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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Bigfoot Research: What You May Not Know About Infrasound

By Dorraine Fisher

Bigfoot researchers know a little something about infrasound. Or do they? The idea of “zapping” is now well-known in the bigfoot world. The concept of being rendered immobile, sick, or disoriented in the presence of a Sasquatch, was largely ignored as pure hokum until just a few years ago when more researchers started combing the woods reporting this strange phenomenon had happened to them. After a while, there were too many “victims” to ignore it, and the community was forced to accept that it might be possible.

Of course it’s possible and I’ll tell you why. But that’s not the most important point I have to make here. So stay with me.

At this point and time, bigfoot researchers believe that infrasound, defined as any low frequency sound in the range below 20 hertz, is a unique weapon that a sasquatch can use against us humans. Sounds at this frequency can’t be heard by human ears, but they can be felt. And researchers believe this may explain the strange sick or disoriented feeling they would sometimes get if they believed they were in the vicinity of sasquatches.

Other animals use infrasound like giraffes, whales, tigers, and elephants. Though it seems that only fairly recently it was discovered in elephants. Strangely, the discovery in elephants was made by a woman named Katy Payne, who was watching elephants communicate with each other in the Washington Park Zoo in Portland, Oregon. She was listening to the low sounds, but also thought she could feel rather than hear additional rumbling. She passed this information onto experts in the field, and sure enough, they found that elephants do communicate over vast distances with infrasound.

And if this is a fairly recent discovery, how many other animals use this method of communication? Maybe many more than we realize. So is it a so much of a stretch to believe an extremely shy, elusive creature like a sasquatch could also have this ability?

I’ve suggested in the past that, since sasquatches have lived alongside of us since we’ve been on the planet, it has seemed to be their main objective to avoid us. And is it so much more of a stretch that they may even have evolved defenses against us and maybe developed infrasound, not only to communicate with each other over vast distances, but also to keep us at bay when necessary?

But there’s more.

Infrasound, even though we can’t hear it, is detectable...with the use of a type of microphone. Scientists use it to detect earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and meteors speeding through space toward us, among other things. But they also use it to find wild elephant herds emitting low frequency sounds, even from great distances, and even if they’re deep in impenetrable areas like thick jungles...since infrasound can penetrate through trees and even mountains.  

So what does this mean? You guessed it.

If sasquatches do in fact have the ability to emit and utilize very low frequency sounds at will, then these sounds may very well be detectable with an instrument known as an infrascope.

This all being said, this process is not completely flawless and simple. Other natural conditions emit infrasound such as waterfalls, ocean waves, and certain weather conditions. There are numerous infrasound emissions out there that can interfere. And even sound frequencies that can be heard by humans can cause interference waves that could complicate readings. So I’m not advocating taking to the woods with microphones just yet. If sasquatches have this ability, we don’t know to what extreme they can take it. The US military has been experimenting with sound technology for years in the use of sonic weapons and other medium. And our exposure to very low frequencies can not only cause discomfort or extreme illness, but it can also cause organs to rupture and objects to explode!

I would advise doing a lot of research and experimentation and eliciting the help of experts before I would try this. I’m just the messenger. Be careful out there.


This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!

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  1. Well, I question whether Bigfoots have that ability, now low frequency sound is used by many large animal, whales and elephants, it's a communication tool, not a weapon. I'm pretty sure I have been close to them a couple times and never been zapped. Secondly, I find it interesting that they can say that Bigfoots can do this of have this ability when the existence of Bigfoots has yet to be proved. People claim to know their language, their feed patterns, mating patterns, migration habits, pretty much everything about them except no one has proved their existence. Just saying.

    1. Bigfoot has been proven many times over, acceptance is the main issue.

  2. I've felt the effects of infrasound, and it's extremely unpleasant. But the experience is worth it.


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