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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Couple Find Bigfoot Tracks While Out Hunting Mushrooms

This report and photographs come from TCC Research team members Bobby and Corinna Long. They are based out in the beautiful state of Oregon. As many of you know, Oregon is a great place for bigfoot, and over the years Bobby and Corinna have gathered some very good evidence.

This post will include more details and several more pictures.

Here is the report.

On Monday, November 6th Corinna and Bobby Long, along with their children, went on a drive to search for edible wild mushrooms.

After several campgrounds and turnouts, they ended up at Skookum Pond. As they searched around the pond they came across 3 possible big foot tracks.
1 was very large and 2 smaller. The largest of the 3 is in a photo next to Bobby's size 12 shoe. They were not actually searching for evidence that day but happened across the tracks. The tracks are somewhat degraded due to the snow melt and slush falling from above trees.

One very important thing to note is that there were no other vehicle tracks in the area that day. They would have easily been visible due to the snow and mud on the roadway.

Another thing to consider is that perhaps the bigfoot was also in the area looking for food, maybe even mushrooms.

Near Tiller, Oregon.
2:00 pm.

Here are a couple of pictures from the area. It is a very nice-looking spot.

©2017 Bobby & Corinna Long

-Bobby & Corinna-

This investigation/research by TCC Team Members Bobby & Corinna Long
Both are avid outdoors people and good researchers.
This is a report by Bobby & Corinna.

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