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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Found in Oregon.

Oregon Research Update  - Stick Formations

Recently, Crypto Crew team members Bobby and Corinna Long were sent some interesting photos by Mitch.(Last name withheld) These are from their home state of Oregon and near them. The photos shows several unusual tree/stick formations. The above photograph is very similar to a formation I found in my home state of Kentucky. Here is a photo from the Kentucky formation. Both of these similar structures were found in areas with bigfoot activity. 

Found in KY
There is a general consensus that bigfoot does do odd things with sticks. This would include tree breaks, teepees and other formations.

But that was not all the Oregon researcher found. Here are a could more photos.

Found in Oregon.
An "X" was found. There is some differing opinions on what an "X" may represent. Some think it is a welcome sign, while others conclude that it is a warning to stay away. It may not be for humans at all and it may be only meaningful to bigfoot, for all we know. The discovery of an  "X" formation is reported by many researchers. It often is found after some type of bigfoot report. I have personally found several of these formations. Most of the time the tree limbs have been broken off from another location and the "X" formed in a different place.

Found in Oregon.

Arches and tree bends found in same general area in Oregon. Now, we all know that weather can have this type of effect sometimes and it takes careful analysis to make a determination. Sometimes, we have to take into account if other odd formations have been found in the area and if there is a history of bigfoot sightings. Similar structures are often reported by bigfoot researcher from all parts of the United States. It is interesting and needs more study. 


This is just some of the things us researchers have to keep and eye out for while in the forest. As a person who goes into the woods often, I find it odd that I mostly find odd stick formations in areas where there are reported bigfoot activity. That makes it easy to conclude that bigfoot might be doing these formations. While we may not understand what they mean, it appears to be part of bigfoot behavior.

The Oregon team has been somewhat limited by the fact it is fire season. During fire season some access is cut off and some areas you are not allowed to be in.

Thanks goes to Mitch for sharing his photos.

-Bobby & Corinna-

(Please note: This Oregon update if from Bobby and Corinna but it is posted by me, Tom. The photos from Oregon belong to Mitch.) 

This investigation/research by TCC Team Members Bobby & Corinna Long
Both are avid outdoors people and good researchers.
This is a report by Bobby & Corinna.

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