Friday, January 17, 2014

Chicago Sea Serpent?

Is there a monster in Chicago
Sea Monster?

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
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Chicago Sea Serpent?
Is This The Lake Michigan Monster Caught on a Security Cam?

It’s not widely known, but over the years, there have been a few isolated reports of a sea serpent type creature spotted in Lake Michigan.

It seems that between 1867 and 1890, local newspapers reported sightings of a visibly scaled serpent some 40-50 feet in length, very dark blue, with a grayish-white belly. In 1867, a fisherman named Joseph Muhlke gave a very detailed description of the creature, claiming it came within some 20 feet of his boat. It was swimming about a mile and a half off the shore of the south side of Chicago.

Others claimed to have heard it making roaring sounds in the distance that were said to have sounded something like a bull. But sightings have been fleeting and few and far between since then. That is until this security camera footage of something interesting in the water at a Lake Michigan dock surfaced in 2012.

Could this be footage of the creature in question? You decide.

[Source: Mysterious heartland]

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1 comment:

  1. That kind of looks like a very small wave, (but you can tell it's underwater), or a humongous freshwater eel. It could be anything though if you think about all of the invasive species that have been brought into the Great Lakes through the ballast water tanks of large cargo ships.


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