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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

If Crop Circles Are All Fake, Then Why…?
A Few Reasons To Re-Examine This Phenomenon

By Dorraine Fisher

There hasn’t been much hoopla about crop circles in recent years, and that’s mostly because many paranormal skeptics don’t feel them worth their time. Most people have come to believe that all of them are faked, and here’s why.

Back in 1991 when the crop circle phenomenon was at its pique,  two professed British fakers named Dave Chorley and Doug Bower made a public announcement that they had been responsible for making them since as far back as 1978. And they demonstrated how they’d done it with crude tools: ropes and boards.

This pretty much seemed to satisfy the whole world at the time, except for a few serious researchers who knew crop circles and knew better. And even I, at my young age, remember thinking that these designs had been made all over the world, in what I later found out were nearly 50 different countries. So, did these guys make them all? If they did, that was quite an undertaking just to have a little fun and get some attention.

In spite of the world’s acceptance of their story, there were a few crop circle researchers that didn’t buy into it for the simple reasons that some of these circles displayed more serious detail and complicated mathematical precision.  So, in spite of public opinion, they kept doing their work to find the truth. And there are some very profound reasons to believe we need to re-examine this phenomenon.

Around this time, Colin Andrews, author of Crop Circles: Signs of Contact, was investigating a crop circle near Stonehenge with his team of scientists and engineers toting movie cameras and other equipment. Andrews claimed black British military helicopters entered the area and seemed to be harassing the group, getting within 40 feet over their heads with the chopper and behaving in an intimidating manner. And they literally chased them away from the area onto the main road. Andrew then said that one of the helicopters moved away from them quickly and toward this formation in the field where they saw a pulsing sphere of light. The team watched, in broad daylight, as the helicopter got closer to this sphere, and then they watched it disappear behind the helicopter. Andrews said the other helicopter entered the same area and both of them seemed to be maneuvering in such a way as to get a better view of this ball of light when it suddenly disappeared, and the two choppers abruptly left the area.  Andrews offered video footage of the event from their team’s cameras. And others who live in the area have stated that they know something’s up with one of these formations when the black helicopters show up again. So, even though skeptics and the rest of the public aren’t interested in these formations, the military certainly is. The question is why?

Crop circle researchers can tell you why. There’s a huge difference between the ones made by humans and the ones NOT made by humans.

First of all, in man-made crop circles, the grain stalks are broken and the designs are non-symmetrical. There is generally no serious precision, the formations appear jagged, and the designs have no complexity. Researchers that examined Chorley and Bowers were not impressed at all. That’s because they’d seen the real thing and these were nothing like them. 

But crop circles that are made by other than human means are very different in many ways. The nodes of the stalks have holes blown through them. And there is evidence of heat being applied in order to do this.

Farmers have claimed to see steam rising up over the site of a formation after it’s made. And there’s evidence of radiation in the spots of some formations. Witnesses have claimed to see these designs form in a span of only twenty minutes. And they’ve reported UFO sightings, bright lights, and other strange phenomenon at the scenes.  The designs of true crop circles are elaborate and there is mathematical precision in the measurements. They aren’t something that could be created in the course of a night, in the dark, using simple ropes and boards.

And even though crop formations made by humans have become more elaborate over the years, these principles still hold. And here’s why.

Scientists have done extensive research on crop circles and have found that infrasound could possibly boil the water inside the plant stems, causing the water to steam and blow the holes in them. Ultrasound could also be involved since witnesses have reported hearing high frequency sounds prior to seeing crop circles form, as well as microwave radiation that could very well cause the plant nodes to be swollen and the stems to be bent.

And there are biophysical changes too. Often the site of a crop circle can take up to two years to recover from the damage. Often after the site is recovered and replanted, the plants grow back smaller.  The plant nodes at the sites are severely extended and the seed embryos are altered. And there’s evidence to suggest they’ve been heated from the inside of the stalk. And the soil under a crop circle shows structural changes that suggest it’s also been literally cooked.

So, in conclusion, there’s a lot more involved here than boards crushing plants into a particular pattern. And science is literally trying to get to the root of the problem. But I think this subject deserves a lot more respect than we’ve given it lately.

And the moral to the story is this: It’s very easy to dismiss something as faked when a couple of guys looking for attention claim responsibility. People dismissed this too fast. But the real experts were the ones who got down in the dirt and did the analyses, asked the hard questions, and conferred with other experts in order to find the truth. This is always how it should be.

This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!

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1 comment:

  1. I was just reading about this die down on Crop Circles on the last one just to come out a week or so ago but it was still from the end of 2016 I think. It was said ( if I got most of the facts right ) the new FAA laws governing Drones and the police threatening to confiscate the peoples equipment across the pond for flying them. Thus making it non profitable and unable to get photos and video from the air. Now I don't know why that has just about stopped the news though it seems we heard about Crop Circles well before drones was a popular thing.


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