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Monday, August 7, 2017

Still frame from the video.
I was trying to catch up on some of the latest Bigfoot news and sightings when I ran across another video that claims to show Bigfoot. The footage was captured by a drone and it shows a black colored bigfoot exit a small patch of trees and run across some grass into another patch of trees.

The video was posted by Apex TV and here is what the description said about the clip:

"This video was sent to us by a man in the Midwestern United States. It shows a supposed real life Bigfoot caught on tape by a drone in a local park. Does this drone footage genuinely show a real Bigfoot caught on camera in a park? What do you think? Be sure to leave your thoughts on this supposed real Bigfoot caught on tape by a drone..."

Let watch the video

Okay, if you were able to make it pass the drone footage you got treated to a couple more"bigfoot sightings". First of all, I hope no one actually believes any of the footage in this video is of a real bigfoot. The subject has very human movements...because it is a human in a suit.  I have to say, they are getting a lot of mileage out of the suit, with three clips per video.

The channel that posted this video also has a bunch of other similar videos. By similar I mean fake. But the channel seems to be wildly popular and has over 160 thousand subscribers. I've always heard that "honesty is the best policy" but it sure isn't if you are looking to make some money on youtube. The channel and presentation are very well done on the Apex TV channel, very professional. They seem to have a good business model.

In a way, it kind of makes me sad that fake stuff gets so popular and us honest folks, trying to bring real evidence and videos, get pushed to the side. But that is just how it works.

In closing, yes this video is fake and not of a real bigfoot. In fact, I just don't see drones ever working to capture a bigfoot, they are just too noisy. 


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Seriously? The guy is CLEARLY wearing trousers, a shirt or jacket with firm enough material that it is not buckling on his right side (facing us), and he is WEARING TENNIS SHOES!!! PLEASE try not to people hyped up about a shameless joke, because the joke will 'be on' the people who actually believe, or at least keep hope alive, that Bigfoot IS real. MOST people have been the butt of a joke, or have been shamed about something in their life, and it feels really shitty, right? Right. I had lived in Santa Cruz, CA for maybe 6 years, and I still kick myself for never going up to the Bigfoot Museum in Felton, in the mtns. above SC; oh, yes, they REALLY HAVE A BIGFOOT MUSEUM, and I HAD NEVER GONE!!! CRIMINALLLLL!!! Bigfoot has always been such a JOKE to me that I couldn't find pleasure in the idea of going; actually, I had always felt quite repelled by the museum, like, offended that people who had developed it would think 'we' (the royal we) would be so stupid and such suckers as to believe in Bigfoot that there would actually be a regular AND large enough audience that we could financially sustain their museum; well, this time the joke is on me! They've done it! One night at the community center, they had given a presentation about the possible existence of Bigfoot. I had been at another event, and when I had exited, every room had been packed, the halls were busy, and for the attendees who could not get chairs, all of them had been earnestly leaning in...no, CROWDING, the door frame, just HOPING for that speck of truth of its existence. ACTUALLY, I must tell you, the Museum had actually had one - a fact Bigfoot exists! Someone had found a single strand of fur, and I had thought it looked like it would have come off of something in the dog family, but what do I know, right? Well, they had had some 'scientists' investigate it so they could identify it, but to no avail! The scientists had NOT been able to identify the strand, so the host stated that it is from an 'unknown' animal, and from this we are to surmise that, 'The strand MUST HAVE BEEN FROM BIGFOOT! Finally, we have PROOF!' Ummm, no, not really.... Just because they could not ID it doesn't mean anything; they could have made a mistake, they don't have access to ALL of the types of fur of EVERY SINGLE ANIMAL that could have been a quality match. And, we don't know the parameters of their testing, who had created/designed it, etc..., all of which are important because these things can be used to manipulate the results so they will favor someone's preferred outcome of a test. PLEASE NOTE: I AM NOT SUGGESTING the museum employees or the scientists they had hired had done this. Regardless, for the 15 or so minutes I had watched, this Strand had been the most legitimizing object to prove Bigfoot's existence; at that, I had muttered to myself, "Oh my God," and had walked off. Throughout time and in different places in the world, we may have massive differences, but one thing that is common in populations is that some people will have such a strong desire, almost like a need, to believe that a 'thing' or a 'person' or a 'concept' is TRUE, and that they will FIND a way, ANY WAY, to make it so, even if they must resort to stretching the truth a bit, or even out and out lying, and seeking out others to support their beliefs/findings. Or, they might possibly 'manipulate the facts just a little,' so they can get the desired result of what are supposed to be 'objective', 'fact finding testing procedures'. But, in some cases, no matter how hard they try, they CAN'T get the results they want, so they must resort to summoning all of their might so they can smash, "...that SQUARE PEG into that DAMNED ROUND HOLE!" I think the name of the concept that is fueling this action may be more commonly known as...DENIAL.

  3. Had any of you seen that 'game show', for lack of a better word, that would pay anyone $1,000,000, if they could prove the existence of Bigfoot. My gosh, it had just been embarrassing for some of these people, particularly one of the 'leaders' of the group; a few times he had educated us on, 'knocking', which is what Bigfeet will do. It seems that when we need to use Bigfoot in the plural, we need to switch to Sasquatch(es?). They will pick up a large branch, and bang them on trees to announce their presence, mark territories, and draw a mate (I am pretty confident all of those are correct; I had watched this, I think, in 2013; regardless, it has been quite a while.). So, they Sasquatch would do this, and they would 'howl into the night', but they wouldn't do it on their own, because that would reveal their locations, so they cozy up as close to a wolf pack as possible, and howl when they howl; the leader is telling everyone this, and is dead serious, and says, "Sometimes they are hard to hear in the wolf howls, but I can hear them. Not ALL the time, but they're there!" Sure they are.... Oh, and two members of another group had "...just seen one run across our driveway and property! You missed it!" Ok, so if these things are SO ELUSIVE and terrified of humans because they can be captured or whatever, and this show had taken place in the national forest of Oregon with hundreds of thousands of acres, and you think they are going to hang near civilization, AND, COINCIDENTALLY JUST HAPPEN to run across the property of one of the contestants???? That does NOT sound FISHY to someone??? Also, for Sasquatch to survive, they need to procreate, and you need a good DNA pool, or the recessive genes express themselves and you get 'problems' after just a few generations. So, if these things are SO RARE, how are they finding one another to mate? I am referring to absolute and basic biology, so wouldn't these things have underbred themselves OUT OF existence long ago? If we have NEVER been able to find ONE of them, then they can't be finding one another very easily either. Unless, of course, they are doing the 'KNOCKING!'. (


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