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Monday, December 30, 2013

Experts answers questions about bigfoot
Some Questions about Bigfoot

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

(Please Note: This will probably be our last post for 2013. Thanks for making 2013 Great! Lets make 2014 even better!)

©The Crypto Crew

As 2013 comes to a close, I thought it would be a good idea to ask 3 questions to bigfoot researchers and enthusiast the world over. Some didn't reply, some I probably missed but a good number answered.
Here is the 3 questions:
1. Other than a visual sighting of a sasquatch, what do you think is the best evidence you personally have found or seen?
2. Do you think the government knows about Sasquatch and is covering it up?
3. What do you think 2014 will bring in the way of bigfoot research?

Here are the answers from the bigfoot community.

Adam Davies - 1. I can't discuss that at present. Research is still ongoing. I can say that I believe Bigfoot to be a real living creature. I have no doubt at all.
2. I believe there is no government cover up .The Government would I believe work to protect the species, were it to be scientifically verified.
3.I hope 2014 is a very positive year. I know there has been some disappointments this year, but I am ever hopeful.

Candy - SasquatchWatch Canada -
1- footprints
2- absolutely
3- hopefully 2014 will bring definitive proof of their existence, but I am not holding my breath.  I am 100% no-kill, but it sure seems that a body is the only way.

Jason Morse - The Crypto Crew -
1. A print that I found behind my home.
2. I believe that is the case, for a few reasons that I can only speculate.
3. Hopefully, DNA proof will be obtained, and none of these amazing creatures will be hurt obtaining it.

Don Jeffrey Meldrum -
1. Footprint evidence
2. No
3. More DNA work; definitive analysis of PG film;  possibly get the Falcon Project in the air.

Doug WallerSOSBI -
1.Tracks....once I got pics of five or six 20 inch tracks spaced sixty some inches apart in a fairly straight line in the snow. They led away from a house that had a history of encounters.
2. YES
3. more people getting involved in bf..that means more good things and more bad things(hoaxing, rumors, fighting accusations!

Mitchell WaiteMogollon Monster -
1. Video/audio
2. Yes, the Forest Service knows, but they do not want people to be too scared to go camping.
3. quit hunting them, and start studying them.

Bobby Long - The Crypto Crew -
1. My best evidence personally is my track findings and 5 castings from them.
2.I'm positive the government knows they so far have chosen not to recognize it.
3.With all the advanced technology readily available to the public, I am positive someone will bring home proof positive evidence.

Suzy Matiash - Bigfoot Community -
1. The best evidence I have found is in the historical history of Sasquatch. Such as tribal history. 100S of years worth. Not just one tribe but many scattered throughout this country. And our own accounts since the white man settled in this country. Also the historical records from other countries. For example the Yeti is a part of the Tibetan culture for many generations. Stories and folklore of Bigfoot goes back in time long before anyone ever thought of making a custom to Hoax anyone.  And all over the world in almost every country from India to China this creature has been reported, sighted and talked about for 100s of years. This is proof enough for me.
2. absolutely the Government knows about Bigfoot. There are several stories of a body being found. Then it disappears. I can think of at least 6 well documented body recoveries with witness accounts. And then nothing. I think this is a deforestation issue and it is being covered up for that purpose.
3. Not much... I don't think running around the woods with cameras is going to get anyone anywhere anytime soon. Maybe DNA will shed some light on the subject very soon. But as for meeting the big guys up close and personal. Unless researchers change there tactics and take a less evasive approach to Bigfoot research. These creatures have dodged us for 100s of years and will continue to do so. Unless someone gets lucky. Blob squatch photos are all you will get.

Sally Ramey -
1. As far as what I have found on my own (I don't like claiming anything found as part of a team), an area with trackways and convincing structures - structures the parks people removed if they were within sight of trails within a few days of their being constructed. Structures out of sight were left untouched. One of the ones removed was a 30' maple sapling that had been arched over and threaded between several trees, and pinned to the ground with a log. When I came back with a camera a few days later, the log had been removed and the sampling sawed off at ground level and also removed.
2. Yes.
3. More DNA efforts; better research documentation - inspired by Bart Cutino's outstanding thermal footage report; overall backward movement in online interactions due to the ever-increasing influx of newbies who are not bothering to learn anything before dominating discussions; further fracturing of the community along lines of beliefs due to bias confirmation and intolerance of differing opinions; formation of smaller research groups bound by similar approaches/beliefs.

Biggy Foot -
1. A huge footprint..... Twice the size of any humans foot. What else could have done that?
2. Hard to answer, but I think the possibility that they know is well within reason.
3. I actually think that as more and more people are getting their hands on Thermal cameras, that will bring the next big revel in the Bigfoot world.... like the recent Bart Cutino thermal, and the Brown Thermal Video.

Cindy Bowers -
1. In way of evidence I would say the witness sighting IS the most important factor for me. The accounts have transcended time, cultural boundaries  and are found in many countries. While witnesses can be wrong through misidentification, they can also be right. We do after all base a part of our judicial system on witness testimony do we not? There are too many commonalities to ignore, from the Native Americans to modern day sightings. And while they maybe considered antidotal they most certainly warrant further investigation. On a personal note I have had the pleasure of seeing a couple of photos that have given me pause. Whether those are released to the public is up to the respective researchers.
2. Regarding the government and any knowledge they may or may not have. If they know of existence and the subject in question is an animal then I think Field biologists, primatologists and animal behaviorists would be in high demand as studies where conducted. Population densities, breeding areas, would need to be determined. However if the subject is some sort of relic hominid then there would be larger concerns such as the impact on religion, should they be left alone or incorporated into society. What are their intelligence levels? Do they have culture or language ? Again, further studies would be needed. They would probably try to figure out a way to get them to vote. Either way, I think that if the government knew about them it would get out and personally see no reason they would not release it to the public.
3. I can not say what 2014 may or may not yield in regards to evidence. There are too many factors at play, will the right person be in the right place at the right time with the right equipment? Technology has grown substantially in just the last ten years and most certainly has caught up to our elusive friend. There is currently a camera phone on the market featuring 41 mega pixels, Flir and audio equipment that was not available to the founding fathers of Bigfoot research. I would personally like to see further sharing of research techniques, field data, proper evidence collection practices and a more friendly attitude among the community at large.

Randy N Samantha IsaacAppalachian Bigfoot of KY and VA  -
1. Vocals and a sapling break on top of a giant rock with no other trees around (because of the shallow soil). It was broken about 6' up snapped over but still intact like you would break a small limb. Only about as big around as a nickel at the height of break. No antler marks or scratches.
2. I think the government knows something because the presidents have said that after elected, they learn things you never thought imaginable
3.I think there will be better and more evidence now that the subject is on tv, thus prompting ppl to pay more attention to their surroundings when in the woods. Technology such as thermal imaging is questionable but I believe it will become better with better images and equipment. Also, more pictures and vocals will be reported than any other year, but unfortunately along with more hoaxes. No one comprehends the ability of these creatures when it comes to stealth and Intellect. I think it's impossible to think like them or attempt to

Billy Mills - Renegade Bigfoot Society -
1.In my experience, its been, various vocalizations, tree structures, rocks thrown at and something slapping against my house, food taken in a way that no other animal would do.
2. very good question, I would be inclined to say ''yes'' I've heard reports that people have reported sightings and the next thing you know the military is in the area and telling you to keep quiet,
3. I think 2014 will bring more covert ways of researching these creatures, as far as technology and stealth are concerned.

Robert Lindsay - Robert Lindsay Blog -
1.The best evidence I have ever seen is videos of Sasquatches. I am 100% convinced that some of these videos show real and true Sasquatches and could not possibly be men in suits or CGI.
2.Yes, the government is absolutely covering up the existence of Sasquatch, however, once we truly discover it for real, the state will accept the evidence. The government's mindset has been that Sasquatch discovery will cause mass chaos and they would rather postpone this mass chaos as long as possible. Briefly, they do not think that US society is sane enough to deal with Sasquatch discovery in a reasonable way, and unfortunately, they are right!
3.I still believe that we will see a reveal of Rick Dyer's Bigfoot body in the coming year, along with an explanation from Morgan Matthews about what really happened in the shooting of the movie. Shooting Bigfoot will be shown around the US and will generate a lot of comment. More great videos will appear. National Geographic may well air a documentary with Ketchum starring and Erickson's footage. I also think that Melba will be somehow rehabilitated and I think that Bryan Sykes has some more surprises in store for us.

Larry Surface -
1. my video
2. yes
3. increased acceptance of the Ketchum dna results.

Anita WittigSasquatch Daily -
1) I think outside of a sighting I had as a child, the best evidence I've personally experienced would be tree knocking with howling.
2)I believe strongly that our government has known about them for quite a while, and the reasons are probably numerous as to why they would not want the general public to know including a lot of money involvement (ie logging public lands etc)                                                                                                                
3) I am hoping that 2014 brings definitive results from DNA that underscore the existence of this being.  I am also hoping that perhaps a really great breakthrough on a habituation front will occur that can be shared with the rest of the community and by that I mean no guess video, perhaps language and communication which would lead to our better understanding of them as a people.

Derek Randles - Olympic Project -
Hey Thomas, I'll take a stab.
1.  IMHO I think the best piece of evidence to date is the Patterson Gimlin film.  Pulling off a hoax like that with all the new study done by Munns, and Dr Meldrum, would be virtually impossible in the 60's.
That, coupled with fantastic sightings by credible people, and the footprint evidence available today.
2.  I think there's a strong possibility that the government does know about the Sasquatch.  I'm quite sure the border patrol on the Canadian / American border has picked them up multiple times with their thermal imagery equipment.
3.  Well I hope 2014 will bring clear thermal footage of a Sasquatch walking and in full body position...and I think our research org the Olympic Project has a very good chance of helping with that effort.

Jeff Patterson -
1.I have some information that I've gathered about these "Woods People" that I'd rather keep to myself because as stated too many continue to believe them to be animals...which they are not.
2.I do not believe the Government is covering up Bigfoot in any way. There are far more important things to be concerned with.
3.In 2014 I see pretty much the same as in the past...as long as there are people that cling to the idea of the Sas being an animal.

Mark Hubbard -
1.I would say my best evidence other than any visual sighting would be audio I've recorded and heard in person. My first experience i had was hearing what i call the "siren howl" when i was 17 when we were sleeping in our camper on a logging road way out near Round Lake Oregon somewhere. I was lucky enough to get to hear the same exact howl last summer when me and my sister were investigating in an active area. This was a juvenile that had the intelligence to time his howl with a passing utility truck trying to mask his howl with the noise of the passing truck. About a month prior to that my sister and me were in another active area and we heard something in the trees moving around so i called over to it to make some kind of sound, a yell or scream or anything it wanted. The both of us almost fell over when about 45 seconds later we heard what sounded just like a gorilla in the zoo. Les Stroud did a perfect imitation in his interview on his Alaska experience. I've gotten strange recordings of them checking out my recorder, throwing things at it and making strange popping and clicking sounds with their jaw and tongues. Things that just don't seem normal for known animals.
I've seen footprints from 4" up to 18" in areas where people would not walk around, especially barefoot. Several times when i went back to try casting them they would be destroyed. I've got a few good pictures of some of them. I did have a rock thrown at me one day that still makes me jump. It hit in the tree i was standing under, and it hit it hard ! It fell down through the tree and landed off to my side somewhere but i didn't take the time to look for it. I've been followed, I've been growled at several times.
2.I would be seriously surprised if the government doesn't know about them. With the encounters on military installations and all the national park lands it seems logical they would know.
They could be doing some cover up work. I would say they don't want to deal with it because of all the legal headaches it could cause. If it ever is proven they are a kind of Human then its going to be a real ball of confusion. I personally believe they are more Human than just animal.
3.What 2014 brings to the world of Bigfoot i don't know. It has possibilities of being a great year but it also holds the possibility of being a disastrous mess. With this new show on T.V. with the bounty, I don't know its just a horrible idea. Then on the other side there is the "Falcon Project". If they can get the funding i wish them luck but I'm not sure it will work. It sounds great in theory but in practice I'm not sure. I remember Peter Byrne trying to use helicopters with Flir cameras. The Falcon airship will be quiet and at higher altitude but i don't know if they can get good conclusive video or pictures from that far away. Lets just hope its a good productive year for them and us.

Kerri Okie -
Okay, short and sweet.
1.  Eye glow, large orange eye glow. Orbs also appeared at the same time. 10:30 pm summer night.  
2. Yes, I am certain the government knows.....the government also knows about aliens. We as humans are not equipped to handle everything out there...and I'm talking about the every day person who doesn't want to know about anything outside their 'box'.
3. I don't think 2014 will bring anything other than more videos, more discussion, more photos. They've managed just fine without our 'circus' invite....they are the superior ones....not us.

Dorraine Fisher - The Crypto Crew -
1. I have not personally found any evidence on my own. I have only class B encounters to reference. Evidence is so open to interpretation from the researcher, but DNA evidence is the only thing that can tell us if it comes from a creature other than known ones. At least if we have the results of "unknown primate," we have a little bit to go on. Unfortunately it's rare, and I wish I had found some.
2. There is no concrete evidence that I have ever found in my research to suggest the government knows something. BUT...that being said, I've talked to too many people, reliable witnesses I can't disclose, that have told me stories that make me believe our military may know a lot more than what they're allowed to say. So my answer is yes.
3. Honestly, as much as I hate to say it, unless someone brings us a body or a live capture of a sasquatch (which we all know is extremely unlikely) I don't think 2014 will be much different than recent years. A clear picture of one will not be accepted as genuine. Footprints are too often faked, and everything else is even more subjective. Those of us who are close to the research and the researchers know there is definitely something out there, but it's unfortunately going to take a body to convince science. If science doesn't believe it, the skeptics never will either.

Igor Burtsev - Hominologie -
1. Stick structures in woods.
2. I suppose, in the USA - yes. Re Russia - I'm not sure.
3. It will bring the common communications between humans and BFs

Thomas Marcum - The Crypto Crew -
1. Tracks and a trackline and numerous tree breaks
2. Yes I think the Government know about Bigfoot.
3. Not sure what 2014 will hold but I'm sure there will be more fakes and hoaxers along with some real evidence as well.

Everyone feel free to comment below and again sorry for the outstanding people I missed when sending out this little Q & A.

Thanks again to everyone for making 2013 a good year, everyone be safe on New Years Eve and lets work to make 2014 the best year ever in the bigfoot kingdom.

©The Crypto Crew

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1 comment:

  1. I'm pretty positive that the U.S. gov't knows about Bigfoot. If you think of the headaches acknowledgement of this species would bring for the gov't, with all of the environmentalists, wildlife conservationists, human rights people, anti logging people; etc., (the list could go on forever), the gov't certainly doesn't want the people to know what they've known for many years. That is the Sasquatch are a type of people, closely related to human beings, but much more intelligent.


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