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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Bigfoot and Les Stroud

This is a guest post by Gordon Ambrose from The discerning man's squatch. Stop by his facebook page and give it a like. Gordon is a bigfoot enthusiast who employs critical thinking when looking at bigfoot evidence.

Les Stroud, More Credibility

For years I have enjoyed Les Stroud and his Survivor Man series. I live in a wooded area and love the Rocky Mountains which are literally my back yard, so any show that takes us into the boscage and teaches us how to use what is there to survive and then make it out again, has always had a place close to my heart.

Les is the only one I know of who actually does ...all of his own camera work and it is no easy task considering what he takes on. He goes solo, and with the immensely painstaking process of setting up his multiple cameras, hiking away from them sometimes thousands of yards over steep terrain to record his progression, then, once satisfied backtracking just as perilously to pick up his cameras and do it all over again. He shows more integrity and commitment to his show and skills than any other survivor type program I have seen. Quite frankly I personally would find it a real drag to make progress on a torturous trail that could take my life and then be forced to go back, grab my gear so I can set up for the next leg. Thankfully he does it all for us and with a smile.

You might wonder why he does this (solo) and the answer is, he is showing us true survivor skills with the same resources we would have if lost in the woods. He does not have the luxury of having a camera man, who would have rations and a long distance communicator as well as just a helping hand in any emergency… and that is the whole point of the show. He in fact is taking real risks with his own life and I have sometimes feared that one day we will read in the papers that he never made it back from filming one of his episodes. He is for real and he is really putting himself out there.

It is with my great pleasure that we have a two part special on the Science Channel that has been given the go ahead that takes on two of my favorite subjects. Surviving in the wilderness…and Bigfoot. The episodes titled Survivorman: Stalking Sasquatch, will take us the viewer, on a precarious journey with Les as he goes in search of the wild man of the woods with plenty of high quality cameras in tow.

We can expect to see the same kind of dangerous terrain that he usually undertakes, but instead of focusing on getting out, he will be focusing on going big. As in Bigfoot. A quote from the Hollywood reporter: “Stroud goes deep into the territory of the infamous Bigfoot to survive with few supplies and even fewer rations, "smack dab in the middle of the monster’s hotspots." He also will delve into the truth behind the legend as he investigates the whereabouts of this infamous creature."

The fellow known lovingly as Survivor Man has on at least two instances given his take on the legend of Bigfoot and has had relayed some personal experiences that indicate that he believes there may be some truth to this creature. Here is a man that knows what it is like being as remote as possible on the outskirts of where humanity dare not go and has impeccable knowledge of the flora and fauna. If anyone has a chance of having an eyewitness encounter with Sasquatch and then being credible in his report, it is Les and quite literally in his minimalism approach, Les is more.

For me it is a win-win situation as I love his show anyway, but with him keeping an ever keen eye out and camera for something that will bring us closer to an age old question, I find that this special will be extra special… for anyone with an interest in Sasquatch.
Show is set to premier the first quarter of 2014
Ready, set…Bigfoot!

[Official Les Stroud Website]


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  1. I've been waiting for this to air. When does it actually air though?

  2. Im a Canadian and Les Stroud is one of our national hero's. Just this past September 2 brothers used skills learned watching Survivorman helped them survive. I remember Les was up near Hinton, Alberta to do the show. That area is Sasquatch Central.


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