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Sunday, December 29, 2013

This is a guest post by Gordon Ambrose from The discerning man's squatch. Stop by his facebook page and give it a like. Gordon is a bigfoot enthusiast who employs critical thinking when looking at bigfoot evidence.

How would you react if you saw what you truly believed might be a Bigfoot?

By that I mean what do you think would be your “physical” response? Would you all of a sudden feel a rush of blood going to your head and become one giant goose pimple? If you have ever experienced something profound to you, you know what I am talking about. Sometimes movies and songs do this to us. Sometimes it can be... good, bad, scary or odd news that comes at us out of the blue. It is not a sensation that we feel very often, but I imagine most of us know exactly what I am talking about.

Did you know last night Tom Brokaw came on the NBC nightly news and reported aliens had landed a large space ship on the White House lawn and are now in negotiations with the President of the United States? Did you feel that? I did, just writing it, and believe me, I recognize the feeling even when using my imagination to conjure up an alarming scenario that is not true. Now imagine yourself alone in the woods when you see what you think is an honest to goodness Sasquatch coming into view.

It has been claimed by some that Sasquatch has the power to hypnotize or daze those who run across it. If that is true, I believe that it could be more an internal process inside of us, than it is likely that IT is projecting something our way. I know for a fact I would have an awe inspired head rush if I saw one, Sasquatch telekinesis or not.

Goose bumps are a physiological response to stimuli that has caught us unsuspecting, and is a relic from our primitive ancestors as the release of a stress hormone called adrenaline. This feeling can be triggered by many things, but are almost always brought about by an emotional and unexpected event. Some are so intense that they make us light headed and cause us to wriggle uncontrollably (send shivers down your spine) and in extremes and depending on your constitution, loss of consciousness i.e. fainting. I personally have had some that have lasted several minutes and could compare them to an out of body experience.

Knowing this about ourselves can be a valuable tool when scrutinizing Bigfoot videos because the reaction of the filmer and others in the party should be at least one component to your assumptions of its validity. This is not to say a believable reaction is proof (or visa-versa), because a person who is convinced, but wrong about what they have seen, can have that same response. It is in fact though a reaction I believe 99.9 percent of us would have especially if you were convinced you were looking at an honest to goodness Squatch. I personally have hit the stop button and moved on to the next video, just because the response was obviously contrived and not how most of us would react if we were in their shoes.

I did want to talk about what it might be if there was something to a hypnosis inducing animal.

If we were to assume the potentiality of such a power from a Sasquatch I personally would never attribute that to some other worldly influence, but we might easily find a more terrestrial explanation if we think about it. Take for example bats. You have heard the term blind as a bat (which is not completely true). They use echolocation to find their small prey and in the dark no less. This they do by emitting a high pitch sound which bounces off the insects and returns to the flying mammal. Not a knockout blow, but we have heard of sonar being used by submarines causing disorientation, injury and some say the killing of aquatic animals. Of course we are talking about sonar at a magnitude that no animal can compare to, but it is a natural explanation if we are to speculate on such “powers” coming from any beast. The other thing though we should consider when talking about magnitude is the medium that the sound wave is passing through. Water is much denser then air and so the ability to amp up the frequency, much easier.

I was inspired to write this article, because we read and hear fairly frequently that people notice an odd sensation when encountering what they believe is a Bigfoot. I am just not sure how odd that really is when you think about what you believe you are seeing, but of course I have never crossed paths with something I thought was a Sasquatch. In a recent interview (That I enjoyed from Bigfoot weekly), I heard the interviewee refer to being “zapped” when he made out this creature with his rifle scope. I do believe, you would have to be quite acclimated to the idea that Bigfoot exists and have had several previous encounters yourself, for you NOT to experience an intense sensation during an event like this. It is part of the fight or flight response when frightened or disturbed and those feelings we cannot deny being a part of our "own" as well as other animal’s makeup (picture your cat or dog with its hair on end in a thunder storm).

In this article, I wanted to put forth possible explanations for those who have had that experience without denying that they are actually having them. In reading this you should gather that I in fact believe it would be next to impossible for them not to. I am of the opinion none the less, that there will always be a real world explanation for real world phenomena even if it is one we have not thought of yet and that is where I regard as the first place we should always go when we have conversations on the unknown.
What do you folks think? Have you ever had goose bumps so intense that you had to sit down or walk it off?

Imagine hiking in the mountains and turning a corner and coming across a large bear only feet away.

Wait a minute… is that a bear? That is no bear.

That’s a large man….a hunter perhaps...

completely covered in …....................hair?
Wait a minute…is that a man? That is no man.

Oh shirt sleeves!…..that is a…is that a...a Bigfoot?

You can post comments after your goose bumps go away.

 Ready, set…Bigfoot!

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Sunday, December 29, 2013 1 comment » by Thomas Marcum
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1 comment:

  1. My initial reaction when I had any one of my several up close encounters with a Sasquatch was the thought of soiling myself & to leave the immediate area as quickly as possible, all without leaving a trail of my excrement for it to follow. Like I've said before. Kill me & eat me but I won't taste good.


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