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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Bigfoot vocals in Kentucky
Bernheim Forest Area
This audio was recorded by Tyler Patton in the Bernheim Forest in Kentucky. The audio was pretty low, so Tyler allowed me to boost the audio and share it. Here is what Tyler told me about  the recording.

"Although the audio is faint, squatch vocals/words can be heard with headphones. 
It started with me and a buddy returning to a location in Bernheim Forest where we had previously heard knocks coming from multiple directions, about a couple months prior (also on my youtube channel). 
This time though we decided to start walking off trail straight up a knob.  We were the only people parked at the back area of the forest this day.  Well, we got about 100 yards up the knob, then all of a sudden I hear a bestial sounding voice coming from further up the hill, it kind of sounded Native and/or Spanish, but ya it freaked me out just from the tone and that it seemed directed toward us.
I couldn't see anything but it was loud at first so I kinda backed down the hill about 15 yards or so and flipped the camera on, that's when I got the vocals on this clip.
After they stopped vocalizing at us, we were too intimidated to continue up the hill further, as all I had at that point was a knife.  Also we realized there were probably 4 or more of them further up the knob in random spots, and that was a bit more than we bargained for, so we called it a day.  I hope to get some good visual evidence in the future though."

Enhanced YT video

A big thanks goes out to Tyler for letting us monkey around with the video and for allowing us to share it with everyone. It is really hard to hear because of all the birds but if you take into account the possible wood knocks Tyler had heard earlier, he may just get that visual evidence of a bigfoot.



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