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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Bathing Bigfoot Update

I hate to keep beating a dead gorilla but seeing as how I was up early this morning I thought I would do a little more research on the Bathing Bigfoot photo. This time I just did a search for "Gorilla Props", "Gorilla Masks" and a few other related searches. There is a pretty good selection of masks and at least this one prop (featured in the comparison photo) that resemble the bathing Bigfoot. If you get a chance do a few searches and see what you can find.

To me, it would seem easy to apply a little white paint or digitally apply white to the head and chin of the prop and make it look like the one in the photo. In the comparison photo above the mouth looks a little different, so this may not be the exact same thing. Or it could even be a homemade version or something. If a prop was used or created like the one in the picture, it would be easy to place it in a swamp area and make it appear the subject was deep in a swamp. Is that what has happened here? I don't know for sure as I'm only speculating.
I also want to note that I never did get a reply back from John Rodriguez.  I had asked some basic questions about the photo but no reply as of yet.

After I posted the Bathing Bigfoot story, I took some heat for even bringing it up. I can understand that some get frustrated with what appears to be a hoax but to me, even if it is just a hoax, we should attempt to debunk it and find evidence to support our belief that it is a hoax. Just like with the Rick Dyer "Shooting Bigfoot" hoax, people kept working and digging for clues and evidence, even though they knew it was a hoax. In the end, it all unraveled, and more was known about Hank and who created it.

I also created a very short video featuring some of the enhancements of the Bathing Bigfoot. Here it is in case you want to watch it.

In conclusion, I do think the Bathing Bigfoot photos are a hoax and have many questions about it. It is a current topic on many websites and it has even been on some TV news reports, so it is at least worthy of looking into.  I do not feel I have proven it to be a hoax but I think I have brought up some good questions and possibilities.
[Prop photo from - http://www.lynx-lair.com]

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years of experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and a poet.

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  1. Did you compare the times on the metadata for the two images by any chance? I pulled image 1 from HuffPo and it showed 2014:12:26 12:47:38. I tried pulling image 2 off your other page but the data is stripped out. Just wondering what the time difference is between the first and second photo.

    1. Yes, I did and they were close together. Also, the original photo on HuffPo is not one that I ran. I ran the 2 the guy sent me. I do think it is a hoax and most likely a rubber prop. Don't think the water is very deep either.

  2. What an awful lot of work, time, and substantial money (bcuz we aren't looking at a mask) on high end gorilla body suit/statue this old fella spent on this pic. Ur programs show no major deception, pics seem to correlate statements and isn't it possible the is some simple auto correct or touch up in the program he used bcuz programs strive to make a novice user seem pro don't they?
    Ur either on one side or the other it appears, just hate to see a guy get beat up until its truly deserving or those qualified have done their due dilligence.

  3. I think it's a prop. If the guy knew it wasn't a prop, he would have filmed the bathing bigfoot. Because he was responsible for the making of the prop, he took pics, so it wouldn't reveal why he was just standing their motionless.

  4. I also think that the photos are fake. If the guy hadn't created the prop, he would have filmed the bathing bigfoot. Because he did create the prop, he took pics of bigfoot, so he could hide the motionless and stillness of the prop.


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