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Thursday, July 13, 2017

A Conspiracy Of Modern Music???
Are We Tuning Our Musical Instruments To A Harmful Frequency?
By Dorraine Fisher

Musicians, being the artists that they are, have varying opinions on everything. But if you ask them how to tune their instruments, they’ll all tell you the same thing:  to tune the note middle A to a frequency of 440 hz, which has been the international standard since around 1939. Few very rarely question this. And I have wondered why. Who made this rule? And why are the musicians of the world; the rebels, the artists, the supposed nonconformists so stuck on it?

Well it seems the answer to this question may revolve around what some call the most ridiculous conspiracy theory ever. But I’m not so sure it’s that crazy, and I’ll tell you why. But the theory is that the new standard of 440 hz was set by Joseph Goebbels, propaganda leader of the Third Reich in Germany during the Nazi era. This is believed by conspiracy theorists to have been all part of a nefarious plan to distort the emotional and physical well-being of the masses. Now, before you start laughing, consider these things.
440 hz is universally thought to be a negative frequency, that can, over time, be harmful to people emotionally. While 432 hz is considered the universal frequency of balance and harmony and well-being. It’s actually used by Buddhists monks to promote emotional healing. And this practice has been picked up by psychiatric professionals worldwide through music designed for meditation and relaxation.  And it was the frequency used in the western world for classical music prior to 1959.

Most of us can agree that the world is pretty messed up socially, economically, spiritually, everything. And we all know what we believe is causing all the turmoil. We all have a theory based on our personal beliefs. But music is everywhere. All the time.  I can’t even walk into the supermarket without being bashed by someone else’s personal taste. It’s on the TV, it’s in the restaurants, the internet, and on the street.  We’re surrounded by it every day, whether we turn on the radio or not. And it’s all tuned to that supposed negative frequency, 440 hz.

And most of us have at least heard about governments around the world dabbling in sonic weapons, and the possibility of using them to control us in some way. Sound does affect us either negatively or positively depending on the frequency. We all know that some sounds are pleasant and some are not.  And it’s now believed that the Third Reich with Hitler was trying to tap into metaphysical subjects and discover lost ancient knowledge that could indeed include sound frequency manipulation.  These subjects aren’t evil per se, but can theoretically be used in evil ways.

I don’t doubt that Goebbels had heinous intentions and it certainly is strange that the standard of 440 hz was chosen over all others; a frequency considered most harmful. How convenient? But why this frequency would have been adopted by the rest of the western world after that isn’t clear.

Nevertheless, it happened somehow and it’s been the standard all this time. And strangely, it seems like the entire world is going crazy. Hmmm. But as crazy as it might sound to some, even if there was even the remotest possibility this could be harmful, wouldn’t we want to change our tuning back to the 432 hz frequency just in case?

I decided to test this myself and got on the internet and listened to music tuned in both frequencies. And I have to say that, as I listened to them side by side, I realized the 432 hz frequency was strangely more comforting and pleasing to my ear. It evoked a better feeling.  While the 440 hz frequency had no such comforting effect. And look at this photo of the different frequencies when applied to water droplets:

The frequency of 432 hz applied to a water droplet on the left seems more geometric and pleasant compared to the 440 hz pattern on the right that seems more chaotic. Consider that your body is made of around 80 percent water and then decide how much harm a negative frequency might be able to inflict on you.

And while you’re pondering the possibilities, check out this video that shows all aspects of the differences between the two frequencies and see what you think. Who knows? The emotional well being of the planet might depend on it.


This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!

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