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Thursday, October 12, 2017

©2017 Leo A. Frank - Cropped from the original picture

Bigfoot Picture by Leo A. Frank - Exclusive! (Update)

I'm thankful to have full permission from Leo A. Frank to share his story and his picture of an unusual-looking Bigfoot. In this post, you will find more of the background story behind this picture, along with several enhancements. Leo rarely shares his research in a largely public forum like this website. We both understand there will be questions, comments, and even criticism about the photograph. We ask that you DO NOT share the images anywhere without permission from Leo. Sharing the post via the web address is totally fine.

Before we get to the details about this picture and how it came about let me give you a little information about Leo.
Leo has been researching for 20 years or more. I have seen many of his recent discoveries and they mirror many of my own findings, even though we are hundreds of miles apart. He has had a few sightings over this long research period. This last sighting resulted in the picture we are going to discuss today.  Leo also has a growing Facebook group page, Bigfoot/Sasquatch All Theories Welcome, make sure to check it out. It is a good group.

Now, let's get to the picture and how this all came about.

Leo was contacted roughly 3 years ago to investigate some private property. The property owner had some unwanted activity around the home. Activity such as banging on the house, knocking over the wood pile, and unknown vocals and tracks. After finding tracks himself, along with various tree formations, Leo started to spend more and more time in the area. Over that 3 year period, he started doing some food gifting. He continued to discover tracks and stick formations. His track discoveries led him to believe there was only one bigfoot in the area and not a group.

Sometimes, Leo would pull overnight trips into the area. It was during one of these trips that he had a very nice vocal but unfortunately was unable to record it. So, we fast-forward to the weekend of October 7th. Leo returns to the property in the evening to leave some apples in the gifting area. He returns at roughly 3am the next morning on the 8th of October. Everything seemed quiet, so Leo does a couple laps around the property to check things out. He ends up back in the gifting area. There is an odd feeling in the air. Leo starts to scan around the area. Then he scans the large root ball of the fallen tree and that is when he sees the face looking over the root ball.

He stated the thought going through his mind was "Take a f@$%^ing picture!".  So he did.

Leo got out his cell phone as fast as he could and started taking pictures. The creature didn't move at first but then lowered its head behind the root ball and started to walk off. He attempted to get some pictures of it walking away but they just turned out blurry due to the creature moving and himself moving.

Now, I will share the original picture and some enhancements to it. Then Leo will answer some common questions.

The original picture on the left shows a bigfoot looking between a "V" shaped pattern on a root ball. The subject, according to Leo, is 7 feet tall. It would be easy to get a good estimate of the height based on the size of this root ball. Leo would know the approximate height of it, as he has spent many hours here. So, I would think his estimate of 7 feet tall is accurate.

One thing that immediately stands out is the size of the nose of the creature. I stated it was very much like the trolls you see in the movies. We must keep in mind that trolls fit the description of bigfoot and the term bigfoot came along much later than the word troll.

In some of the following enhancements, you will get a better look at this large honker and the hair.

Here is a zoom on the head of this creature. As you can see it has a very large round nose, which is probably not typical in many reports. It also appears there is some greying of the hair on the head and chin, but this could be a lighting issue. It also appears, at least to me, that the chin hair is hanging over part of the root ball but again it is hard to say for sure.
What I did on this is zoomed it in, adjusted the color slightly and used some sharpening filters.

In this enhancement, I think you may be able to see the face a little better. You can see the big nose and hair much better. It seems you can slightly see the mouth a little as well. Its mouth appears to be turned downward on the corners. The hair appears dark and messy.

For this enhancement, I just played around with the lighting and contrast.

 In this last enhancement, I have cropped and drawn lines to show the root ball and creature.

 Now, we will address some common questions about this picture and bigfoot in general.

One of the first things that the majority of people will notice and ask about is the appearance of the bigfoot. Yes, it does not look like the typical description of a bigfoot. But we must realize not all bigfoot look the same. Much like humans there can be different facial features. This particular picture inspired me to write a short post about these facial differences (You can find that post by Clicking Here).
Leo said this about it "This was the 6th Sasquatch that I have seen and not one of them looked the same..."
He went on to say "I don't know why this one looks so unusual as far as that huge nose of his and the sour look..."

Question: Does Leo have more pictures and are they going to be released?

Yes, he does have several more pictures, I alluded to this in the above post. Leo has not decided when or if he will release the other pictures yet.

Question: Is Leo going back to the area soon?

No. Leo has some health issues and had this to say. "...coming home full of adrenaline, soaked from head to toe in sweat, cut up, beat up, and eaten up are not exactly good for me. So as for right now I am on at least a long break from it (Field research)."

Question: Were you scared?
Leo had this to say "Yes I was scared, I have been every time I have had a sighting over the last 20 years, some will tell you "you should have done this" or" Why didn't you do that "and that's all well and good until you have one looking right at you. Fear is a big part of field work whether people want to admit it or not. "

Now, with all of that said, I want to thank Leo for sharing his sighting, research, and pictures with all of us It is the weirdest-looking bigfoot I have ever seen. It is sometimes hard to fend off the critics and the mean things people say. But in the end, you know what you saw and what it was. I have people all the time telling me there is no such thing as bigfoot and that I should stop talking about it because it is not real. But those people are the ones missing out. I have seen Bigfoot, I have tracked it and documented it. I know it is real. But those who are closed-minded to the idea of bigfoot are missing out on one of the greatest mysteries of our modern times.

I hope to have more on this particular picture and Leo's research in the future but for now, here is a short video of the story and picture.

More information.

I know many will have questions about the nose of this bigfoot. Bigfoot is very similar to humans and I would suspect it has many of the same diseases that humans have. There are currently around 55 medical conditions that cause a large nose. You can read about them at this web address


Today, thanks to Leo, we can now provide an After photo of the area where the figure was standing. A special thanks to Leo A Frank for releasing the photo.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years of experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and a poet.

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  1. Reminds me of the old man of the forest

  2. Thank you so much,Leo and Tom,for trusting us with this information and the picture. I've never seen one, but believe wholeheartedly in their existence. I just want more information and a few glimpses into other's research. I'm sincerely grateful to see your picture.

  3. Very Cool! Thank you Leo and Thomas for sharing this photo and information!

  4. Looks believable to me, how do we know what their noses should look like. Ii find it fascinating that the word troll first comes to mind.

  5. Tremendous work by Leo. Thanks Tom for your help here and your wonderful comments and comparisons.

  6. - What time of day was the photo taken?
    - What direction is the camera pointed, north, south, etc...
    - What is the distance from the camera and the subject?

  7. I got a video and a story from New Glasgow nova scotica

    1. Submit it to us via the report a sighting link at the top of the page. Link us to the video in the form. Thanks

  8. It is quite possible for an undocumented group of humanoids to be living in our deepest forests around the world. It is also likely that they won’t all look the same due to their isolation from others of the species and possibly localized inbreeding. As in all people, some are shy and retiring, some social, and some may be violent to others. Always take care when in their habitat and treat it with respect. I don’t like the idea of them being hunted. We should allow them their peace. Possibly, if our behavior towards them changes, we may make some curious enough about us to check us out in a positive way. Has anyone “ gifted” other items than apples and salmon? We could leave them foods to try like bananas or other fruits and vegetables. How about inanimate objects? Thanks for letting me mull this over.

  9. I recently saw this pic and an interview with Leo on Paranormal caught on Camera and I thought it was just amazing. Everything about Leo and his demeanor just spoke of honesty. He's not trying to convince us, he's merely sharing his experience with us. I believe in the hope that other's will take on the task of preserving the beautiful primates and their habitat for future generations. I believe wholeheartedly in the existence of cryptids all over the globe. We presume as humans to know everything, as is are narcissistic nature, but we've only scraped the surface of this wonderful planet, we call Earth. Thank you for sharing this story.


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