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Monday, July 10, 2017

On 7/8/2017, I was contacted by a person I will call John. While out in the morning, walking his dog, he discovered what appeared to be two very large, human looking foot tracks. The tracks measured an amazing 20 inches in length. He sent me several pictures of the tracks and we talked about his area of  Floyd County.

Back in 2005, John, had an actual bigfoot sighting almost in this exact same area. It would now appear that a bigfoot has passed back through the area. Here is how John described his 2005 visual sighting:
"I never found a sign (of bigfoot) but I never knew anything about Bigfoot then. At the time my mind was trying to tell me it was a big a$$ bear and I knew better. I clearly saw how huge it was and it was walking just like a person. It even clearly more favored a human."

Johns sighting was in, a then, overgrown field, near a creek. But over the years the property was cleared and now has a home on it.
As John and I talked, we were trying to figure out why the bigfoot was back in the area.There are lots of forest around this area and it looks like a great spot for a bigfoot to live.
At first we thought maybe the bigfoot had came down to get water, but with a creek near by and with the fact that we had gotten a lot of rain the last few days, it would seem unlikely.

Then, after seeing the actual location on google maps, I notice that, of the few houses in the area, a few of them appeared to be growing gardens. Knowing that google maps is sometimes years outdated, I ask John if there were any gardens in the area. John, told me there was a beautiful one right near the bigfoot tracks. So, in my mind, that offers up a very good possibility as to why the bigfoot was in the area. Bigfoot, has been known to raid gardens. I had a report a few years back, you can read that report by Clicking Here.  Of course, this could just be the normal pathway the creature walks from time to time.

We also speculated about the possible height of a bigfoot with a 20 inch foot print. Although, not 100 percent accurate, if you take half the size of the track length, which would be 10 inches, and change that to feet, you get a good estimate as the the height of the creature. So, we are talking about a height of around 10 foot tall. So, it is a large bigfoot. The weight would probably be way up there as well, probably well over 600 pounds, just guessing.

More about the tracks. The two tracks were 20 inches long and 9 inches wide. The tracks led back up the mountain. They were found in Kentucky, in Floyd County on 7/8/2017. 

Due to a health issue John is not able to explore the mountains and search for more evidence, but he is going to keep an eye out where these tracks were found. Also, we are not disclosing the exact location of his 2005 sighting or his recent track finding.We don't want people in there poking around when they are not invited. If the activity continues, I may arrange a visit to the area, with John's consent of course.

I would like to personally thank John for contacting me and sharing his 2005 sighting and his recent track finding. If the he discovers any thing more I will be sure to pass it along. 


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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