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Monday, August 29, 2016

For our 25th interview in the series, we conduct a short interview with Jay Bachochin from WPI Hunts the Truth. In March of  2007, Jay and his wife Kate, founded The Wisconsin Paranormal Investigators. They are much like our group in the fact they are not just limited to bigfoot reserach, they also have interest in ghost, UFOs and anything considered "fringe science". 
Jay and I have had many good conversation over the last couple of years and from what I know of him, he is a stand up guy, he's smart and a great person. I hope you enjoy our interview.

- Start Interview -

TM: How long have you been researching/studying bigfoot?
JB: My interest in Bigfoot since the early 70's (1974).  Actual Field Work: (2012-present) 3 1/2 years.

TM: What got you interested in Bigfoot, Was there a particular event that got you started?
JB: We were previously researching The Beast of Bray Road (the Dogman) up here in Elkhorn, WI. While patrolling the back country roads we ended up near Eagle, WI in the Kettle Moraine.  Our adventures lead us out of the car and into the dark woods of the Kettle Moraine, October 2013.  There we heard incredible monkey (primate type) vocals.  We didn't have the best audio capturing device at the time, but the (4) of us heard it and were very intrigued.

TM: During your research/studying of Bigfoot, have you ever encountered aggressive behavior or felt in danger from a bigfoot?
JB: Yes. I've had rocks thrown at me.  They never hit me but landed near my feet. I think it was them telling me to leave now (and you know what?) we did. Here is the video of the encounter:


TM: It seems Skeptics are always ready to attack bigfoot research, How do you deal with it?
JB: The world is and will always be full of skeptics and yet, they don't bother me.  In fact they laugh when they learn what I do and that's ok. If somebody knows what I do and introduces me to another person by saying, "Jay looks for Bigfoot", I then add "........and also unicorns and leprechauns".  You have to have fun with what you do. Basically, I don't let the skeptics bring me down. I know what the truth is and I know I can't convince the world of this, so why bother?  I am the one out in the field researching and not from the comfort of my couch using a computer, phone or TV telling me what I should believe or not.  Bottom line:  Discover for Yourself !

TM: Would you like to see Bigfoot accepted and/or proven to the general public?
JB: No.  There is a balance between Bigfoot and Man.  I believe these are ancient people/race that have long inhabited the Earth before and with modern man.  We have co-existed this way for a reason.  I say live and let live.

TM: What is your favorite time of year to research/study bigfoot, When do you have your most success?
JB: I personally have success in all seasons, however, my favorite time of the year is when it's -10 below zero with snow on the ground.  I can't tell you exactly why that is but it sure beats sweating your 100% DEET OFF and the mosquitoes finding the opening to bite. It makes researching miserable in the humid heat.  So Fall and Winter are the best.

TM: Do you have a favorite Bigfoot story or report?
JB: February 2016.  I took my 4 1/2 year old daughter out to my research area for a daddy daughter date hike during the day.  It was sunny, the weather wasn't too cold.  It was a perfect day actually.  While she hiked the icy trails with me, we didn't get more than :45 minutes into the woods before she got tired.  Then she wanted to go back to the car.  Even though I couldn't see my car, we were about 150 yards away.  My daughter stopped and decided to play ice skating around my legs.  I just stood there laughing and happy to be out there with her. Then something caught my eye (at the 2 o'clock).  I saw an auburn color. I quickly shifted my eyes in that direction when all of a sudden I saw something about 80 yards away through the pines. It then moved as fast as a fly about to get swatted (yet I saw it's auburn blur).  I can't say for certain it was on 4 legs or 2 but I can tell you from the size it was, it was huge. Everything happened so quick.  My daughter didn't see anything and nor did I catch any video, photos or audio.  It just happened.

TM: What would you be doing if you wasn't researching/studying bigfoot?
JB: Since I've already done the 'ghost thing', I would be chasing UFOs or the Beast of Bray Road.

- End Interview -

Thanks for taking part in the interview, keep us posted on your bigfoot research. I hope people take the time to watch the video linked in the interview, it is a good one.

I hope to have more interviews in the future.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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