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Monday, December 18, 2017

Is There A Greater Love Than Soul Mates?
Is The Twin Flame Revolution Real?

By Dorraine Fisher

You may have heard of it...or you may not have. Most of us, in the course of looking for a significant other, a soul mate is often considered the best achievement. Someone who understands us completely, can finish our sentences, and seems like a person we’ve known forever.

But is there something even better than that? There are some that would say absolutely yes, but they claim it can be so overwhelming that not everyone can endure it. But they also say it’s well-worth the effort, though not everyone will have the privilege.  Twin flame love: said to be the most intense, vibrant example of unconditional love between two people that can possibly exist. A bond that can’t be broken, not even in death, is also a lot of work.
Ever-increasing numbers of twin flame counselors and intuitives would tell you that the kind of love we have all understood for centuries on this planet is flawed, based in ego, and not bonding in a strong enough way to be called true love; the kind of love that seems to be disposable. These days, people treat love like it’s not important enough to warrant much effort. Divorce rates have skyrocketed. . And they would also claim that this kind of love, that no longer serves the human race, is being replaced with a new example of love in a pure and authentic form. And there are people on the planet, they say, who have been chosen to demonstrate this kind of love to others and transform the human race and how it perceives loving relationships.

Now, what am I talking about?

It all starts with being able to embrace the idea that we have an immortal soul that reincarnates again and again. And, as has been taught for centuries in certain cultures, the idea of reincarnation is to improve the soul’s wisdom with each incarnation.

In between incarnations, it is said that the soul seeks counsel with a type of divine “committee” on how it can best advance itself in the next life. This is known as the LBL or life between lives.

So, as the story goes, or as it was told by Greek philosophers, there are some amazingly strong souls who feel the need to advance to the highest level of ascension possible in their upcoming incarnation, and they are willing to endure terrible suffering and heartbreak in order to do this. It’s just that important.

So, according to these philosophers, the individual soul, with its masculine and feminine qualities is split into two.  And they are born again into living human bodies, one male and the other female. And they are both placed away from each other into life situations that are, of course, not ideal and often very difficult. Each is required to learn very hard lessons as they have agreed to do before they were born. But the hardest part is that they are not allowed to connect with their other half until later in life. They aren’t even allowed to know the other half exists until the time is right. Up until that time they might be married or otherwise involved with a soul mate. Or even more than one. And these relationships aren’t necessarily designed for happy-ever-afters like we would like to believe soulmate relationships are about. These soulmates are there to challenge us in ways that aren’t very comfortable or fun in order to teach us important lessons.

Our soul mates are those that have incarnated with us many times, and we might feel initially comfortable with them as they are so familiar, but that doesn’t mean they’re good for us. They may be souls that have hurt us or challenged us in our past lives in order to teach us what we needed to know. That is not always a happy consequence. And in this incarnation, we can end up married to them or otherwise emotionally attached to them no matter how wrong they might be for us.

But twin souls, they say, are much different.

Not everyone will encounter a twin flame in their lifetime. And this kind of relationship is not for the faint of heart.  Often in the midst of serious complications in our lives, or even while still married to a soul mate, our twin soul will emerge as was divinely arranged from the beginning. And you will know this person right away. You’ll see it in their eyes. It will be like looking into a mirror. They will seem very familiar though you won’t know why. And you’ll feel bonded to them almost from the beginning. You can’t control this as this is your other half.  You are drawn to each other like magnets. And you’ll be flabbergasted to see that your lives will parallel as you’ve had similar experiences in life. This person will understand you completely on a core level. Every odd thing about you, every weakness and strength, every flaw and idiosyncrasy. This is the one person that will understand everything about you and will connect with you deeply at a heart level.

But with most twin flame relationships, timing is a problem when they first meet. Complications arise from your difficult lives and emotional turmoil from what you’ve endured in your life up to that point. 

But, in spite of it all, you both come to understand your intense feelings for each other.  And as you are one and the same, those feelings are red hot and often mind blowing. You can’t believe there’s actually a person that seems that perfect and tailor made for you.  And it can be overwhelming. So overwhelming, in fact, that the less advanced soul of the two halves will run and cut off communication leaving the other heartbroken like no other heartbreak imaginable.  And so begins what is believed to be the classic twin flame journey. The two halves may communicate briefly at times, but they, by divine arrangement, cannot reunite in the physical until they have advanced their souls to the agreed-upon level. There is no way this can be avoided. No matter what has happened between them or not happened, they will eventually come together again.

But this process can take years. And often, for most of those years, they don’t even remember the divine agreement they made in their LBL. Which makes the process more difficult until they wake up to the real truth.

There are strict criteria that must be met. They must learn to live happily on their own. They are required to clear their karma, deal with their emotional problems, eliminate codependency, narcissism, and other ego-based complications. In essence, they must become a complete individual unit, separate, happy, and comfortably independent from their other half before they can be reunited with that other half. And their love for their divine counterpart is what is meant to motivate them toward that goal. Twin flame love, the greatest love imaginable, is also the most difficult and painful.  But when reunion is finally achieved, it’s the greatest reward ever.

At least that’s the story. And there are thousands of people who claim to be in such a relationship. But many don’t talk about it with their peers because, from the outside looking in, it seems like a very unhealthy relationship that can’t possibly work and needs to be ended. Other people will offer conventional relationship advice that doesn’t apply in a twin flame situation. So people often endure it in silence until union is achieved.

But there’s more to this story.

In new age communities, there is a collective belief that otherworldly or divine beings are orchestrating upgrades to planet earth and the human race. And if you look closely at what’s going on around you, people do seem to be waking up to greater truths: many they aren’t too happy about. But you can see that things are going on, and you can feel that the energy on the planet is changing. It is also being said that, as part of this greater picture, there is a “twin flame revolution” in the works on earth that might be part of this collective transformation. It is said that numerous twin flame relationships are being divinely created in order to assist in the advancement of the human race to a higher level of consciousness. These specially chosen twin flamers are said to be on a divine mission to upgrade the human race at the base level. By infusing thousands of twin flame couples into the populations so they might teach others about egoless love and more stable relationships. Many of these new couples, it is said, will, in turn, give birth to children from loving families and pass on a legacy of true, unconditional love.

It sounds like a wonderful myth; an amazing work of fiction. But the lesson is clear: everyone should fix themselves before getting involved in a serious relationship. It makes perfect sense. And there are thousands of ordinary people claiming this is all true and that they are entrenched in a twin flame relationship at this very moment, whether in separation or union. And they’ll also tell you that, no matter what, this bond can’t be broken. Real love in its purest, truest form can’t be broken.  And if you are a twin flame, your life will change for the better and you’ll come to understand something most people currently don’t... that is, after you’ve survived a sea of unimaginable pain.

But many won’t believe it until they experience it for themselves.

So, what do you think? Would you be up to the task of this kind of love journey? Is it even real?   Are you a twin flame? Tell us your story.


This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!

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  1. I totally agree with this concept. My current wife and I had both been married before and after we met it seemed like fate, or whatever brought us together. We have been together now for almost 20 years, and we love each other more each day. She often said that we were a couple in a previous life. So your article really hit home.

    I enjoyed your book of Blackthorne. Thanks

  2. Thank you, Mark. I'm sorry I didn't see this comment sooner.


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