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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

This is a bigfoot suit and used for reference only.
How witnesses describe Bigfoot

When we take in a sighting report, one in which the witness got a clear view of the creature, they normally describe it as being large and covered with hair. This is normally what the vast majority of witnesses report. But in cases where the witness got a good clear view of the creature's face is where we get some variations. I think this could be the source of some confusion and maybe even be the root to why some reports are dismissed completely.

In this post I want to give you some information and examples of the different descriptions of the face of bigfoot. We know bigfoot can have several different colors of hair, but the facial features can also vary.
Recently, I was privileged enough to get a look at a picture of a bigfoot. It is from someone, who I will not name, that I feel is a very honest person and researcher. I have seen many pictures from his research area of stick formations and tracks. And even though we are hundreds of miles apart, the structures he is finding are very similar to the ones I'm finding here in Kentucky. So this, along with talking to the person, leads me to believe he is having real bigfoot activity. He is a stand up guy and very down to earth, which is sometimes hard to find in the bigfoot field.

Anyways, the researcher spent the night in his research area and had some things go on. To get to the point, he was able to take a few pictures of a bigfoot. He posted one picture in his group, a group of which  I'm part of, to share within that group only. The picture is a good shot and reaction was one that was very positive. This particular picture of the bigfoot was mostly of it's face, that was really all you could see of it. This brings me to the main point of this post. The face of this particular individual was somewhat different than what others may describe or have seen.

What many people and even researchers fail to realize is that bigfoot can have different facial features. Of course, some features are generally the same, others may vary. I think this variation not only causes people to doubt a report, but I think it makes them doubt the subject as a whole. We know that the majority of reports often describe the face of bigfoot as having dark skin, a big mouth, flat wide nose, and a large brow.  But we all need to realize and keep in mind, that bigfoot, much like humans, can come in a wide variety of facial features.

In the case of the picture I mentioned above, this particular bigfoot did not have the typical flat wide nose. The nose was much more rounded and very big. I described it as almost looking like a trolls nose you see in the movies. The hair was dark and it almost appeared to have a part in it on the side. The hair is another feature that is sometimes described differently, not only in appearance but in length.

I think most people are under the understanding that all bigfoot look the same, when in fact they can look quite differently from each other. I know there seems to be a slightly different look from bigfoot here in my area than those that are reported on the West coast or up in Canada.

As an example, what if no one had any proof that humans are real. But there was numerous sightings by creditable witnesses from all walks of life. That many of the reports were very similar in describing the "human"  but there was some variation.  Take the picture below. There are eight faces of men in the picture. What if this were eight different cases of a "human sighting" and each witness had to describe the face of the "human". Would their descriptions be different? I would say there would be some variations. Would some reports be dismissed because it didn't fit into what we think is the norm? Again I would say probably. Here is the picture.

While the folks in the picture are still very similar, they are also very different from each other. But they are all still "humans". But if this was an undiscovered species, these varying description could cause some, if not most, reports to be dismissed. I think this is sometime the case with bigfoot reports and pictures.

There are many factors we should consider when someone is describing what they saw. Appearance is affected by many factors. Factors such as age, overall health of the creature, possible injuries and of course bloodline and breeding.  Then we have to take into account the length of the sighting, the distance between the witness and creature, and if anything was obstructing the view clear view. There could be many factors at play.

In the human race there is a lot of variation. I think we see some of this variation in bigfoot as well but probably not to the extent we see in humans. So, lets not dismiss a report just because a particular description does not fit into our box of bigfoot attributes. While it is okay to look at things with a somewhat skeptical eye, we should use caution not to dismiss reports because it don't fit our preconceived idea of what it should be. Like in the case of the bigfoot picture I was talking about. Some people might want to dismiss the photograph based on the fact the creature has a more rounded nose and not a big flat one. We need to take the whole big picture in before dismissing possible evidence.

So, in closing, don't dismiss a report just because some part of it seems different than what you are use to hearing. It could just be that your database baseline is about to expand.  


After speaking with the person who took the recent photo, I now have his permission to share the picture with our followers and use his name. But before I share the photo I want to let everyone know we will have a follow up post with more of the background story and some enhancements of the picture. Here is the picture that inspired this article. Please honor the copyright and DO NOT Share the image without permission. Sharing of the post via the URL is fine.
Original Picture by Leo Frank. ©2017 Leo Frank
We will have much more on this in the near future. As for the picture above the creature is peeking between the up rooted tree roots. We will have enhancements of this up in the near future.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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  1. Great article Tom. I appreciate all the work you are accomplishing. Is one of the eight faces above a Bigfoot, because I'm thinking that guy third from the right... Anyway, my only daylight sighting was witnessed by two other soldiers, same time as me. None of us could agree on the facial features of the bigfoot. However, I often find people are talking about the same thing yet using different words... ...words they interpret differently. V/R Stephen

    1. Thanks for the comment and yes the words we use to describe features plays a part in it as well.

  2. As they say in Criminal Justice class concerning eyewitness accounts/descriptions of a suspect or incident. 5 people can see the same thing and not one account will match the others.

  3. Because of my belief in these creatures being the Nephilim from the Bible, I believe also that the reason for such variations in facial features could be because of the breeding of the two different creatures parents themselves. For instance,if the father was more human, and the mother more of the "fallen angel" if you will,just like in any human race mixture, you're going to get more traits of one race than in the other. In this case, you're going to get a mixture of two different species in the place of race.


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