Robin in her many years of observance has developed some curious insights about her hairy friends. Many criticize her ideas, but I always say we absolutely never should dismiss ideas that seem crazy to us because we might inadvertently dismiss something valid in the process. Let’s remember that the idea of bigfoot zapping people was considered a crazy idea until just 5 years ago, but now is widely accepted as possibly some kind of infrasound abilities that are now being studied in elephants. Any of us who do bigfoot research are continually amazed by what we find sometimes. So let’s see what Robin has to say about bigfoot symbiosis:

During my lifetime with the bf I have noticed a lot of contact between them and other animals. They seem to be able to use mind control on everything.

The bf around me have always used coyotes, fox, and even raccoons as pets. I know of some that even have cougars as pets. They use the animals as pets very similar to what we do. Not only to cuddle, pet, and love but also as guard pets. These animals respond to the bf just as our pets do to us.
Another way they are used is to move forward in an area before the bf come into the area. They will check to make sure the area is safe for them. often sending them in as scouts before entering themselves.

When I put food out there has been times when they would send the same 3 raccoons into check and see what food was offered as well as if the area was clear for them lol.

The raccoons would enter the feeding area go to each bucket and check for food. NEVER EATING OR TOUCHING THE FOOD. They would then go to the top of the tallest tree in the feeding area. Then the largest raccoon would make a screaming noise towards the area that the bf would come from. Then all three would go down the tree and leave. They never once touched any of the food. After the raccoons left the bf would come and take the food. This has happened many many times. Eventually it was a pattern for them and I was used to it happening.

They have also at times sent a fox to my house to check on me. I would not be feeling well and a red fox would show up out side my door as if standing guard. I would go to the door and it would look at me then back off about 10 to 15 from the door lay down and just watch the house lol. One day I was outside sitting near our burn pit. We had had our kids and grand kids over the night before and had a bon fire and roasted marsh mellows and hot dogs.  I went out to pick up a few things left outside. I had left marsh mellows and hotdogs out for the bf on one of the benches as well as a few left over cans of soda. I was picking up the left over now empty wrappers from the marshmallows and the crunched and now empty cans of soda. I decided to sit for a min. When I did 7 field mice came out from the woods in a straight line and walked directly to my feet looking at me. Then they went right back to the woods as if they were reporting something to someone. When I looked up all I saw was the back of a furry head about 8 ft off the ground and heard branches and brush crunching lol.

Another time I was putting food into all of their food buckets and three deer came from the direction of the bf and walked right up to me. They looked at the situation and then walked off. They were within inches of me where I could have touched them . I simply stood there knowing they were checking things out and let them do what they needed to. Right after that I head woop calls the bf were making to each other.

There have been countless situations I have seen them use other animals. They have sent crows as well as hawks to spy on people, including myself. This can be from the bad bf as well as the good. The bad bf will use animals to watch what we are doing as well. they seem to be able to control by mind anyone or anything they wish. I'm not saying they do this 100 percent of the time. In fact they only do it if they need to. However they will use any animal as a pet. They also control our pets. If they need them to be quiet they will put them to sleep. Or they can call them to themselves. I have had them do that with my dogs and cats many times. Once they picked up my small dog and took off in the woods with her. She was screaming her head off. I jumped in my truck and drove the direction they went. I was yelling at them to put her down. Then I couldn't hear them anymore. I returned home thinking they were gone with her. When I got to the house there was one dropping her off on the porch. She was unharmed. Although that was due to that particular bf. I have heard many stories of them taking and killing other peoples pets. Ive been lucky that it has never happened to mine. Years ago a group killed a few of my cats and when I yelled at them that these were pets and I loved them as if they were my children it has never again happened.

They have a way of calming any animal or terrifying them. whatever suits their needs.

Now, it would be easy for anyone to dismiss what Robin said here as crazy and discredit me for listening, but I’ll go out on a limb and decide to be intrigued instead. After all, I don’t know a single thing about what happens on her property, and I shouldn’t make any judgments. But she has, over the years, kept telling similar stories and bravely opening herself up to extreme ridicule while making virtually no money for telling her stories.  I would love to go live at her house for a while and see what goes on there.

And I have to point out that other habituators have told me similar stories, and my own observances at least open up the possibilities and the need to keep an open mind. After all, the world is a much more mysterious place than we once thought. Every day, new discoveries are coming to light.

But now this all begs the question: Is there more to the story? Does bigfoot maybe use humans in ways we don’t know about? Not that long ago, I’d say there was no connection at all. But now, I’m not so sure.

You can also check out my past interview with Robin by clicking Hairy Friends in the Backyard.


This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Bigfoot Research Journal

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