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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Does this photo show a gorilla type creature?

I got the follow report, along with the above photo submitted to me on April 1st. The photo was sent later that day. Please read after the report to see our conclusion about the photo.

- Start Report -

Name: Karla
Email Address: on file
State: UK
County: Manchester
Date of Sighting:
Time of Day:
Nearest Town: Salford
Length of Sighting:
How many Witnesses:
Any Photos/Videos: yes
Describe sighting in detail: 
Dear whom it may concern. I was recently clearing out a cupboard of my mother in law and it contained lots of old pictures and stuff. Well we came across an odd picture in an envelope with just the world gorilla written on it.
We looked at the picture and it is old and has the words oakwood park 1937 written on it in black ink. It is an old picture and shows a park local to our area called Oakwood in Manchester. Its hard to see but there is an animal on it that looks like an ape.
Do you think this could have escaped? I know you lot are into these weird animals and bigfoots so thought you may be interested in seeing this picture. It is very odd.

- End Report -

When I had initially gotten the report (without the photo) it sounded as if it had some real potential.
I ask if they could send me a copy of the photo via email or message and they quickly did.

Once I got the photo and looked at it I felt as if the photo itself was a fake and this report was nothing more that an attempt at an Aprils Fools joke.

But giving the benefit of the doubt I took the photo and conducted some test on it. I did not stop there as I also let team member Greg Champy have a go at it.    

Greg pointed out how the writing looked more like a font instead of actual ink writing. This was also what I thought but I did not tell Greg, as I wanted him to come to his on conclusion.

Here is a zoom on the writing.
Greg has this to say:
"From the bottom of the first a...a line drawn beneath the second at the same intersection creates a font baseline. The k's are exactly alike and overhang the baseline exactly the same."

Greg went on to say: " The writing has to be a font because the a, k, and o are exactly the same. Nobody writes that precisely."

Myself and Greg also wondered if the picture itself could be a still frame from some old movie.

In the end we both reached the same conclusion that this photo was a fake and possibly some type of photoshop.  As for the picture looking old, there are several filters that can be applied to photos to make them look old.

In my opinion, I think this report was most likely submitted in an attempt to get me to post what amounts to an Aprils Fools joke. I guess they thought I would just run with it. Then again maybe the report is true but the photo they found was some sort of joke or the zoo was in town that day.

Sadly for us in the cryptozoology field we face this type of thing almost on a daily basis. Its even worse on April 1st. 

I'm not trying to be rude towards Karla, as she could be telling her part honestly and just be looking for answers, but the photo is most likely a forgery and that just raises a red flag.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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