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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Vacationing with Ghost
by Sharon Day

I just finished up reading Vacationing with Ghost by Sharon Day. I think, I read this book faster than I have any other book in recent memory, which is a testimony to the author for keeping me interested.

Day writes about her childhood days in her family's summer home. The local folks in the area are an interesting lot and Day does a good job capturing their appearances and personalities.

While reading the book, you get the feeling you are there, feeling the sand on the bottom of your feet, smelling the water or maybe the sounds of an approaching storm. Day does an excellent job at detailing the landscape and describing her feelings.

While this book is essentially a glance into Sharon Day's brushes with the spirit world as a youth growing up, it is also much more. It is a glimpse into her personal and family life that will bring back memories of the readers childhood.  Remember, before the Internet, how kids used their on imaginations and made up games to play. I for one, remember growing up and playing "Cops and Robbers". We would use our bikes and chase each other for hours. Kids don't seem to play like this nowadays, maybe they still should.

Vacationing with Ghost is filled with everything from creepy things to adventure to interesting people to pirate tales and more. Where the book really nails it down though, is the ending. I will not give it way but I can't think of any better way for this book to have ended.

I should also note a couple other things about the book that some might find interesting. Firstly, the book has quite a few pictures which really lends to the story and Secondly, there are some actual home cooking recipes after the ending. If you're like me, the recipes will come in handy.

So in closing, I can say I truly enjoyed the book and enjoyed learning more about Sharon Day and her family. I recommend you give the book a read, especially if you are interested in ghost and have a sense of adventure.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars


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