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Friday, January 17, 2014

Spike TV's Bigfoot Bounty - Ep 2 Review
Bigfoot Bounty

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

Well, tonight was the second episode of Spike TV's Bigfoot Bounty, so once again I thought I'd offer up my opinion about this episode. Again, this is not meant to put down anyone on the show, many of these folks are acquaintances of mine.

So tonight the remaining 8 teams continued the search for bigfoot. The pace of tonight's show was much less chaotic than the first episode but still kept it's competitiveness.

One thing I think is being over emphasized is the masking of a person scent when bigfooting, we seen everything from rubbing poop on your body to eating it, and it continues a little in this episode.

Now on to some of the high and low points of this episode.

Dax and Rictor have a few interesting moments, one is when they find what could be a very large X structure. This of course is not explored on the show as the judges have no idea of what could be bigfoot evidence, they are just looking for DNA and a photo. Any true bigfoot researcher has somewhat of an understanding that bigfoot do indeed make various stick formations.
A potentially dangerous event happens when Rictor takes a pretty nasty fall into a creek. There where some very large rocks and luckily he didn't hit his head.

Tonight's first challenge was to take a clear picture of any kind of animal in the massive forest.  It is at this point some game cams are deployed by the teams. Ro and Justin manage to chase down a squirrel and take a picture of it. It was somewhat comical to watch them run this squirrel.

One part I found frustrating was when the judges review some of the photos captured by the game cams. Dr. Disotell makes some references to needing something for scale on deer photos? I think we all pretty much understand the size of deer but I understand needing something for scale.

The second challenge was to collect some bigfoot DNA samples. Most of the teams turned in various samples of scat and some possible hair samples. Here's where the show is really lacking, they seem to think you can't just walk out in the forest and find bigfoot DNA samples. Sorry it's just not that easy.

Some of the teams were fighting amongst themselves in tonight's show. The all girl team of Kirsten and Shaney were at each other pretty good for most of the show. It makes one wonder... If 2 girls are arguing in the forest and no one cares, does bigfoot still hear them? In the end they work things out.

The show took more of a turn towards "Survivor" tonight as several teams attempt to make alliances.  Now I don't know how this might work out as most seem to say they don't trust each other.

The Host and the two judges rip into the contestants for being "unprofessional" but it's just not feasible to ask the contestants to go into an area they know very little about and bring back Bigfoot DNA samples. Proving real proof of bigfoot is something that will take lots of evidence, not just a DNA sample. If by chance a contestant brought back a real Bigfoot DNA sample how would you know it was Bigfoot DNA? Do we have it in the data banks? Do we even know we can differentiate between human and Bigfoot DNA? I guess the people in the white coats know, I sure don't.

I can say that I did enjoy the slower pace of tonight's show but it appears from the previews of next weeks show that the fighting between teams heats up. In the end there just seems to be a lack of knowledge and experience  about bigfoot research from the judges and some of the teams.

Also I must mention Mike Merchant, He becomes an ant eater tonight and has a little fun out of his teammate. There is just something about a big pile of poop that he loves.

I guess I could go on but will wrap it up for now. I didn't think I'd be watching Bigfoot Bounty but have found it fairly entertaining and enjoy writing the reviews. I hope you enjoy reading them.


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  1. Thank you for saving me an hour of my time. I'd rather read an intelligent review by someone I trust, than watch a bunch of "challenged" dumbasses run around the woods like the BFRO & (not)Finding Bigfoot. I've said it twice now. People listen to me. Go out there and look for a type of "people." The Sasquatch people "are not apes", they are a type of "people." First figure out what "type of people" they are, then you will be able to find them. It's not that difficult. You will all be amazed at what you find!!! Hint Hint... Read between the lines. I cannot and I will not divulge anything other than what I have already said. Once again, thank you my friend.

  2. I have watched two episodes of the show and I must say that all it is doing is making a mockery out of the bigfoot community.Some of us bigfooters know what's happening but to the general public they will see us as a bigger joke then what they already do.These people that they have on the show are supposed to be the best? They cant even find hair,what a joke! Eating insects from scat? what kind of weirdo does that? It all boils down to the show is a big joke and Justin is a liar,I don't care if he past a lie detector test or not.That means nothing!

  3. I did not watch last nights show, but I agree with the above comment, that this show is more out to humiliate than it is to find an actual Bigfoot. They are not encouraging a Bigfoot hunt and by making it clear to the cast, but not necessarily the audience always that if you don't bring back a photo of a squirrel you will be eliminated and then using that photo to point its obvious unrelatedness to Bigfoot seems lose, lose for the cast. I fear, poor ratings and a hidden agenda from the producers that is more trying to capture an audience who adores honey boo boo at the same time pitying her. The only hope is a sighting, which I believe the odds are stacked against them from the get go. I had much higher hopes of the show.

  4. Thanks for the comments - I sure can relate to them - I don't think the show helps the bigfoot community at all. Way to much inexperience from the judges down. Many questions abound about the editing of the show and it's agenda.

  5. I've been waiting a long time for the show and last night I was happy with how it went. I like the stick structure Dax and Rictor found maybe they could have found some fibers. Michaels second harvest was priceless. The squatchers all kept cool while the hunters were imploding.


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