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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Interview with Dax
Dax searching for Bigfoot on Bigfoot Bounty

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

[©The Crypto Crew]
Spike TV's Bigfoot Bounty is a show in which contestants hunt for evidence to prove bigfoot is real. If any team can bring back proof they win $10 Million. Bigfoot Bounty has it's supporters and critics but I thought it might be good to get some insight from one of the contestants. Here is a short interview with current Bigfoot Bounty contestant Dax Rushlow.

TM: About how long did it take from when you were first contacted about being on the show, until you actually knew you were in for sure?
Dax: About 5 months

TM: How long did it take to actually film the show?
Dax: Almost 2 months

TM: This was your first time in this area looking for bigfoot, how did you like being in unfamiliar woods? How challenging was it?
Dax: I loved being in a new place, especially the Pacific North West. It was very challenging. Different plant and wild life. But loved every minute of it. Like a kid in a candy store.... Whoooooop!!!

TM: During the show you have a teammate - Did you get to pick your teammate or was it done by the producers?
Dax: We got to pick our team mates. Rictor and I had been Bigfoot/Facebook friends for a while before the show.

TM: How do you think your teammate did?
Dax: Rictor did very well for never being in the woods before. He picked up on alot in a short time. He was like another kid in a candy store.

TM: Who do you think was your hardest competition during the show ?
Dax: I was my own hardest competition. I feel I am really good at researching the Sasquatch, and I have had a great encounter that pushes me to discover more about them. O.K...., Stacy Brown is one crazy b*tch. Cuz!!!!

TM: During the show you pulled out a Star Wars Light Saber, what made you use it? had you had success using it before?  Do you think Bigfoot is a Star Wars fan?
Dax: The lightsaber was used in place of glow sticks, hanging from the trees to create curiosity. I have had luck in the past with glow sticks and once with the lightsabers. Bobo, from Finding Bigfoot, set off fireworks once to try and find them. I needed to one up his ass... lol. If I were a bigfoot I would love Star Wars.

TM: Was it hard to take some of the criticism from the judges?
Dax: I knew it was coming, so no.

TM: So far it seems that there is some fighting amongst some of the teams, did this arguing continue after filming stopped?
Dax: The drama was definitely present throughout the filming. Just think, you had Ego's and 10 million dollars on the line.

TM: Is there anything you wish you hadn't did or wish you had done better during the show?
Dax: No.

TM: Anything, so far, that was cut out of the show that you wish they would have shown?
Dax: Yes, alot of stuff I wish you all could see.

TM: What do you think will be the effects, if any, on bigfoot research because of the bigfoot bounty show?
Dax: I think it is going to put Bigfoot/Sasquatch one step closer to being accepted. Maybe even totally accepted. You really need to watch the show.

TM: Do you have any regrets about doing the show?
Dax: No regrets at all. The experience to feel, see, and smell where so many Sasquatch sightings and encounters have happened was indescribable.

TM: Any word on a Bigfoot Bounty 2? and would you do a season 2?
Dax: I do this same type thing even when people with camera's aren't following me through the woods

TM: How has the reaction from the bigfoot community been?
Dax: The reaction from the Bigfoot community hasn't changed, just my name is in it more. I have dealt with strange reactions from people ever since I saw one of them. Just get out in the woods and enjoy life.

A big thanks to Dax for doing the interview and a good luck to all the contestants on Bigfoot Bounty.


©The Crypto Crew

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